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Outdoors Club Minutes

it's that time of week again!! that means: OUTDOORS CLUB UPDATES 1) HIKING Trip. Frick Park. Sunday @ 11AM. email for more info. IT'LL BE GREAT 2) CAVING trip!! this trip is the greatest of the great. i have been hypin' it for months for good reason. come to west virginia sat 22 and sat 23 to CAVE WITH CREEPY CRAWLERS like jordy. sign ups with go out next week, come to the meeting with questions/concerns/emotional advice from jordy vogt! 3) yo, if ya wanna be sitting at hillman writing this email, craving a blueberry muffin from cup & chaucer, and writing a 9 page midterm paper next year*, BECOME AN OFFICER! ELECTIONS will be at our meeting on tuesday february 25th at 9 PM in cathedral 239. hereeee are the positions!: you must be NOM(nomnomnom) another club member. email troy @ to nominate someone. *disc