The Lion, The Witch and the Minutes

You walk out into a lush space of greenery and flowers. Birds are chirping and there are flowers of crazy colors. You have no idea what is happening. Last thing you can remember, you were hiding in a big wardrobe, kind of like a combination of R. Kelly in trapped in the closet and those weird kids in Narnia. A strange short ginger man runs by you dressed in green. You're just confused and try to ignore it. But then he mentions cereal and marshmallows and you realize that there is nothing you want more at this very minute. You haven't seen green grass in what seems like ages. You have a quick thought of what is going on. But no, it can't be. But then again, it is certainly possible. SPRING HAS FINALLY COME!!!

Welcome back from Spring Break Everyone! I hope that you all had some wild adventures to tell stories about for years to come. Since spring is finally showing it's cute (yet deceiving) leprechaun-ey face with dimples in just the right spot (you know what I mean) WE HAVE TONS OF TRIPS GOING ON!!!

We know that you've been waiting for it. We know that you have been dreaming of this day since you laid your eye's on Dom's cheese-curl like locks and Rita's squirrely moves. The ancient one's have invented yoga for the purpose of these two individuals teaching it. This Thursday at 7 pm at the rock wall is the first ever YOGA WITH DOM AND RITA!! This will be happening every Thursday at 7 from now until the end of the semester. So go on up, learn the ways of Zen. Expel the icky energy. Capture voluptuous energy, AND BREATH FIRE! (fire not gaurenteed). Oh well, breathing fire sounds dangerous. That cannot be good for your lungs anyway.

This weekend March 21st is the trip for the brave. The crazy. Those who dare to climb the steep wall of Seneca Rock. If you are on this trip, you should have received an email with ALL of the dirty details (scandalous). So get Amped, because the weather is looking nice and toasty (relative of course). Rumor has it that there is a pot of gold at the top of the rock. Maybe even cereal (Ummmmm cereal). Do you pick the marshmallows out or eat them all mixed up? Just watch out and don't be too loud. You might wake Smaug up, and he would burn down the whole town of Seneca (which, to be honest, isn't much).

Narnia can be a sweet place to frolic. So if you signed up to frolic in this Narnia-esk weather, the Venture Outdoors Hike is happening this weekend. You should have received the email with all of the top secret plans already. You can pretend your in Narnia, Fight off that White Witch (because screw winter. WE WANT SPRING!!). You might even meet a super cool talking lion. You can befriend it, call it Simba, then sing crazy songs with the two greatest wingmen of all time. Tamone and Pumba. ANYWAY, if you didn't sign up and want to go hiking, email Dom at There is still room, and the weather is going to be SO warm this weekend. Just let Dom know ASAP because the list is due tomorrow March 18th if you want to be a part of this sweet trip. Sign ups are here.

Next Weekend March 28th we may have hit the luck of the Irish (I hope that it doesn't end up like Dodgeball). We have three trips, you heard it, THREE trips.
We have a backpacking trip going to THE Dolly Sods with Amy. This is a pretty in-tents (haha get it) backpacking trip. Be aware that this is a more advanced backpacking trip. Make sure you have proper shoes to hike in lots of mud for many miles. Also, if you have a backpacking pack, that would be ideal. Dolly Sods is like the llama's pajamas of West Virginia Backpacking. (Just don't let the llama spit on you). The sites include candy mountain, the great chocolate river, the baby sun from telly tubbies and much more. The signup sheet is right here. So get on it.

Also happening the weekend of March 28th is the New River Gorge Trip. This includes scenic views of the Lincoln log bridge. This spot is a super cool one with some of the best climbing in the area. So if you want to climb or hike. This is the trip for you. Feel the power of getting to the top of a big wall. Scream a yeti yell. Don't pull up on the rocks; pull the rocks down to you. The signup sheet is right here.

The third thing happening March 28th is Geocaching with Venture Outdoors. If you don't know what Geocaching is, it's a lot like treasure hunting. BUT WITH A GPS. It's tons of fun, you get to explore in the woods and find cool stuff. There's even a PRIZE for a group that can find the most booty (I mean treasure guys, c'mon, my eye's are up here). Signups are right here. This sign up sheet is due tomorrow, so get on it ASAP!

Do you like hiking on trails? Well, don't you know that they don't maintain themselves? No, there isn't a maintenance fairy either that flies around. On Saturday, April 4th you can help maintain the trails. So go down and help out. Breathe some fresh air, and make the trails super fun to hike for everyone. You can sign up right here.

Today we had a special guest speaking. Our fellow outdoors enthusiast Dan is trying to start a fly fishing club. Whether you have tons of experience fly fishing, or none at all, contact Dan at if you are interested in joining. You guys can go check out different fishing sites together and have some fun.

It's been a long process, but the University of Thriftsburgh Thrift store is opening its doors for everybody TOMORROW. It is the grand opening, and they have some sweet used clothes. Thrift stores are awesome. You can clean out your closet and get some cheap clothes. EVERYONE WINS. So go check them out. They are in the O'Hara Student Center to the right when you walk in.

Finally, Sushi Tuesday was sweet (like candy) but it would be even sweeter if we got more people in on it. So if you want to enjoy some sushi. Meet me at Sushi Fuku at 8:15 every Tuesday. You won't regret it.

Also we were contacted about an employment opportunity. Read on if you are interested in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Employment opportunity:
Theodore Roosevelt Nature & History Association (TRNHA) located in Medora, ND is a nonprofit cooperating association that supports Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Knife River Indian Villages NHS, and Upper Souris NWR. This summer we will be hiring 2 seasonal employees who will work and live alongside Park Rangers assisting TRNHA in raising funds to support and promote the parks we serve.

Each year the association hires a Painted Canyon Clerk, who works alongside Park Rangers running a National Park Bookstore and assisting with informal interpretation. If you are interested in some day becoming a Park Ranger this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door, as two of our last four clerks have went on to be Park Rangers at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
For the first time this year TRNHA will be hiring an inventory specialist who will work alongside our year round staff and Park Rangers to insure the bookstore shelves remain stocked. This person will also have an opportunity to assist with informal interpretation and special events within the park.
We are looking for some who is independent, passionate, and motivated to assist in our efforts to raise funds and promote Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If you are interested in learning more you can visit: or contact Tracy Larsen (701)623-4884 or
Thank you and have a great day!

That's all for this fantastical land of the POC Narnia. Have a good week. Get excited about the good weather, good trips, good people. All hail the lion king dude (who they didn't even name Simba)
Adios Amigos,
Your Seeker eerie
Connor the Martian (I'm gonna come around with my spaceship)

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