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POC Finals

Hi all POC folk, Thank you to a great semester of trips!  It's been a great time, and I hope you had fun.  As finals week begins, we wish you all good luck on finals and will see you in the Spring Semester.  Have a great winter break everyone and keep doing it outdoors.  Best, Jolly ol Connor Martin

POC Pool Sessions

Hi All, Hope the weekend is dandy and full of rainbows and magic.  Pool sessions tomorrow, 9am-12pm.  Meet at Trees small pool with a bathing suit, a towel, and change of clothes at 9.  It's FUN tehehe. Learn how to roll that kayak. Best  Connor

Location of office hours

Yo dogfish, forgot to put the location for the office hours. Our office is at 319 Ohara, so beer there. I mean be there

ZE Minutes... Outside

Attention outdoor connoisseurs! It may be getting chilly, but we still have SOME stuff going on going into the end of the semester. Sunday 12/6 9am-12pm Poop, I mean pool sessions.   Want to learn how to roll a kayak so you're ready to hit the white water next semester? COME roll with jus at the small trees pool, and bask in the glorious water! OFFICE HOURS TO PICK UP MERCH! Come get your stuff.   We are selling water bottles for $15 and t-shirts for $10.   If you already payed, come pick them up, if you want one, come pay us and buy one before they run out! We want you to have it.   Office hours are (drum roll please). Wednesday 3pm-5pm Thursday 2pm-3pm, 5:30pm-6:30pm Friday 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm That's all for now.   See you next Tuesday.   TOODLES Condor the Martian       

Office hours and meeting tonight

Hi all, We have some super spiffy (like a new suit) office hours to pick up merchant in 319 Ohara. Tuesday 2-3, 5:30-6:30. WednesdAy 3-5. Thursday 2-3, 5:30-6:30, Friday 1-2. So come pick up all the fancy gear you bought, or bring money to buy some! Wohoo fancy stuff. Don't forget our meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm in cathedral 329.

Thanksgiving no meeting

Hi all you great people! This week we have no meeting due to Thanksgiving break. The merch is in, and we will be having office hours to pick it up 5:30-6:30 next Tuesday December 1st and Thursday December 3rd in 319 O'Hara, at our office. knock loud so we hear ya! Have a great thanksgiving, see you all next week Byby now Connor

Wintry Minutes

Hippity Hoppity all you POC Patrons! We made it through the semester of super great trips all thanks to your support.  I hope you had as many great memories as I did on all of the great trips.    T-Shirts and water bottles ARE IN!  They look superfly (like antman, but better), so if you ordered either come to the next meeting Tuesday 9pm Cathedral 329 and pick them up.  If you didn't order anything we have a LIMITED number of extras to purchase.  Don't miss this great merch opportunity   THIS FRIDAY 7-10 pm All the single (or not single) ladies, come to ladies night at the Pitt Climbing Wall.  Ladies get in free and guys wearing a bra and no shirt (SMEXY) also get in free.  So come on down and have a grand old time for ladies night   If you are crying because of the cold weather coming (I'm there with ya) fear not.  Kayak rolling pool sessions are coming so keep your eyes, ears, feet, toes hairs ope

POC Bat-Minutes

POC Mins NANANANANANANANANA POC MINUTES (BATMAN) We did not have a formal meeting this week, But Reel Rock Film festival was better than apple pie.  It's getting cold now so the "SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVIES!" it tapering down for now Sunday 11/15 1-3pm We get to go on a hikety hike with venture outdoors around southside.  Sign up right hither Our next meeting will be next Tuesday 11/17 329 Cathedral. And guess what?  THE WATER BOTTLES ARE IN! so if you ordered one come pick it up.  If you didn't, bring $15 and you, YES YOU, can buy one We will also have a speaker talking about relay for life. That's all for neo (MR. Anderson) BYBY Connor

Link for Southside Hike

Hi All   Here is the link for the south side hike Connor

Mamma Minutes

Will the real POC please stand up??   We had a great trip to Seneca Rock this past weekend, kind of the Bee's knees.  Rocks wee climbed, caves were… well, caved.   This weekend we have some sweet stuff going on! Saturday 11/7 10am-12pm We have the Venture Outdoors Service Hike. Notice that the day has changed from Sunday to Saturday.   Sunday 11/8 Its not a boulder… It's a rock!  Come boulder with us at Cooper's rock, some of the best outdoor bouldering around.  Notice that THIS day has been changed from Saturday to Sunday   Tuesday 11/10 The Reel Rock film festival is coming to Pittsburgh at CMU's McConomy Auditorium.  We will meet at 6:20pm on the Union Patio.  And guess what

POC Service Hike

Hi All, We also have a Schenley park maintenance hike on 11/8 1pm-3pm.  So if you want to help people, check it out, Yours, Connor

POC Fixed Cooper's Rock Link

Hey All, It was pointed out to me that the link for Cooper's rock does not work.  SOOOOO here you go BOOM BAM BRAM Connor

POC easy as MINutes

Hello… my name is elder Martin, and I come to you with words of POC.   We have some stuff  going on even though it's getting chilly.    SpookySpooky Haloweekend  Oct 31 st We are climbing the great peak of Seneca Rocks, in our spooky Halloween costumes.  If you are going, you should already be in the KNOW HOW!   Saturday 10/31 If you want to be sevicable, Plant some trees in the vill of Lawrence AKA Lawrenceville   Saturday 11/7 Holy smokes, November is here already.  Here is the day bouldering trip to Cooper's Rock you've been waiting for! So ROCK ON!   If you are a man (or woman) come to MANchester to plant some trees HAHAHAHAHA

POC Meeting Change

Attention you POC people, Meeting tonight will be at 329 Cathedral of Learning.  Because it's way warm in there.  So be there, you hooligans.  Also, TACO Tuesday, 8 pm Qdoba with Nick as usual. Byby now, Connor

Fw: Healthy U 5K

Also, If your trying to do a snoopy rave, check out this 5k. Best, Connor From: Vescovi, Samuel Tyler Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 3:51 PM To: Martin, Connor Jacob Subject: Healthy U 5K   Connor, Can you send an email out to POC about the healthy U 5K?  Here is the message and the flyer:     Good Afternoon,   I am writing you to inform of you of the Healthy U 5K, The Clean Air Dash.  Every year Pitt partners with the Group Against Smog and Pollution to promote cleaner air for our local athletes.  This year’s 5K will be held on Saturday October 31st at 9:30am.   The cost of the race is $15 for students, which reflects the cost of the runner. Because it is Halloween costumes are encouraged!   Pitt will be providing transportation to the race starting at 8:30am with the busses returning after the race at 11am.  There are prizes for the top overall runners and costume.


Shalom Poc Patrons, Sorry we missed ya last week.   But our new server is serving us super duper well! A few things that you should know about our new server… IF you wish to unsubscribe , use the link you got, if you reply, it will be sent to everyone on the email list, then you’ll look silly. We have some trips, that are poppin!   Saturday 10/24 Geocaching at Robert Morris University, wooo colonial guys so 10am-12pm Afternoon Geocaching at he same place 1pm-3pm   This Saturday is also time to GET MAD FOR PMADD! So if you signed up be there or be square   Weekend of 10/31 (Spookyspooky) The Seneca trip is here!   So if you want to do multi pitch climbing on a spooky weekend its here.   For this trip you MUST attend both climbing workshops to do the learning

S(poc)key Minutes

Spooky October everybody! This is the spooky times from the POC. Did you got to Ohiopyle? If you answered yes, and you are missing some stuff, email Rita at , tell her what you lost, and you can get it back. Very important stuff. We are changing server that we use to send our minutes. You may be wondering, "What does this mean for me?" This means that you need to accept the invite you received to our new server, because next week's minutes will be fully transitioned over. If you have NOT received an invitation, email me at so I can add you to the new server. We got some hip happenings shuffling about. Friday October 9th The b-b-b-boating trash pickup is happening! Ride on a pontoon boat of rainbows to pick up trash on an island. Sign up (not down, but the link is down… man, I'm confused) here. If you were signed up for it last week but are unable to go, please remove your name from the list and tell Dom at dnm32@pi


Chello Fellow POC Members! Tomorrow is Tuesday (YEAH) So, at 9 pm is our meeting on the WPU patio. It's the last (oh no) chance to order merchandise, soooo make sure you bring some cash. $10 for a t-shirt $15 for the Nalgene water bottle Also, at 8 pm at Qdoba, join Nick for another exciting edition of Taco Tuesday. That's all. See you all Tomorrow Night, Konor Martini

Great Oogalie Boogolie Minutes

Greeting Earthlings, We come in peace from the island of POC Serving you (with an ace) with the minutes for the week If you want to help a fellow student with sustainability, check this quick survey out. It literally takes 30 seconds (I timed myself, 23 seconds dawwgs) We did some great community events this weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped out Now (and later (like the candy)) are fast approaching, (like Usain Bolt fast) TRIPS Friday 10/2 We have a boating and service trip. If you are going you have already gotten an email with the delirious details Saturday 10/3 Crumpets of the day climbing trip is going out. You also, should have received an email about the Pacifi… I mean specifics Students, faculty, and staff from members of the Higher Education Climate Consortium are invited to an East End Farming Day with Repair the World on October 3 (Saturday) from 9am until 12:30pm. Coffee and Lunch (Panera) will be provided!

Spiderman: A True POC Hero

Hey POC, Can you dig it? Yea, well minutes aren't physical hence, hard to DIG. I hope all had a tootsie time this week. Ohiopyle was super hot FIRE'in Fun, 1st off, we are selling Merch. All orders must be made by the meeting next Tuesday. If you want an official POC Nalgene water bottle for $15 or T-shirt for $10, bring money next Tuesday or contact me (Connor) at to give me money. Links to see the merch are hither. We need a minimum of 48 water bottles to place an order. Gift 'em to your whole famdamily ZE SHIRT, WALAA! We are the knights who say… UPCOMING TRIPS Saturday 9/26 9 am trail cleaning, signup sheet went out last week, here it is for any straggles The same evening we have another service trip. Join the Tireless Project and Green & Healthy Schools Academy fo

A POC Reminder

Aloha POC Beach Bums, Don't forget… Tonight (Tuesday) we have Nick's Qdoba Tuesday at 8pm, then after that the meeting at 9pm at the WPU Patio. Come eat and greet and take a seat at Qdoba with us. Qdoba Tuesday will happen EVERY Tuesday before the meetings unless we say otherwise. Also. If you want a T-shirt or water bottle, don't forget to bring money, $10 for a t-shirt, $15 for a water bottle, both with our sweet new logo on it. Check it out See you Tonight! Convoy Condor ConCon Connory Martin Attachments --------------- Final_POC_Shirt_Design_Final.docx [231.56 KB]:

POC: Wavier

Hey All, I realized that the waiver links that I have sent out have not been working. So here is the waiver attached. Tootles Connor Martin Attachments --------------- Club_Waiver.pdf [52.42 KB]:

POC: Peculiar Octopus Creamery

Yo Diggity, coming right atcha, the POC Minutes (Applause) WOHHOOOO. We have some great things going on To knight (haha see what I did there?) If you haven't turned in a waiver, print it here and PAY YO DUES $10 for the semester, $15 for the year Don't forget to like our Facebook Page If you like wearing clothes and drinking water (like, who doesn't), you better pecker up those ears! We are selling POC t-shirts for $10 a pop and Nalgene water bottles for $15 a piece. They will have this sweet logo on them (look at that stunning attachment). So if you want one, bring money to the next meeting to place your order. Weekend 9/19 - 20 The Ohiopyle trip is going out. If you are going you should have received an email about it. If you are planning to climb, go up to the wall sometime this week to learn to belay, preferably between 4-7 on Thurs

POC Meeting 10pm

Attention all Outdoor Doers, Tomorrow's meeting will be at 10PM on Tuesday at the WPU Patio. Be aware, this is 1 hour later than normal. Tell your friends, you uncle, your ex-sister in law, you uncle's wife's daughter's unborn neighbor's girlfriend. BE THERE WE OUUUT Connor Martin

More Biking

Hey All, Tired of me yet? Good, If you like to sign up to bike MORE this weekend and own your own bike, come to this ride on Saturday 9/12 1 PM -4 It's Gonna Be Fun. Toodles, Connor Martin

Ice POCey: A Sport

Aloha from the dangerously volcanic POC island! We have SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES with these bunk beds. Comin' right atcha! If you haven't done so yet. Get your dues and waivers in. $15 for the semester. $20 for the year. Here is a link to the waiver In order to maintain your trip eligibility, you must partake in at least one service day trip per semester. So have some Good Will (Hunting) (or Thrifting I suppose). Those will be coming up. But now. The Aaron Carter style Candy. (You know, I want candy)… The Trips Weekend of 9/12 Backpacking at laurel highlands is this weekend. You should know who you are if you are going. Sunday 9/13 There are still TONS of spots to go biking around the city from 10am-12pm. Don't have a bike? You're in luck! They are being supplied for the trip. Don't snooze through this awesome trip. Sign up here

2POC (haha get it) Minuets

Welcome all POC members to your first flirty minutes of the semester. Here is the waver DAWWGGGGS UKHSA7sYc5WnFWZkwzYnBwQjgFirst , a few little (oompa loompa tiny) disclaimers: People who signed up at the activities fair on Sunday are not yet on the email list. SOOO, if you know anyone in this party (party pooper, BOOO), forward them this email. We have this awesome Facebook (bookface, what have you) page where you can get all the uppity updates of our club. NOW FOR The meaty porky dorky meat of the email…. UPCOMING TRIPS!!! Friday 9/4 From 6pm - 8pm we will be Kayaking the MIGHTY Al me zany… Ah I'll gain he…. Allegheny river. So if you're interested, sign up here. You must sign up by Wednesday 9/2 at Midnight Sunday 9/6 Geocaching (AKA Finding stuff in the woods using GPS) is go

The Final POC Down

Hey all POCers. the weather is getting warmer and the outdoor times are getting better. But also, the semester is getting endier! This shalt be the last minutes of the semester. We got a few things to wrap it up. -If you haven't seen yet, Lynn Hill (Arguable the Best Woman Climber Ever) is speaking at Ohio State University at 7 pm on Saturday April 25th. So if your free check out the page. And figure out people to carpool with. -We have some rafting fun after finals on Sunday. Deadline to sign up FRIDAY 4PM. On Sunday April 26th at 10 AM. SIGNUP HERE (It's gonna be great) -Summer is here, but that doesn't mean you have to stop adventuring. There are tons of things you can get in on -If you still scrambling for a job for THIS SUMMER, check out these cooler than ice links

Minutes mmmm

Hey all you people (won't you listen to me!) We are trying to cram as much junk into the end of the semester as humanly possible! THIS THURSDAY -5-7 South Oakland sign tree care meet in front of Posvar. Details have been sent. Contact Kimmy at with any questions -After you help people, go do some rad yoga with Dom and Rita at the wall at 7pm THIS WEEKEND -Friday 8-11 PM is LADIES NIGHT at the wall. Lots of lady-like music and climbing going on. ITS FREE (if you're a lady). If you're a guy and wear a sports bra you may or may not get in free (you will) -Saturday go to Wilkensburg 9am. Do some community service and help good people. Sign up here. We will send details if you sign up. -Saturday at 1 pm build 5 new garden beds at Frazier farms in South Oakland. HELP MORE PEOPLE

The Minutes in a Minute

LIGHT SPEED! POC Minutes in a minute. Here we go! THIS WEEKEND April 4-5 -Banff this weekend at 7 pm Saturday and Sunday Byham Theater. If you have tickets we will email you and tell you which days, where to meet, etc. Let us know ASAP if you can't make it so you won't be blacklisted. -Trail maintenance 9-11 am Saturday. We will 8:30 meet at the Union. Walk over (20 min walk) from there. It's with Friends of the Waterfront. HELP PEOPLE! Wear POC shirt. Sign up here. NEXT WEEKEND April 11-12 -Thursday the 9th is weeding, mulching, and pruning 5-7 pm in Oakland. Make Oakland pretty. Details to come. Wear POC shirt. This will be with Tree Pittsburgh. Sign up here! -Here are the Ohiopyle signups again . We will have climbing, bouldering, hiking and raf

aPOCalypse (Because I can)

Howdy ho everybody. Welcome back to your favorite Tuesday night sitcom. POC Minutes of THIS VERY MINUTE! If it takes you more than a minute to read, well, your down the creek without a paddle. (it has happened before, to our very own Chris Yang) Now that the weather is sunny (like the tella-tubby baby) we've been taking awesome trips. West Virginia, Mountain Mama, Seneca Rock, was pretty dope. We had great weather, and were able to conquer the rock like many before us. This weekend: We too have two trips to great places (Wohoo, all forms of too, two, to in one sentence) First is the New River Gorge Trip. So if you want to trip, skip flip up some rock face. That's the trip for you. Hiking will also be going out. So getter done! Due to some circumstances, Dolly sods is cancelled. Amy will let you know what is happening with that. We are between rescheduling or just going to the New River Gorge. The driver and car lists go out tomorrow for both Dolly So

The Lion, The Witch and the Minutes

You walk out into a lush space of greenery and flowers. Birds are chirping and there are flowers of crazy colors. You have no idea what is happening. Last thing you can remember, you were hiding in a big wardrobe, kind of like a combination of R. Kelly in trapped in the closet and those weird kids in Narnia. A strange short ginger man runs by you dressed in green. You're just confused and try to ignore it. But then he mentions cereal and marshmallows and you realize that there is nothing you want more at this very minute. You haven't seen green grass in what seems like ages. You have a quick thought of what is going on. But no, it can't be. But then again, it is certainly possible. SPRING HAS FINALLY COME!!! Welcome back from Spring Break Everyone! I hope that you all had some wild adventures to tell stories about for years to come. Since spring is finally showing it's cute (yet deceiving) leprechaun-ey face with dimples in just the right spot (you know

The POC Zone: Time, Space and Minutes

You're traveling through a dark tunnel.  You're in some somewhere between time and space, a new dimension entirely.  You feel the sensation of falling. But no your floating.  It's dark but bright simultaneously.  Pasta is everywhere.  It's covering your face.  But no it's a layer of lasagna.  The giant noodle forces you down into a dark abysse.  It is now clear.  You are in... The POC ZONE! (Enter dramatic sound effects). Welcome welcome to this weeks minutes.  (Tictoctictoc) it's almost spring break (praise to Mufasa) and I hope your all going on excellent adventures (through Time, with Keanu Reeves?) it is now officially March which means it SHOULD be getting warm.  (Haha, except its Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh forgot how to warm up).  But that means thT we are gonna have (wait for it) tips... No, clips.... Ahh not that either, zits.... Ah drat c'mon.  TRIPS! That's the one.  Woooo we are gonna have real material trips. We had a super rollin'

Possibly Obscure Company

Hey all POCers. The meeting tonight was super silly. The numbers were low, but those we had were pretty on point. The black knight was there, every single power ranger, and I think I even saw Chuck Norris' glorious nose. Abe Lincoln, I can't even tell ya how goofy it was. I guess you just should have been there to find out for yourself. Ant Man ever showed up, did you know that he had HUMAN, yes, normal HUMAN strength. Pretty crazy, I know. Getting all TAKENesk. We seem to have a dilemma. While sorting out the gear room this weekend we discovered missing gear, including helmets and sleeping pads. Those of you who have these, we know who you are. We will find you, and we will put you on the black list unless you contact Rita "Cheeta" Keil. at . Careful, she's vicious. Let's get that gear back safely home to the gear room where it belongs. It's scared and alone, and just wants to go home. Bring the gear home. It loves its ho

Captain's Minutes: A Traveling Group

Captain's log Tuesday 2/17/2015 9:02 PM eastern standard time, Planet: POCia I have landed on a strange planet. There are many strange creatures here sporting unusually poofy coats and hardy boots. It seems as if they are mid travel, taking a break in a small room congregated together for some kind of service. The building that they are congregates in is oddly shaped like an old space ship. They speak of doing strange things like walking many miles for no apparent reason and climbing sheer rock faces for no purpose. They are a strange group, but they seem harmless and friendly. Captain out. Beam me up Scottie. Welcome welcome all POCia citizens. We have all kinds of winter fun coming up so stay tuned! First off, the not so fun stuff. We will be starting a Black list for people restricted from going on trips. If you do the following, you WILL earn yourself a spot on the BLACK LIST (DUH DUH DUH, cue psycho music) : • Have a piece of gear out from a previous trip •