2POC (haha get it) Minuets

Welcome all POC members to your first flirty minutes of the semester. Here is the waver DAWWGGGGS
a few little (oompa loompa tiny) disclaimers:
People who signed up at the activities fair on Sunday are not yet on the email list. SOOO, if you know anyone in this party (party pooper, BOOO), forward them this email.
We have this awesome Facebook (bookface, what have you) page where you can get all the uppity updates of our club.

NOW FOR The meaty porky dorky meat of the email…. UPCOMING TRIPS!!!

Friday 9/4
From 6pm - 8pm we will be Kayaking the MIGHTY Al me zany… Ah I'll gain he…. Allegheny river. So if you're interested, sign up here. You must sign up by Wednesday 9/2 at Midnight

Sunday 9/6
Geocaching (AKA Finding stuff in the woods using GPS) is going down (Yelling Timber) from 10am - 12 pm on Pitt's campus. Then from 1pm - 3pm on CMU's campus. You must sign up by Wednesday 9/2 at Midnight.
For 10-12 Pitt
For 1-3 CMU

Sunday 9/13
Do you love to Bicycle?? (Like that Pink Floyde song?) from 10am-12pm you can bike around the PittsBURGER! You must sign up by this Saturday 9/5 at midnight. Don't have a bike? Great, we will rent one for ya!

Weekend of 9/11 - 9/13
If you want to carry a backpack for like… lots of miles, then we have the trip for YOU! Backpacking at Laurel Highlands. This is the beginner level backpacking trip. We have backpacks and all are welcome. B-E-A Utiful scenes to go adventure in await.
Contact Amy at amj74@pitt.edu with any questions, and sign up over hither.

That's all for this week. We hope to see you all adventuring. We are starting the semester off strong with lots o' trips (down stairs AHHHHH). See you later
Sack Rat Eary
Cones Are Marked In
(Connor Martin)

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