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POC, Easy As 1, 2, 3 Hurry up slowpoke, because this is the link for geocaching with venture outdoors. If you want to mingle with mountainous members of other universities. The deadline is Thursday at noon so don't wait. If you want to go on a treasure hunt, walk around with a gps, find ground zero, possibly pick up a geocoin or a travel bug, and meet other awesome people like you [Yes I'm talking about you sexy ;) ] then sign up. Oh, and because I forgot to mention, THERE WILL BE FOOD!!! So make sure you sign up by Thursday at 12. The following week will be a hiking trip with venture outdoors so stay tuned. If you want to make a difference, save the whales, and potentially put Kevin Vose and I out of future jobs (Chemical/Petroleum Engineers), then come join the Fossil Free PITT Coalition which will talk about getting Pitt to divest from companies involved with the petroleum industry.