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Food in a park in the morning

Hi friends, For everyone who thought POC stood for Pitt Outdoors Club, I'm sorry to say that you're mistaken.  It actually stands for Potluck Overlooking Cathy, because that's what we'll be doing Sunday.  If you like eating food, talking to people, or playing lawn games come on up to Flagstaff hill Sunday around 11am for a POC potluck brunch.  Bring your favorite food to share, some plates/utensils to eat it with, and some cool lawn games if you have them.  Good food and good times are guaranteed or your money back. Hope to see you there, Jon

Fwd: The most minutey minutes ever

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Pitt Outdoors < > Date: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 12:55 AM Subject: The most minutey minutes ever To: , Howdy ho folks, Tonight was the first POC meeting of the semester, and it was friggin poppin.  Like 180 new people joined the club and we're super psyched to get to know every one of you! If you couldn't make it tonight but still want in on this awesomeness don't despair! We have meetings every Tuesday at 9pm on the WPU patio, come by any of them and we'll get you all set up.  Sign ups for the Ohiopyle trip opened up tonight.  We'll be heading down there Friday, September 8th and coming back Sunday the 10th, with a whole bunch of awesome hiking, rafting, and climbing in between.  If you didn't get a chance to sign up at the meeting the link for that is right here  ↓ spreadsheets/d/ 1jlbd5Ou1nKSdrMMO_ CitHT

First meeting, first messed up email!

The super sweet meeting is on TUESDAY at 9pm, I forgot the tuesday part. Sorry, Jon

First meeting! WOOOOO!

Hey all you party people, POC is officially getting started this semester with a super sweet meeting at 9pm on the William Pitt Union patio. Stop on by to do crazy fun administrative things like turning in waivers and paying dues($10 for a semester or $15 for the year).   Here's a link to the waiver: On top of all that goodness we'll have sign ups for the first trip of the semester down to good ol Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania.  In scenic Ohiopyle you can do all kinds of fun stuff like look at trees, sit in or near a river, and see some waterfalls.  Also there's going to be a whole bunch of awesome whitewater rafting/kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking going on.  Come down to the pyle and do fun stuff with good people in the great outdoors! Also, starting this week we're going to be doing group mountain bike rides in Frick Park.  If you have a mountain bike and are looking to ride down some awesome t