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POC Service Hike

Hi All, We also have a Schenley park maintenance hike on 11/8 1pm-3pm.  So if you want to help people, check it out, Yours, Connor

POC Fixed Cooper's Rock Link

Hey All, It was pointed out to me that the link for Cooper's rock does not work.  SOOOOO here you go BOOM BAM BRAM Connor

POC easy as MINutes

Hello… my name is elder Martin, and I come to you with words of POC.   We have some stuff  going on even though it's getting chilly.    SpookySpooky Haloweekend  Oct 31 st We are climbing the great peak of Seneca Rocks, in our spooky Halloween costumes.  If you are going, you should already be in the KNOW HOW!   Saturday 10/31 If you want to be sevicable, Plant some trees in the vill of Lawrence AKA Lawrenceville   Saturday 11/7 Holy smokes, November is here already.  Here is the day bouldering trip to Cooper's Rock you've been waiting for! So ROCK ON!   If you are a man (or woman) come to MANchester to plant some trees HAHAHAHAHA

POC Meeting Change

Attention you POC people, Meeting tonight will be at 329 Cathedral of Learning.  Because it's way warm in there.  So be there, you hooligans.  Also, TACO Tuesday, 8 pm Qdoba with Nick as usual. Byby now, Connor

Fw: Healthy U 5K

Also, If your trying to do a snoopy rave, check out this 5k. Best, Connor From: Vescovi, Samuel Tyler Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 3:51 PM To: Martin, Connor Jacob Subject: Healthy U 5K   Connor, Can you send an email out to POC about the healthy U 5K?  Here is the message and the flyer:     Good Afternoon,   I am writing you to inform of you of the Healthy U 5K, The Clean Air Dash.  Every year Pitt partners with the Group Against Smog and Pollution to promote cleaner air for our local athletes.  This year’s 5K will be held on Saturday October 31st at 9:30am.   The cost of the race is $15 for students, which reflects the cost of the runner. Because it is Halloween costumes are encouraged!   Pitt will be providing transportation to the race starting at 8:30am with the busses returning after the race at 11am.  There are prizes for the top overall runners and costume.


Shalom Poc Patrons, Sorry we missed ya last week.   But our new server is serving us super duper well! A few things that you should know about our new server… IF you wish to unsubscribe , use the link you got, if you reply, it will be sent to everyone on the email list, then you’ll look silly. We have some trips, that are poppin!   Saturday 10/24 Geocaching at Robert Morris University, wooo colonial guys so 10am-12pm Afternoon Geocaching at he same place 1pm-3pm   This Saturday is also time to GET MAD FOR PMADD! So if you signed up be there or be square   Weekend of 10/31 (Spookyspooky) The Seneca trip is here!   So if you want to do multi pitch climbing on a spooky weekend its here.   For this trip you MUST attend both climbing workshops to do the learning

S(poc)key Minutes

Spooky October everybody! This is the spooky times from the POC. Did you got to Ohiopyle? If you answered yes, and you are missing some stuff, email Rita at , tell her what you lost, and you can get it back. Very important stuff. We are changing server that we use to send our minutes. You may be wondering, "What does this mean for me?" This means that you need to accept the invite you received to our new server, because next week's minutes will be fully transitioned over. If you have NOT received an invitation, email me at so I can add you to the new server. We got some hip happenings shuffling about. Friday October 9th The b-b-b-boating trash pickup is happening! Ride on a pontoon boat of rainbows to pick up trash on an island. Sign up (not down, but the link is down… man, I'm confused) here. If you were signed up for it last week but are unable to go, please remove your name from the list and tell Dom at dnm32@pi


Chello Fellow POC Members! Tomorrow is Tuesday (YEAH) So, at 9 pm is our meeting on the WPU patio. It's the last (oh no) chance to order merchandise, soooo make sure you bring some cash. $10 for a t-shirt $15 for the Nalgene water bottle Also, at 8 pm at Qdoba, join Nick for another exciting edition of Taco Tuesday. That's all. See you all Tomorrow Night, Konor Martini