Sunday, December 13, 2015

POC Finals

Hi all POC folk,

Thank you to a great semester of trips!  It's been a great time, and I hope you had fun.  As finals week begins, we wish you all good luck on finals and will see you in the Spring Semester.  Have a great winter break everyone and keep doing it outdoors. 


Jolly ol Connor Martin

Saturday, December 5, 2015

POC Pool Sessions

Hi All,
Hope the weekend is dandy and full of rainbows and magic.  Pool sessions tomorrow, 9am-12pm.  Meet at Trees small pool with a bathing suit, a towel, and change of clothes at 9.  It's FUN tehehe. Learn how to roll that kayak.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Location of office hours

Yo dogfish, forgot to put the location for the office hours. Our office is at 319 Ohara, so beer there. I mean be there

ZE Minutes... Outside

Attention outdoor connoisseurs!

It may be getting chilly, but we still have SOME stuff going on going into the end of the semester.

Sunday 12/6 9am-12pm

Poop, I mean pool sessions.  Want to learn how to roll a kayak so you're ready to hit the white water next semester? COME roll with jus at the small trees pool, and bask in the glorious water!


Come get your stuff.  We are selling water bottles for $15 and t-shirts for $10.  If you already payed, come pick them up, if you want one, come pay us and buy one before they run out! We want you to have it.  Office hours are (drum roll please).

Wednesday 3pm-5pm

Thursday 2pm-3pm, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Friday 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm

That's all for now.  See you next Tuesday.  TOODLES

Condor the Martian   


Office hours and meeting tonight

Hi all,
We have some super spiffy (like a new suit) office hours to pick up merchant in 319 Ohara. Tuesday 2-3, 5:30-6:30. WednesdAy 3-5. Thursday 2-3, 5:30-6:30, Friday 1-2. So come pick up all the fancy gear you bought, or bring money to buy some! Wohoo fancy stuff.
Don't forget our meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm in cathedral 329.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving no meeting

Hi all you great people!
This week we have no meeting due to Thanksgiving break.
The merch is in, and we will be having office hours to pick it up 5:30-6:30 next Tuesday December 1st and Thursday December 3rd in 319 O'Hara, at our office. knock loud so we hear ya!
Have a great thanksgiving, see you all next week
Byby now

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wintry Minutes

Hippity Hoppity all you POC Patrons!

We made it through the semester of super great trips all thanks to your support.  I hope you had as many great memories as I did on all of the great trips. 


T-Shirts and water bottles ARE IN!  They look superfly (like antman, but better), so if you ordered either come to the next meeting Tuesday 9pm Cathedral 329 and pick them up.  If you didn't order anything we have a LIMITED number of extras to purchase.  Don't miss this great merch opportunity



All the single (or not single) ladies, come to ladies night at the Pitt Climbing Wall.  Ladies get in free and guys wearing a bra and no shirt (SMEXY) also get in free.  So come on down and have a grand old time for ladies night


If you are crying because of the cold weather coming (I'm there with ya) fear not.  Kayak rolling pool sessions are coming so keep your eyes, ears, feet, toes hairs open for the dates for that.


Otherwise, thanks for the great semester of Outdoor Fun


Your Sack rat airy

Connor Martin

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

POC Bat-Minutes

POC Mins


We did not have a formal meeting this week, But Reel Rock Film festival was better than apple pie.  It's getting cold now so the "SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVIES!" it tapering down for now

Sunday 11/15 1-3pm

We get to go on a hikety hike with venture outdoors around southside.  Sign up right hither

Our next meeting will be next Tuesday 11/17 329 Cathedral. And guess what?  THE WATER BOTTLES ARE IN! so if you ordered one come pick it up.  If you didn't, bring $15 and you, YES YOU, can buy one

We will also have a speaker talking about relay for life.

That's all for neo (MR. Anderson)



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Link for Southside Hike

Mamma Minutes

Will the real POC please stand up??


We had a great trip to Seneca Rock this past weekend, kind of the Bee's knees.  Rocks wee climbed, caves were… well, caved.


This weekend we have some sweet stuff going on!

Saturday 11/7 10am-12pm

We have the Venture Outdoors Service Hike. Notice that the day has changed from Sunday to Saturday.


Sunday 11/8

Its not a boulder… It's a rock!  Come boulder with us at Cooper's rock, some of the best outdoor bouldering around.  Notice that THIS day has been changed from Saturday to Sunday


Tuesday 11/10

The Reel Rock film festival is coming to Pittsburgh at CMU's McConomy Auditorium.  We will meet at 6:20pm on the Union Patio.  And guess what?  It's SUPER free, not just regular free, but ADVANCED free.  There will be no regular meeting that night

Here is the trailer for inspiration


Sunday 11/15 1pm-3pm

South side is super nice, so we are going to hike around there on the Venture Outdoors Southside Hike.  It'll be really relaxing and nice and quaint like paint


That's it you goofy goobers. 

See you later alligator,

Connor the Crazy Cowboy


Thursday, October 29, 2015

POC Service Hike

Hi All,
We also have a Schenley park maintenance hike on 11/8 1pm-3pm.  So if you want to help people, check it out,

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

POC easy as MINutes

Hello… my name is elder Martin, and I come to you with words of POC.


We have some stuff  going on even though it's getting chilly. 


SpookySpooky Haloweekend  Oct 31st

We are climbing the great peak of Seneca Rocks, in our spooky Halloween costumes.  If you are going, you should already be in the KNOW HOW!


Saturday 10/31
If you want to be sevicable, Plant some trees in the vill of Lawrence AKA Lawrenceville


Saturday 11/7

Holy smokes, November is here already.  Here is the day bouldering trip to Cooper's Rock you've been waiting for! So ROCK ON!


If you are a man (or woman) come to MANchester to plant some trees HAHAHAHAHA


If you want money to plan trips, check (Please) this out .


That's all for nowsies.  I think I'm going to sweep away in a sleepy place. 


Conga Drum (But really, my name is Canoe)

POC Meeting Change

Attention you POC people,
Meeting tonight will be at 329 Cathedral of Learning.  Because it's way warm in there.  So be there, you hooligans.  Also, TACO Tuesday, 8 pm Qdoba with Nick as usual.
Byby now,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fw: Healthy U 5K

Also, If your trying to do a snoopy rave, check out this 5k.



From: Vescovi, Samuel Tyler
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 3:51 PM
To: Martin, Connor Jacob
Subject: Healthy U 5K


Can you send an email out to POC about the healthy U 5K?  Here is the message and the flyer:



Good Afternoon,


I am writing you to inform of you of the Healthy U 5K, The Clean Air Dash.  Every year Pitt partners with the Group Against Smog and Pollution to promote cleaner air for our local athletes.  This year’s 5K will be held on Saturday October 31st at 9:30am.   The cost of the race is $15 for students, which reflects the cost of the runner. Because it is Halloween costumes are encouraged!


Pitt will be providing transportation to the race starting at 8:30am with the busses returning after the race at 11am.  There are prizes for the top overall runners and costume.

Clean Air Dash 2015
Join the Group Against Smog and Pollution for The Clean Air Dash 5K on October 31, 2015 along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Pittsburgh’s historic South Side. This fast, flat 5k is perfect for experienced and novice runners alike. Come celebrate the progress we’ve made in cleaning up the air in Pittsburgh and learn about ways to keep fighting! All proceeds benefit GASP’s Athletes United for Healthy Air campaign.


The promo code is “dash promo” and is in limited quantity so don’t hesitate to register!


Thank you and Hail to Pitt!



Sam Vescovi
Assistant Director, Campus Fitness
3025 Baierl Student Rec Center
Office: 412-648-3151 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Shalom Poc Patrons,

Sorry we missed ya last week.  But our new server is serving us super duper well!

A few things that you should know about our new server…

IF you wish to unsubscribe , use the link you got, if you reply, it will be sent to everyone on the email list, then you’ll look silly.

We have some trips, that are poppin!


Saturday 10/24

Geocaching at Robert Morris University, wooo colonial guys so 10am-12pm

Afternoon Geocaching at he same place 1pm-3pm


This Saturday is also time to GET MAD FOR PMADD! So if you signed up be there or be square


Weekend of 10/31 (Spookyspooky)

The Seneca trip is here!  So if you want to do multi pitch climbing on a spooky weekend its here.  For this trip you MUST attend both climbing workshops to do the learning you’ll meet.  Matt’s hours will be Thurs 10/22 4-5:30 belaying/rappelling, 5:30-7 anchors, cleaning gear and rope systems.  Tuesday 10/27 4-5:30 anchors, cleaning gear and rope systems.  5:30-7 belaying/rappelling.  Thursday 10/29 are makeups.  Any questions? Email Matt at  You must complete both to go on the trip!


On Saturday 10/31 there is a tree planting (Trees are great!) community service event.  Capacity 10 people, sign up HERE

That’s it, I’m tired.


Connor Martin

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

S(poc)key Minutes

Spooky October everybody! This is the spooky times from the POC.

Did you got to Ohiopyle? If you answered yes, and you are missing some stuff, email Rita at, tell her what you lost, and you can get it back.

Very important stuff. We are changing server that we use to send our minutes. You may be wondering, "What does this mean for me?" This means that you need to accept the invite you received to our new server, because next week's minutes will be fully transitioned over. If you have NOT received an invitation, email me at so I can add you to the new server.

We got some hip happenings shuffling about.

Friday October 9th
The b-b-b-boating trash pickup is happening! Ride on a pontoon boat of rainbows to pick up trash on an island. Sign up (not down, but the link is down… man, I'm confused) here. If you were signed up for it last week but are unable to go, please remove your name from the list and tell Dom at

Weekend of Oct 10th
Backpacking at Dolly Sods is going down. If you received an email, you're in like a twin. If not, sorry, but fear not, more trips are right around the corner.

Weekend of Oct 17th
The New (not so old, HA) River Gorge trip is happening. So if you want to climb, hike, or cave, sign up. If you plan on climbing you MUST learn how to belay. You can come learn at the wall Tuesdays or Thursdays 4-7. If these times don't work, email Matt at or just come up to the wall whenever we are open and learn! Its going to be a GRRREEEEAATTT time (Like frosted flakes.. mmmmm)

October 24th
Get mad for PMADD! If you want to participate for the POC email Kim at

This was the last meeting for Water bottles and t-shirts. Sorry

That's it for now.
See you on the back-flip, forward flip side.
S'mores, (are soo tasty)
Loony Coon(or) Martin

Monday, October 5, 2015


Chello Fellow POC Members!
Tomorrow is Tuesday (YEAH) So, at 9 pm is our meeting on the WPU patio. It's the last (oh no) chance to order merchandise, soooo make sure you bring some cash. $10 for a t-shirt $15 for the Nalgene water bottle
Also, at 8 pm at Qdoba, join Nick for another exciting edition of Taco Tuesday.
That's all. See you all Tomorrow Night,
Konor Martini

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Great Oogalie Boogolie Minutes

Greeting Earthlings, We come in peace from the island of POC
Serving you (with an ace) with the minutes for the week

If you want to help a fellow student with sustainability, check this quick survey out. It literally takes 30 seconds (I timed myself, 23 seconds dawwgs)

We did some great community events this weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped out

Now (and later (like the candy)) are fast approaching, (like Usain Bolt fast) TRIPS

Friday 10/2
We have a boating and service trip. If you are going you have already gotten an email with the delirious details

Saturday 10/3
Crumpets of the day climbing trip is going out. You also, should have received an email about the Pacifi… I mean specifics
Students, faculty, and staff from members of the Higher Education Climate Consortium are invited to an East End Farming Day with Repair the World on October 3 (Saturday) from 9am until 12:30pm. Coffee and Lunch (Panera) will be provided! Please bring your own water/water bottle!

Transportation is provided for students and staff/faculty from Chatham, Pitt, and CMU. Bus pickup will be at the Museum of Natural History entrance on Forbes at 9am. Buses will return to the same location around 12:40pm.

Again, here are the details:
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, 9am-12:30pm
Meet at the Museum of Natural History entrance on Forbes (@9am)
Volunteer at one of four community gardens (Enright Community Garden, Garfield Community Farm, Sheridan Avenue Orchard, or Pennley Place)

Sign up:

Weekend of 10/10
So many 10in 10s, here (for an example, just take a look at me). We are going to Dolly Sods in West Virginia taking the Dolly Sods backpacking trip. This is an intermediate level trip. We will be traveling the beautiful nature of West Virginia (What a Place!) Sign up here.

Weekend of 10/17
We will be traveling to the vast valley land of the New River Gorge, WV. We will reach vistas, never before reached. This is a big climbing trip, SOOOO if you plan on climbing, you must learn how to belay. You can do this at the Pitt Rock Wall. Come when Matt or Grant are working Tues 4-7 or Thurs 4-7. If you can't make those come whenever we are open, Mon-Thurs 4-10, Fri 1-7, Saturday 1-6. Questions, email Matt at
That's all for now all,
Peacizzle in the Frizzle,
ConCon the BonBon from SonLon Connor Martin

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spiderman: A True POC Hero

Hey POC, Can you dig it?
Yea, well minutes aren't physical hence, hard to DIG.

I hope all had a tootsie time this week. Ohiopyle was super hot FIRE'in Fun,

1st off, we are selling Merch. All orders must be made by the meeting next Tuesday. If you want an official POC Nalgene water bottle for $15 or T-shirt for $10, bring money next Tuesday or contact me (Connor) at to give me money. Links to see the merch are hither. We need a minimum of 48 water bottles to place an order. Gift 'em to your whole famdamily

We are the knights who say… UPCOMING TRIPS
Saturday 9/26
9 am trail cleaning, signup sheet went out last week, here it is for any straggles

The same evening we have another service trip. Join the Tireless Project and Green & Healthy Schools Academy for this Green Apple Day of Service Idea Exchange (GADSIX!) event, organized in partnership with Green Building Alliance and Friends of the Riverfront. We will help to maintain a section of the South Side Riverfront Trail by picking up trash, removing invasive species, and removing tires and other debris from the shoreline by utilizing Allegheny Cleanway's pontoon boat, known as the Rachel Carson. Please wear closed-toe shoes or boots and long pants. We also recommend a long-sleeved shirt to avoid being scratched or coming in contact with poison ivy. As always, we will provide refreshments, work gloves, safety glasses and all other necessary tools and materials.

Sunday 9/27
Rafting with venture outdoors. You should already know if you are going. So be pumped to get wet in roarin' rapids!

October (Spooky Spooky) coming up

Friday 10/2 5:30pm - 8:30 pm
Have you ever thought that you want to do service, hike, and boat all in one day? It's your lucky day, we will be doing that, right hhhhhhere

Saturday 10/3 10am - 2pm
Venture outdoors is hosting a day climbing trip. SO if you want to spider man up some rocks, join us here.

That is about it for nowzle (who doesn't like zles at the end of words? Grumpy trolls, that's WHO)
Byby now,
Connor "Concave up Smile" Martin

WB2015.tiff [175.28 KB]:

A POC Reminder

Aloha POC Beach Bums,
Don't forget…
Tonight (Tuesday) we have Nick's Qdoba Tuesday at 8pm, then after that the meeting at 9pm at the WPU Patio. Come eat and greet and take a seat at Qdoba with us. Qdoba Tuesday will happen EVERY Tuesday before the meetings unless we say otherwise.
Also. If you want a T-shirt or water bottle, don't forget to bring money, $10 for a t-shirt, $15 for a water bottle, both with our sweet new logo on it. Check it out
See you Tonight!
Convoy Condor ConCon Connory Martin

Final_POC_Shirt_Design_Final.docx [231.56 KB]:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

POC: Wavier

Hey All,
I realized that the waiver links that I have sent out have not been working. So here is the waiver attached.
Connor Martin

Club_Waiver.pdf [52.42 KB]:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

POC: Peculiar Octopus Creamery

Yo Diggity, coming right atcha, the POC Minutes (Applause) WOHHOOOO. We have some great things going on To knight (haha see what I did there?)

If you haven't turned in a waiver, print it here and PAY YO DUES $10 for the semester, $15 for the year

Don't forget to like our Facebook Page

If you like wearing clothes and drinking water (like, who doesn't), you better pecker up those ears! We are selling POC t-shirts for $10 a pop and Nalgene water bottles for $15 a piece. They will have this sweet logo on them (look at that stunning attachment). So if you want one, bring money to the next meeting to place your order.

Weekend 9/19 - 20
The Ohiopyle trip is going out. If you are going you should have received an email about it. If you are planning to climb, go up to the wall sometime this week to learn to belay, preferably between 4-7 on Thursday when Matt is working. But you'll need to learn to belay, so DO IT!

Saturday 9/26
9 am we have a service event cleaning trails at beam rocks in Forbes State Forest near Ligonier. This counts as your service requirement to maintain trip eligibility for next semester, so go help people!

5pm - 8pm. Could it be, 2 service trips… IN ONE DAY! Come help EVEN MORE people.
Join the Tireless Project and Green & Healthy Schools Academy for this Green Apple Day of Service Idea Exchange (GADSIX!) event, organized in partnership with Green Building Alliance and Friends of the Riverfront. We will help to maintain a section of the South Side Riverfront Trail by picking up trash, removing invasive species, and removing tires and other debris from the shoreline by utilizing Allegheny Cleanway's pontoon boat, known as the Rachel Carson. Please wear closed-toe shoes or boots and long pants. We also recommend a long-sleeved shirt to avoid being scratched or coming in contact with poison ivy. As always, we will provide refreshments, work gloves, safety glasses and all other necessary tools and materials.

Sunday 9/27
At 11 am (probably leaving Pitt around 9amish) we depart on a rafting adventure. So if you want to get jiggy with some whitewater(NANANANANANA), sign up here.

That's it for now. Stay classy pretty outdoors,
Connor "Marty Marvin" Martin

Final_POC_Shirt_Design_Final.docx [231.56 KB]:

Monday, September 14, 2015

POC Meeting 10pm

Attention all Outdoor Doers,
Tomorrow's meeting will be at 10PM on Tuesday at the WPU Patio. Be aware, this is 1 hour later than normal. Tell your friends, you uncle, your ex-sister in law, you uncle's wife's daughter's unborn neighbor's girlfriend. BE THERE
Connor Martin

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More Biking

Hey All, Tired of me yet? Good,
If you like to sign up to bike MORE this weekend and own your own bike, come to this ride on Saturday 9/12 1 PM -4
It's Gonna Be Fun.
Connor Martin

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ice POCey: A Sport

Aloha from the dangerously volcanic POC island! We have SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES with these bunk beds. Comin' right atcha!

If you haven't done so yet. Get your dues and waivers in. $15 for the semester. $20 for the year. Here is a link to the waiver

In order to maintain your trip eligibility, you must partake in at least one service day trip per semester. So have some Good Will (Hunting) (or Thrifting I suppose). Those will be coming up.
But now. The Aaron Carter style Candy. (You know, I want candy)… The Trips

Weekend of 9/12
Backpacking at laurel highlands is this weekend. You should know who you are if you are going.

Sunday 9/13
There are still TONS of spots to go biking around the city from 10am-12pm. Don't have a bike? You're in luck! They are being supplied for the trip. Don't snooze through this awesome trip. Sign up here
Weekend of 9/19

Here.. is… the… TRIP. The hoot and holler of wonder. Ohiopyle! Contrary to popular belief… it's not in Ohio. But in Pennsylvania. If you want to go Rafting, Hiking, or Climbing. It's the intro trip for all 3! Sign up hither

That's all for now, but stay tuned ladies and gentleman. As always. DO IT OUTDOORS!
Your guy in the sky
Connor Martini

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2POC (haha get it) Minuets

Welcome all POC members to your first flirty minutes of the semester. Here is the waver DAWWGGGGS
a few little (oompa loompa tiny) disclaimers:
People who signed up at the activities fair on Sunday are not yet on the email list. SOOO, if you know anyone in this party (party pooper, BOOO), forward them this email.
We have this awesome Facebook (bookface, what have you) page where you can get all the uppity updates of our club.

NOW FOR The meaty porky dorky meat of the email…. UPCOMING TRIPS!!!

Friday 9/4
From 6pm - 8pm we will be Kayaking the MIGHTY Al me zany… Ah I'll gain he…. Allegheny river. So if you're interested, sign up here. You must sign up by Wednesday 9/2 at Midnight

Sunday 9/6
Geocaching (AKA Finding stuff in the woods using GPS) is going down (Yelling Timber) from 10am - 12 pm on Pitt's campus. Then from 1pm - 3pm on CMU's campus. You must sign up by Wednesday 9/2 at Midnight.
For 10-12 Pitt
For 1-3 CMU

Sunday 9/13
Do you love to Bicycle?? (Like that Pink Floyde song?) from 10am-12pm you can bike around the PittsBURGER! You must sign up by this Saturday 9/5 at midnight. Don't have a bike? Great, we will rent one for ya!

Weekend of 9/11 - 9/13
If you want to carry a backpack for like… lots of miles, then we have the trip for YOU! Backpacking at Laurel Highlands. This is the beginner level backpacking trip. We have backpacks and all are welcome. B-E-A Utiful scenes to go adventure in await.
Contact Amy at with any questions, and sign up over hither.

That's all for this week. We hope to see you all adventuring. We are starting the semester off strong with lots o' trips (down stairs AHHHHH). See you later
Sack Rat Eary
Cones Are Marked In
(Connor Martin)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Final POC Down

Hey all POCers. the weather is getting warmer and the outdoor times are getting better. But also, the semester is getting endier! This shalt be the last minutes of the semester. We got a few things to wrap it up.

-If you haven't seen yet, Lynn Hill (Arguable the Best Woman Climber Ever) is speaking at Ohio State University at 7 pm on Saturday April 25th. So if your free check out the page. And figure out people to carpool with.

-We have some rafting fun after finals on Sunday. Deadline to sign up FRIDAY 4PM. On Sunday April 26th at 10 AM. SIGNUP HERE (It's gonna be great)

-Summer is here, but that doesn't mean you have to stop adventuring. There are tons of things you can get in on

-If you still scrambling for a job for THIS SUMMER, check out these cooler than ice links

-Tom is looking for some people to go c-c-c-caving on the weekend of May 23rd (date TBA). If you are around and want to go, hit him up at

-Kim is going to a climbing convention this summer July 15-19 at the New River Gorge. Hit her up if you are interested at It'll be a hoot.

-We go to the New River Gorge twice a year, so if you're around, go down and help out

next month we will have the first annual new river alliance of climbers, new river gorge, (not)work week, where work + fun = (not)work. may 9th through may 17 will be 9 days of climbing access trail work in and around the new river gorge. a day of work (9 to 3) gets you 2 free nights of camping at the american alpine club campground. we will supply tools, gloves, and water. folks should plan on bringing their lunch. interested individuals can contact me at, (304) 663-2521, sign up at water stone outdoors, or just show up at the campground. i will be there everyday. we have a variety of projects in the hopper.

-Even though school is coming to a close, make summer an adventure and get into contact with others to take personal trips all summer long!

-Other than that, thank you all for another great year. It wouldn't have been possible without all of the pumped up (like Arnold) people coming on our trips.
See you all in the Fall
Sack rat ary
Konar Martini
PS sad music :'(

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Minutes mmmm

Hey all you people (won't you listen to me!) We are trying to cram as much junk into the end of the semester as humanly possible!

-5-7 South Oakland sign tree care meet in front of Posvar. Details have been sent. Contact Kimmy at with any questions

-After you help people, go do some rad yoga with Dom and Rita at the wall at 7pm

-Friday 8-11 PM is LADIES NIGHT at the wall. Lots of lady-like music and climbing going on. ITS FREE (if you're a lady). If you're a guy and wear a sports bra you may or may not get in free (you will)

-Saturday go to Wilkensburg 9am. Do some community service and help good people. Sign up here. We will send details if you sign up.

-Saturday at 1 pm build 5 new garden beds at Frazier farms in South Oakland. HELP

-We got the pyle of Ohio (OHIOPYLE) trip THIS weekend ☺
So if you signed up, be on the lookout for the car list coming out Tomorrow (YA)

-BIKE TOUR ON SUNDAY! So if you signed up for that you'll get all of the dirty deats in an email tomorrow.

-Sunday 26th (its after finals, we know). BUT, if you're around, Venture Outdoors is throwing us a rafting trip to soak up that White Water. Sign up here.

-Next week will be our LAST (oh no) meeting of the semester. So be there so we can reflect on all the good times of the year.

That's it guys. Take it easy. Keep it classy.
Yours truly,
Konor Fartin

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Minutes in a Minute

LIGHT SPEED! POC Minutes in a minute. Here we go!

-Banff this weekend at 7 pm Saturday and Sunday Byham Theater. If you have tickets we will email you and tell you which days, where to meet, etc. Let us know ASAP if you can't make it so you won't be blacklisted.

-Trail maintenance 9-11 am Saturday. We will 8:30 meet at the Union. Walk over (20 min walk) from there. It's with Friends of the Waterfront. HELP PEOPLE! Wear POC shirt. Sign up here.

NEXT WEEKEND April 11-12
-Thursday the 9th is weeding, mulching, and pruning 5-7 pm in Oakland. Make Oakland pretty. Details to come. Wear POC shirt. This will be with Tree Pittsburgh. Sign up here!

-Here are the Ohiopyle signups again . We will have climbing, bouldering, hiking and rafting. (YEA) Sign up here.

-We have a trail bike ride trip going out 9am - 1pm on Sunday the 12th. Go ghostride it!

-Yoga with Dom and Rita, c'mon over Thurs 7 at the Climbing Wall.

-FREE FOOD?!?! We can get it. Be at the next meeting to EAT IT (maybe)

-The Skydiving place was called this week and said they won't be doing jumping this weekend as of now. This is the last weekend that we could have gone, so skydiving will not be happening ☹
Refund policies for the vouchers are on livingsocial's website, or you can go on your own. Sorry folks!

-We have sweet pictures from the New River gorge, check it out on our Facebook Page!

That's it, see you in a minute. Sign up for stuff, don't miss out on the fun!
Konor Martinoid

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

aPOCalypse (Because I can)

Howdy ho everybody. Welcome back to your favorite Tuesday night sitcom. POC Minutes of THIS VERY MINUTE! If it takes you more than a minute to read, well, your down the creek without a paddle. (it has happened before, to our very own Chris Yang)

Now that the weather is sunny (like the tella-tubby baby) we've been taking awesome trips.

West Virginia, Mountain Mama, Seneca Rock, was pretty dope. We had great weather, and were able to conquer the rock like many before us.

This weekend:
We too have two trips to great places (Wohoo, all forms of too, two, to in one sentence) First is the New River Gorge Trip. So if you want to trip, skip flip up some rock face. That's the trip for you. Hiking will also be going out. So getter done!

Due to some circumstances, Dolly sods is cancelled. Amy will let you know what is happening with that. We are between rescheduling or just going to the New River Gorge.

The driver and car lists go out tomorrow for both Dolly Sods and the New River Gorge.

Next weekend:
Sunday April 5th BANFFyclaus is coming to town! Make sure that if you signed up for this, be at our meeting spot at the correct time, which will be announced. UHH not here……. We don't quite have that worked out yet.. But NEXT week's minutes. So be on top of that.

There is still tons of room on the trail cleanup. So help us (like Tom Hanks created Wilson) and clean up some trails with us! We have no trips going out this weekend, so there are no excuses. Sign up here. Cleaning up makes you feel good.

This happens to be Easter Sunday. So make sure that if you signed up but can no longer make it. Email Dom at If you don't you will be blacklisted. So let us know.

In a few weekends:
April 11th and 12th is the Ohiopyle trip. So if you like breaking bits of Ohio into pieces to put into a pyle (I don't know what the deal with the spelling is.) We will have bouldering, hiking, rafting, and climbing. So make sure you put down what you want to do. Signups are here.

The same weekend will be the Venture Outdoors biking trip (but don't trip on your bike.) Venture Outdoors will provide bikes for us to bike around the city on Sunday April 12th. So if this sounds like fun to you, sign up right, no left. Here…ish.

Yoga with Dom and Rita. It's happening again this Thursday at 7pm at the wall. The floor is real squishy.

Sushi Tuesday was gigitty good. I told the employees I was having trouble getting people to show up. So they are now offering. Wait for it FREE HIGH FIVES aww yeeeaaa. So be there and get some fives and stuff.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the weather and fill us in on your adventures. That's kinda what we like to talk about.
Konnor Martinipants

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Lion, The Witch and the Minutes

You walk out into a lush space of greenery and flowers. Birds are chirping and there are flowers of crazy colors. You have no idea what is happening. Last thing you can remember, you were hiding in a big wardrobe, kind of like a combination of R. Kelly in trapped in the closet and those weird kids in Narnia. A strange short ginger man runs by you dressed in green. You're just confused and try to ignore it. But then he mentions cereal and marshmallows and you realize that there is nothing you want more at this very minute. You haven't seen green grass in what seems like ages. You have a quick thought of what is going on. But no, it can't be. But then again, it is certainly possible. SPRING HAS FINALLY COME!!!

Welcome back from Spring Break Everyone! I hope that you all had some wild adventures to tell stories about for years to come. Since spring is finally showing it's cute (yet deceiving) leprechaun-ey face with dimples in just the right spot (you know what I mean) WE HAVE TONS OF TRIPS GOING ON!!!

We know that you've been waiting for it. We know that you have been dreaming of this day since you laid your eye's on Dom's cheese-curl like locks and Rita's squirrely moves. The ancient one's have invented yoga for the purpose of these two individuals teaching it. This Thursday at 7 pm at the rock wall is the first ever YOGA WITH DOM AND RITA!! This will be happening every Thursday at 7 from now until the end of the semester. So go on up, learn the ways of Zen. Expel the icky energy. Capture voluptuous energy, AND BREATH FIRE! (fire not gaurenteed). Oh well, breathing fire sounds dangerous. That cannot be good for your lungs anyway.

This weekend March 21st is the trip for the brave. The crazy. Those who dare to climb the steep wall of Seneca Rock. If you are on this trip, you should have received an email with ALL of the dirty details (scandalous). So get Amped, because the weather is looking nice and toasty (relative of course). Rumor has it that there is a pot of gold at the top of the rock. Maybe even cereal (Ummmmm cereal). Do you pick the marshmallows out or eat them all mixed up? Just watch out and don't be too loud. You might wake Smaug up, and he would burn down the whole town of Seneca (which, to be honest, isn't much).

Narnia can be a sweet place to frolic. So if you signed up to frolic in this Narnia-esk weather, the Venture Outdoors Hike is happening this weekend. You should have received the email with all of the top secret plans already. You can pretend your in Narnia, Fight off that White Witch (because screw winter. WE WANT SPRING!!). You might even meet a super cool talking lion. You can befriend it, call it Simba, then sing crazy songs with the two greatest wingmen of all time. Tamone and Pumba. ANYWAY, if you didn't sign up and want to go hiking, email Dom at There is still room, and the weather is going to be SO warm this weekend. Just let Dom know ASAP because the list is due tomorrow March 18th if you want to be a part of this sweet trip. Sign ups are here.

Next Weekend March 28th we may have hit the luck of the Irish (I hope that it doesn't end up like Dodgeball). We have three trips, you heard it, THREE trips.
We have a backpacking trip going to THE Dolly Sods with Amy. This is a pretty in-tents (haha get it) backpacking trip. Be aware that this is a more advanced backpacking trip. Make sure you have proper shoes to hike in lots of mud for many miles. Also, if you have a backpacking pack, that would be ideal. Dolly Sods is like the llama's pajamas of West Virginia Backpacking. (Just don't let the llama spit on you). The sites include candy mountain, the great chocolate river, the baby sun from telly tubbies and much more. The signup sheet is right here. So get on it.

Also happening the weekend of March 28th is the New River Gorge Trip. This includes scenic views of the Lincoln log bridge. This spot is a super cool one with some of the best climbing in the area. So if you want to climb or hike. This is the trip for you. Feel the power of getting to the top of a big wall. Scream a yeti yell. Don't pull up on the rocks; pull the rocks down to you. The signup sheet is right here.

The third thing happening March 28th is Geocaching with Venture Outdoors. If you don't know what Geocaching is, it's a lot like treasure hunting. BUT WITH A GPS. It's tons of fun, you get to explore in the woods and find cool stuff. There's even a PRIZE for a group that can find the most booty (I mean treasure guys, c'mon, my eye's are up here). Signups are right here. This sign up sheet is due tomorrow, so get on it ASAP!

Do you like hiking on trails? Well, don't you know that they don't maintain themselves? No, there isn't a maintenance fairy either that flies around. On Saturday, April 4th you can help maintain the trails. So go down and help out. Breathe some fresh air, and make the trails super fun to hike for everyone. You can sign up right here.

Today we had a special guest speaking. Our fellow outdoors enthusiast Dan is trying to start a fly fishing club. Whether you have tons of experience fly fishing, or none at all, contact Dan at if you are interested in joining. You guys can go check out different fishing sites together and have some fun.

It's been a long process, but the University of Thriftsburgh Thrift store is opening its doors for everybody TOMORROW. It is the grand opening, and they have some sweet used clothes. Thrift stores are awesome. You can clean out your closet and get some cheap clothes. EVERYONE WINS. So go check them out. They are in the O'Hara Student Center to the right when you walk in.

Finally, Sushi Tuesday was sweet (like candy) but it would be even sweeter if we got more people in on it. So if you want to enjoy some sushi. Meet me at Sushi Fuku at 8:15 every Tuesday. You won't regret it.

Also we were contacted about an employment opportunity. Read on if you are interested in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Employment opportunity:
Theodore Roosevelt Nature & History Association (TRNHA) located in Medora, ND is a nonprofit cooperating association that supports Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Knife River Indian Villages NHS, and Upper Souris NWR. This summer we will be hiring 2 seasonal employees who will work and live alongside Park Rangers assisting TRNHA in raising funds to support and promote the parks we serve.

Each year the association hires a Painted Canyon Clerk, who works alongside Park Rangers running a National Park Bookstore and assisting with informal interpretation. If you are interested in some day becoming a Park Ranger this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door, as two of our last four clerks have went on to be Park Rangers at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
For the first time this year TRNHA will be hiring an inventory specialist who will work alongside our year round staff and Park Rangers to insure the bookstore shelves remain stocked. This person will also have an opportunity to assist with informal interpretation and special events within the park.
We are looking for some who is independent, passionate, and motivated to assist in our efforts to raise funds and promote Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If you are interested in learning more you can visit: or contact Tracy Larsen (701)623-4884 or
Thank you and have a great day!

That's all for this fantastical land of the POC Narnia. Have a good week. Get excited about the good weather, good trips, good people. All hail the lion king dude (who they didn't even name Simba)
Adios Amigos,
Your Seeker eerie
Connor the Martian (I'm gonna come around with my spaceship)

The POC Zone: Time, Space and Minutes

You're traveling through a dark tunnel.  You're in some somewhere between time and space, a new dimension entirely.  You feel the sensation of falling. But no your floating.  It's dark but bright simultaneously.  Pasta is everywhere.  It's covering your face.  But no it's a layer of lasagna.  The giant noodle forces you down into a dark abysse.  It is now clear.  You are in... The POC ZONE! (Enter dramatic sound effects).

Welcome welcome to this weeks minutes.  (Tictoctictoc) it's almost spring break (praise to Mufasa) and I hope your all going on excellent adventures (through Time, with Keanu Reeves?) it is now officially March which means it SHOULD be getting warm.  (Haha, except its Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh forgot how to warm up).  But that means thT we are gonna have (wait for it) tips... No, clips.... Ahh not that either, zits.... Ah drat c'mon.  TRIPS! That's the one.  Woooo we are gonna have real material trips.

We had a super rollin' speaker tonight.  Our very own Hannah was talking about the movement Cash money.  They are trying to raise minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.  There are gonna be rally's on April 15th.  It's gonna be sweet!

Are you sad because all of your dope Spring Break trips fell through??? Well it's ok, because Venture outdoors is having geocaching on Saturday the 14th.  It involves, like the Earth, and catching stuff, and finding Geodudes all over the place, punching mountains out of the way.  Well, maybe not, but you can sign up and FIND OUT!  Sign ups are right here.

Hikehikehikehikehikehikehike.  Lets go on a hike!!!  Venture outdoors is offering yet another hike on March 21st.  Hopefully we will be out of this odd wintery wonderland zone and we can actually find some springlike weather.  So far, time and space have really messed up and given us cold weather.

Have you ever looked at a jack-knife rock and thought to yourself "I NEED to climb it!!!"  Well I have the trip for you, (and I don't mean tripping over your shoelaces).  We are going to Seneca Rock, WV on the weekend of March 21st.  But… It's gonna come faster the the flash. WOOOSH right after spring break.  So there is not much time for workshops (which you need).  So if you have the workshops done already, you're good to go.  But if you reaallllly want to climb that BIGOLDROCK or just have questions.   Email Matt or Grant, ask questions, go on dates, set up times to learn the art of multi-pitch climbing, TAKE THEM TO DINNER FIRST. Geez, that escalated quickly.  Their emails are on this sign up sheet.  So do it up (outdoors of course.  If you signed up at the meeting, make sure you go in and add the extra fields so we can gechur info!

The Dominator and Reader Rita have to reschedule yoga up at the wall.  They will be on Thursday evenings up at the wall.  Starting February 19th.  (right after Spring Break).  Be get real flexible.  Learn to lick the back of your neck (I've seen it happen).

AND EVEN FURTHER IN THE FUTURE!! (unless you have a Tardis, a Dolorian, a Magic School bus.  A crazy scar on your forehead.  Or a bunny named jack you'll just have to wait.  We got some sweet trips coming up now that it'll actually be kind of warm .  On the Weekend of March 27 we have 2, yes 2 trips.  The fated New river gorge trip.  Site of the longest arch bridge and some great climbing.  It's kinda old news to us.  But it was probably new to someone once.

Also that weekend there will be backpacking to the legendary Dolly Sods.  Said to be some of the most of the most beautiful landscapes around.  (I don't think there are many dollys to hold.  I guess you could bring one if it means that much to you).

And Ohiopyle is on the Weekend of April 10th.  Contrary to This guy's first impressive (for real though) it is not in Ohio, but is in fact East of Pittsburgh.  ( bizarre, I know, this really is the POC zone.)  But it is always boatloads  (Haha, cause, whitewater) of fun.  So yea, DO IT!!!

We realized (tonight) that BAMFF, Sunday April 5th falls on Easter Sunday.  So make sure that if you can't make that, or anything that you signed up for let us know so we can give those spots to other members.  OR YOU WILL GO ON THE BLACKLIST (dadada) so do that please.  We don't want to use the great power that comes with great responsibility that is the BLACK LIST.

That's abooot it boyzz and Girlzzz
Stay Classy you gooofballs.
Here is the dramatic noise I wuz talkin bout
I kinda, well like ya (like a nervouse teenage boy at a middleschool dance)
The nervous teenager of a Sack tap Library
Conn (or) M(art) (in) the POC zone for life

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Possibly Obscure Company

Hey all POCers. The meeting tonight was super silly. The numbers were low, but those we had were pretty on point. The black knight was there, every single power ranger, and I think I even saw Chuck Norris' glorious nose. Abe Lincoln, I can't even tell ya how goofy it was. I guess you just should have been there to find out for yourself. Ant Man ever showed up, did you know that he had HUMAN, yes, normal HUMAN strength. Pretty crazy, I know.

Getting all TAKENesk. We seem to have a dilemma. While sorting out the gear room this weekend we discovered missing gear, including helmets and sleeping pads. Those of you who have these, we know who you are. We will find you, and we will put you on the black list unless you contact Rita "Cheeta" Keil. at Careful, she's vicious. Let's get that gear back safely home to the gear room where it belongs. It's scared and alone, and just wants to go home. Bring the gear home. It loves its home.

We have learned very much from the native people of this country. One of these things is the mighty KAYAK! If you want to feel the mighty power of the KAYAk, then meet Stickly, Fickly, Crickly, Icky Nicky at trees pool this Sunday for the LAST (yes, last) pool session of the semester to learn how to take the native skills to the next level. By rolling them around and around. Rumor has it that Aqua man will be with his army of magicarp (much scarier then you'd think). The ancient ones thought it could never be done. But believe me, it's a very real thing. 9 AM at Trees Hall or 8:30 AM in front of old engineering hall. Email "The knights who say" Nick at so that he can hook you up for your own ancient transport of aquatics.

Do you enjoy intense competition??? Do you enjoy climbing rock-esk things??? Then I have the thing for you! This Saturday, A King will be crowned. A Soldier will be knighted. And most importantly a jester will get one of those funny hats with the bells at the end! That's right folks, the Pitt Climbing Competition is happening this Saturday the 28th. You'll see people sweating blood, you'll see people crumbling to the ground, you might even see pigs fly (you'll see). You might even see yourself get crowned as the champion of them all! On second thought that whole king thing didn't work out so well for Eddard Stark… or well anyone for that matter. The flyer with the sexiest man alive on it is at the bottom of the email.

Are you 21 years old??? (no McLovins from Hawaii please) If you said yes, then you can do something super dope (no, not that you goober). You can be a driver for the club. So if you are 21 and want to be eligible to drive for trips, hit up Dom at If we need you to drive on a trip, then it GAURENTEES you a spot. Also, don't you dream about how cool you look behind the wheel of a sweet minivan (I know I do). Make sure you send your 2p number (the one on your ID silly) and phone number. It's not a boulder. It's a rock. The buccaneers used to ride these babies for miles.

We had quite the brainstorm tonight. We are seriously considering some Mud Wrestling event at some point because we want to hang out with each other despite the coldness of the weather. It has progressed to the idea of chocolate wrestling because we found cocoa powder online really cheap. We are still in search of a venue, because nobody really wants mud wrestling at their house. Can you believe that.

Do you still have a hankering for more POC gear? Because we will be bringing the leftover t-shirts, water bottles and shotglasses to the meeting next week to sell to you fine looking (ohh baby! totally not staring into the eyes of a picture of Troy "coughcough") individuals.

If you like cross country skiing, one of our members is super hype about it. He wants to get in touch with you so you can TEAR UP the trails in the biggest baddest wood in the land. Schenely park. So if have cross country skis and want a ski buddy, hit up our boy Chris at

That's all folks, Just make it through the rest of the week so that you can CRUSH IT at the climbing competition. I Heard Spiderman was going to be there.
Keep it fresh, and always Do It Outdoors
Have a sparkling week
Yours truly,
Sack Rat Airy
I should really stop these lines
But I don't wanna
Connor Martin

2015_Comp_Flyer.pdf [248.40 KB]:


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Captain's Minutes: A Traveling Group

Captain's log Tuesday 2/17/2015 9:02 PM eastern standard time, Planet: POCia

I have landed on a strange planet. There are many strange creatures here sporting unusually poofy coats and hardy boots. It seems as if they are mid travel, taking a break in a small room congregated together for some kind of service. The building that they are congregates in is oddly shaped like an old space ship. They speak of doing strange things like walking many miles for no apparent reason and climbing sheer rock faces for no purpose. They are a strange group, but they seem harmless and friendly.
Captain out. Beam me up Scottie.

Welcome welcome all POCia citizens. We have all kinds of winter fun coming up so stay tuned!

First off, the not so fun stuff. We will be starting a Black list for people restricted from going on trips. If you do the following, you WILL earn yourself a spot on the BLACK LIST (DUH DUH DUH, cue psycho music) :
• Have a piece of gear out from a previous trip
• Not show up for a trip you are signed up for without cancelling at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.
We really like having and keeping track of all our super cool gear, and also want to make sure we fill all of the spots for our trips. We also need enough time to contact those on the waiting list to get them on super cool trips. But don't get on the double blacklist, where we beam you up to get phazed… and stuff.

More stuff that is not so fun. Due to the fact that there is HELLA snow, backpacking is not possible this weekend. Not even the most powerful phazer beam can melt the snow to make backpacking possible. Sorry folks.

Are you super sad because all bodies of water are frozen and you can't take your kayak out? If you answered yes then you're in luck. Because on Sunday at 9 there will be another riveting episode of POOL SESSIONS, at the small trees pool at 9 - 12. If you have a car you can help Nick bring Kayak's up. You can either meet him at the gear room in engineering hall at 8:30 or up at trees at 9. Will Nick ever turn 21? Will a kayak ever go off of a platform? FIND OUT THIS WEEK! So if you want to work on your kayak rolling technique or learn from scratch, Nick "I didn't choose my boat, my boat chose me" Peanutzzzzzzzer (spelled something like that) will be teaching all things rolling.... OF KAYAKS OF COURSE. Let him know if you will be there at so he can bring a boat for YOU!

If you signed up to walk many miles for no apparent reason, then the Venture Outdoors hiking trip is this Saturday. So be there and walk and stuff! Email Dominic at if you want to get on the wait list for either the hike or the snow-shoeing.

If you signed up to walk around aimlessly with big fan-like things on your feet, then Venture Outdoors snowshoeing is this Sunday. So get out there and TRUDGE, TRUDGE, TRUDGE through the snow that we hope will be there. Maybe New England can let us borrow some snow.

Are you a competitive person? Do you like watching competitive people do compete-y things? Get ready, cause the CLIMBING COMPETITION IS COMING UP. You better be training to the illest degree, because on February 28th is the climbing competition. Get strong and do the monkey man thing! I know I want to be a monkey man. Registration is at 10 am for a registration fee of $15. Climbing starts at 11 am. It's gonna be as intense as camping (haha get it... IN-TENTS). Be there, or be, like, eating iced cream or something. The flier is attached for your viewing pleasure (check out that sexy picture)

More Haps going down this weekend. The REI garage Sale is going down! For those of you who don't know, it's a place to get reallllllly cheap gear (which is always awesome) at REI for REI members. If you aren't a member, then don't worry, because the membership is $20. FOR LIFE. Soooo worth it. Meet Sara at 7:30 am outside of the union. Doors open at 9 am. You gotta get there early and get the good gear.

If you were at the meeting last week, (or maybe just there in spirit) then you saw Mandi Lyon talking about the Wyoming field camp. If you are interested in that, here are TONS (actual metric tons) of links to check out this AWESOME field course.

"The Honors College Wyoming Field Course, a five week field course in paleontology and ecology, is now accepting enrollment for this summer.

The six credit option includes an educational camping and hiking excursion to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and other Wyoming sites immediately following the course.

These are life changing educational experiences for students from all majors and freshmen through seniors. Interested students should contact Edward McCord at for more information as soon as possible."

Due to popular demand, Yoga with Dom, 2 hair Myleeasy. Is it a bun or is it wild or is it a whig? The world may never know, and Rita, super gelato steal my Keal-ogram of candy at 4 pm at the wall will start up Friday 3/20 and happen every Friday till the end of the semester! How cool is that? So get your yoga pants on (guys too, ladies love the bulge) and get your yoga on.

Yet another super slammin' sushi Tuesday was held by your very own Connor Martini. It was more on point than Spock's pointy ears. If you ever wanna get in on this eatery, we rondevouir as predictably as J.J. Abrams' plotlines at sushi Fuku at 8:15 every Tuesday.

For those of you who don't know, we were unable to send emails for a few weeks, so make sure you like out Facebook page to stay up to date on the most recent naps if that happens again. Here is a link.

That's all for tonight. Live long and prosper,
Your Newly established not so secret secretary
Connor "Ankle Kankle" Martin

2015_Comp_Flyer.pdf [248.40 KB]: