Wintry Minutes

Hippity Hoppity all you POC Patrons!

We made it through the semester of super great trips all thanks to your support.  I hope you had as many great memories as I did on all of the great trips. 


T-Shirts and water bottles ARE IN!  They look superfly (like antman, but better), so if you ordered either come to the next meeting Tuesday 9pm Cathedral 329 and pick them up.  If you didn't order anything we have a LIMITED number of extras to purchase.  Don't miss this great merch opportunity



All the single (or not single) ladies, come to ladies night at the Pitt Climbing Wall.  Ladies get in free and guys wearing a bra and no shirt (SMEXY) also get in free.  So come on down and have a grand old time for ladies night


If you are crying because of the cold weather coming (I'm there with ya) fear not.  Kayak rolling pool sessions are coming so keep your eyes, ears, feet, toes hairs open for the dates for that.


Otherwise, thanks for the great semester of Outdoor Fun


Your Sack rat airy

Connor Martin

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