The POC Zone: Time, Space and Minutes

You're traveling through a dark tunnel.  You're in some somewhere between time and space, a new dimension entirely.  You feel the sensation of falling. But no your floating.  It's dark but bright simultaneously.  Pasta is everywhere.  It's covering your face.  But no it's a layer of lasagna.  The giant noodle forces you down into a dark abysse.  It is now clear.  You are in... The POC ZONE! (Enter dramatic sound effects).

Welcome welcome to this weeks minutes.  (Tictoctictoc) it's almost spring break (praise to Mufasa) and I hope your all going on excellent adventures (through Time, with Keanu Reeves?) it is now officially March which means it SHOULD be getting warm.  (Haha, except its Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh forgot how to warm up).  But that means thT we are gonna have (wait for it) tips... No, clips.... Ahh not that either, zits.... Ah drat c'mon.  TRIPS! That's the one.  Woooo we are gonna have real material trips.

We had a super rollin' speaker tonight.  Our very own Hannah was talking about the movement Cash money.  They are trying to raise minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.  There are gonna be rally's on April 15th.  It's gonna be sweet!

Are you sad because all of your dope Spring Break trips fell through??? Well it's ok, because Venture outdoors is having geocaching on Saturday the 14th.  It involves, like the Earth, and catching stuff, and finding Geodudes all over the place, punching mountains out of the way.  Well, maybe not, but you can sign up and FIND OUT!  Sign ups are right here.

Hikehikehikehikehikehikehike.  Lets go on a hike!!!  Venture outdoors is offering yet another hike on March 21st.  Hopefully we will be out of this odd wintery wonderland zone and we can actually find some springlike weather.  So far, time and space have really messed up and given us cold weather.

Have you ever looked at a jack-knife rock and thought to yourself "I NEED to climb it!!!"  Well I have the trip for you, (and I don't mean tripping over your shoelaces).  We are going to Seneca Rock, WV on the weekend of March 21st.  But… It's gonna come faster the the flash. WOOOSH right after spring break.  So there is not much time for workshops (which you need).  So if you have the workshops done already, you're good to go.  But if you reaallllly want to climb that BIGOLDROCK or just have questions.   Email Matt or Grant, ask questions, go on dates, set up times to learn the art of multi-pitch climbing, TAKE THEM TO DINNER FIRST. Geez, that escalated quickly.  Their emails are on this sign up sheet.  So do it up (outdoors of course.  If you signed up at the meeting, make sure you go in and add the extra fields so we can gechur info!

The Dominator and Reader Rita have to reschedule yoga up at the wall.  They will be on Thursday evenings up at the wall.  Starting February 19th.  (right after Spring Break).  Be get real flexible.  Learn to lick the back of your neck (I've seen it happen).

AND EVEN FURTHER IN THE FUTURE!! (unless you have a Tardis, a Dolorian, a Magic School bus.  A crazy scar on your forehead.  Or a bunny named jack you'll just have to wait.  We got some sweet trips coming up now that it'll actually be kind of warm .  On the Weekend of March 27 we have 2, yes 2 trips.  The fated New river gorge trip.  Site of the longest arch bridge and some great climbing.  It's kinda old news to us.  But it was probably new to someone once.

Also that weekend there will be backpacking to the legendary Dolly Sods.  Said to be some of the most of the most beautiful landscapes around.  (I don't think there are many dollys to hold.  I guess you could bring one if it means that much to you).

And Ohiopyle is on the Weekend of April 10th.  Contrary to This guy's first impressive (for real though) it is not in Ohio, but is in fact East of Pittsburgh.  ( bizarre, I know, this really is the POC zone.)  But it is always boatloads  (Haha, cause, whitewater) of fun.  So yea, DO IT!!!

We realized (tonight) that BAMFF, Sunday April 5th falls on Easter Sunday.  So make sure that if you can't make that, or anything that you signed up for let us know so we can give those spots to other members.  OR YOU WILL GO ON THE BLACKLIST (dadada) so do that please.  We don't want to use the great power that comes with great responsibility that is the BLACK LIST.

That's abooot it boyzz and Girlzzz
Stay Classy you gooofballs.
Here is the dramatic noise I wuz talkin bout
I kinda, well like ya (like a nervouse teenage boy at a middleschool dance)
The nervous teenager of a Sack tap Library
Conn (or) M(art) (in) the POC zone for life

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