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Fresh link for hiking and hot chocolate 12/3

Sorry for the bad link, folks: spreadsheets/d/ 1wjJx6OaCCNoxjchk9Ry8Z3_ UDD8qQl6M4Hh95t4w3dk/edit?usp= sharing Happy trails, The POC


PLEASE BE AT THE MEETING NEXT WEEK  this is when you may pick up your POC shirt from this year


Hi all,  There will be no meeting tonight, so don't show up. You can still sign up for hiking and hot chocolate via the link below. It is December 3 from 1 to 3. There will be an email going out about that probably tonight or tomorrow. Have a nice night


Short and sweet This Saturday, Nov 12, will be our volunteer tree planting day sign up here: Hiking to McConnnells Mill this Sunday, Nov. 13.  sign up here: One last thing, there was supposed to be a survey for what I believe was a prototype ankle splint but the group never emailed me. So if

Date Mistake for McConnells Mill Hike

The day hike to McConnells Mills will be next Sunday Nov. 13, NOT this Saturday. Apologies on the mix up. I will add this to the signups

POC Minutes

Hi all,  There will be a hiking trip this Saturday at McConnels Mills State park! We are in need of drivers so If you want to hike in a really pretty place and you can drive, Please sign up. I believe it will be from 9 am to sometime in the afternoon. Sign up here: On Saturday, November 12 from 1 pm to 3 pm, we will be planting trees in a yet to be determined park around Pittsburgh. Come out and work to create a better environment and better future! Sign up here: If you haven't gotten tshirt money in, get it in ASAP. Thanks, have a nice day


Yo yo yo POC party people! sorry for all the acronyms haha. Because it's starting to get cold out and the weather is going to start taking a turn for the worse, we will be holding our meetings in the Cathedral of Learning room 363 from now until the end of the semester. So be there or be square (or more specifically lonely and cold at the WPU patio)  IF YOU SIGNED UP TO GET THIS YEAR'S T-SHIRT, MAKE SURE YOU COME TODAY AND TURN IN YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!! NO MONEY, NO SHIRT! THIS IS THE LAST MEETING TO DO SO!!! Also, once again shameless plug for the University of Thriftsburgh. If you have any old clothes that you clearly don't wear anymore (or maybe a Halloween costume!) feel free to bring it to Anna as a donation to Pitt's thrift shop. She'll probably give you a high five unless you make fun of the Chicago Cubs, in which case she'll punch you in the solar plexus. Th-th-th-that's all folks. See ya tonight! Nick Penatzer