Tuesday, April 18, 2017

End of the Semester and Gear

Hey All,
We did it.  We made it through another semester of super bomb trips!  We will not be having a meeting tonight because everyone is probably pulling their hair out over finals.  I would like to thank everyone who came to meetings/trips/chatted for an awesome semester of doing it outdoors.

On another note.  If you have any of our gear.  WE NEED IT BACK!  please contact me at cjm151@pitt.edu to get this gear back home.  That means look through your bags and make sure you didn't accidentally snag something from us.  There is NO penalty for having something that you may have forgotten about two years ago.  We just want our beloved gear back.

This is all.  Keep doing it outdoors.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No Meeting 4/11 Tuesday

Hey All,
As we have fun all of our trips and what not, we will not be having a meeting today.  Good luck with finals and such!  This is it... the end of the semester.  
See some of you at Seneca and Dolly Sods,

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dates for stuff

Hey all,
The minutes we sent out had March as the month.  However, this is incorrect.  All future trips will be held in April.  so put a 4 in for those 3s.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Being outside is cool (minutes)

Hi everybody,
The ohiopyle trip is going out the weekend of 3/7-3/8, we'll get an email out to the people who are going as soon as we figure out where ohiopyle is.  Sorry folks, signups are closed.

Skydiving = Officially Canceled.  too few of TWO signed up. So we cannot run the trip. Sad sad

Seneca rocks and Dolly Sods are the weekend of 3/15-3/16, come chase the easter bunny up rocks or through the woods.  

Dolly Sods is our advanced level backpacking trip, it'll be about 10 miles a day through trees and stuff in West (or Best) Virginia. 

Seneca rocks is a big tall rock thing in West Virginia that we're going to climb up and then go back down and climb up again and its going to be nuts.  It's a more advanced climbing trip so make sure you get up to the Trees climbing wall some time Monday to Thursday from 4-10 o'clock for a workshop to learn how to rappel, lead belay, manage ropes, and deal with trad gear.  It will take about 30 minutes to get a handle on each thing if you are new to these skills.  The Seneca trip isn't confirmed yet but we will let you know when we confirm it.

In the mean time go do something cool outside of a building, peace

Meeting 9 pm 4/4

Hey All,
We will have our meeting tonight (Tuesday 4/4) at 9 pm on the Union Patio, Because it's April and we want to get outdoors.  
We will be having signups for Dolly Sods Backpacking and Seneca Rocks.
See you guys there
Con-no-r aka Conno