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25 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, I'm sorry to bum you out like this right in the middle of midterms, but we're not having a meeting this week.   If you need a super fun study break though, you should fill out this awesome survey.  It'll brighten your day and help us make the Outdoors Club better!    Hope everyone kills it on their midterms and has a great spring break! Best, Jon

Brand of the Month - Steep Deals on La Sportiva Shoes

Hi Folks! You might have already heard, but....  the Outdoors Club is establishing a sweeet Brand of the Month deal through College Outside! Every month we will highlight a particular brand, which we are able to get products at steep discounts (think wholesale prices here) and extend those savings to you through a group order (s/o to College Outdoors, the real MVP). Our first Brand of the Month is La Sportiva , a company that makes quality climbing, hiking, and running shoes. If your looking to hit the crags once PA finally dries out and hit the gym in the meantime, this is definitely something you should take advantage of. Here is the link to the items:   Here is the link to order items:   If you would like to be a part of the group order, please fill out the order form, and give me cash or check (made out to the University of Pittsburgh) for

Meeting minutes 18 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, We didn't really do much tonight, there was some awesome slacklining and Olivia and Steve showed off some dope talents.  Everyone should check out the email Nicole sent out to snag some gear at a nice steep discount.  The Student Office of Sustainability is showing a sustainability film festival this Friday from 7-10 on the fifth floor of the Union, it looks pretty sweet. Hope everyone has a nice night and a great spring break! Best, Jon

Meeting tonight location change

Hey folks, Sorry this is coming so late, but it's way too nice to stay inside so we're not going to.  The meeting tonight is moving from g24 cathy to the William Pitt Union Patio.  It's still at 9pm, just outside now.   Best, Jon

Meeting 18 days after Groundhog Day // The Outdoors've Got Talent

Hey folks, We're meeting in G24 Cathy at 9pm this Tuesday, 2/20.  There aren't going to be any sign ups or anything, because we've got something cooler than spreadsheets, a Glam Rock talent show.  Grab some facepaint, platform shoes, and all the sequins and glitter you can find and get ready to rock Cathy like it's the 1970's.  If you've got a talent that's not related to Bowie, Twisted Sister, or anything in-between, by all means show it off too, and if you want to play some audio or video instead of doing your thing live that's cool too! Best,  Jon 

Meeting Minutes 2/13

We've created a survey to make it really easy for you to give us feedback we can use to plan more of the trips you want to see and make the club better this semester and next year. None of the fields are required so feel free to leave as many or as few comments as you'd like JV5F0v2TPRrnQtXi2 Sign up for Lewisburg caving 2/23-2/25. Staying in cabins, should be swanky 5P8Tge7lDfe8byqk1 Email Berg if you want to go mountain biking at LewisBerg. You'll need your own bike and to be an intermediate to advanced rider The club is volunteering on a clean up and tree planting downtown this Sunday 2/18 from 9:30am - 2pm. opportunity/a0C3600000Bnnq7EAB Go Ape high ropes and zip lining in North Park is  hiring outdoors club members for spring and summer jobs/view.php?id=56 Our friendly Redbull rep invited us to race across Europe April 10-17 using only Redbull as currency. Deadline to ap

Meeting 2-13!

Hey folks,  We're meeting in Tuesday at 9pm in 236 Cathy this week!  There are going to be sign ups for the Lewisburg caving trip that's going out February 23rd to the 25th, so if you're psyched on crawling through some caves swing by and get yourself on that list.    We're getting some sweet t-shirts so if you want one of those for like $10-15, fill out this form: forms/d/e/ 1FAIpQLSeFThhPeKiw31bEBFzLa4Gj ShGhn9heGnzZtv7LN-y-KHNWvw/ viewform?usp=sf_link If you've got some free time, check out this survey.  This dude is designing some sweet outdoor gear and is looking for input from people who like to spend their time out in the woods. /Z3LK5XL If you're staying in Pittsburgh this summer and are looking for some friends to go backpacking on weekends with, shoot Nicole an email at .  She's looking to get a squad of summer psyched backpackers and campers together. Best, Jon

2/6 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks,      Elections tonight went super well, there was no Russian meddling or anything!  Congrats and good luck to everyone who was elected to the POC board for next year!  For everyone who's psyched on sending and tearing up some climbing competitions, Sophia is starting Pitt's first ever Competitive Climbing Team!  If you're interested, read and fill out this survey: If you have any other questions, shoot Sophia an email at . POC t-shirt forms are going out again.  If you want to spend $10-15 on the coolest shirt you've ever owned fill out this form: d/e/1FAIpQLSeFThhPeKiw31bEBFzL a4GjShGhn9heGnzZtv7LN-y- KHNWvw/viewform?usp=sf_link If you've signed up for a shirt already you don't have to fill the form out again.   Best, Jon

Pro-deal for the people

Hey folks, Sorry about the double email, but Nicole got everyone in the club hooked up with a rad pro deal!  This is the message from College Outside: You guys are about to be so stoked. The POC is now a member of  College Outside , a pro-deal site exclusively for students. This means that as long as you are a student and a part of the Pitt Outdoors Club, you get access to 25-50% discounts on top outdoor brands. College Outside has gear for all activities - anything from camping to skiing to ice climbing to mountain biking - from the biggest brand names (Black Diamond, Gregory, Marmot, to name a few). All active members will receive an email with your own personal login information soon. This gives you access to the online store. Go check out College Outside on  Facebook  &  Instagram  for the latest updates, discounts, and competitions.  If you are new to the club and looking to join for the spring semester, dues are only $10. Waivers will be available at the meeting or on the POC

2/6 Meeting, now with elections!

Hey folks, We're meeting at 9pm in 313 Cathy tomorrow, February 6th, for everyone's favorite political process, POC elections!  Its a crazy and wonderful thing to be a part of.  Anything could happen, Ralph Nader could win, we could decide to disband the club and sell all of the tents and kayaks to buy scratch-off lottery tickets, the sky is really the limit.  If you want to run for a position on the board just shoot us an email, and start writing the most moving, heartfelt speech you can muster, because if you make me cry I promise I'll vote for you.   Also, t-shirt orders are going out again!  They'll probably end up being $10-$15.  If you want in on that super fashionable goodness just fill out this form: d/e/ 1FAIpQLSeFThhPeKiw31bEBFzLa4Gj ShGhn9heGnzZtv7LN-y-KHNWvw/ viewform?usp=sf_link Ascend is having another Big Free Yoga this Saturday, so if you're stoked to get stretchy there's more info on their Facebook page: https://ww