Ice POCey: A Sport

Aloha from the dangerously volcanic POC island! We have SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES with these bunk beds. Comin' right atcha!

If you haven't done so yet. Get your dues and waivers in. $15 for the semester. $20 for the year. Here is a link to the waiver

In order to maintain your trip eligibility, you must partake in at least one service day trip per semester. So have some Good Will (Hunting) (or Thrifting I suppose). Those will be coming up.
But now. The Aaron Carter style Candy. (You know, I want candy)… The Trips

Weekend of 9/12
Backpacking at laurel highlands is this weekend. You should know who you are if you are going.

Sunday 9/13
There are still TONS of spots to go biking around the city from 10am-12pm. Don't have a bike? You're in luck! They are being supplied for the trip. Don't snooze through this awesome trip. Sign up here
Weekend of 9/19

Here.. is… the… TRIP. The hoot and holler of wonder. Ohiopyle! Contrary to popular belief… it's not in Ohio. But in Pennsylvania. If you want to go Rafting, Hiking, or Climbing. It's the intro trip for all 3! Sign up hither

That's all for now, but stay tuned ladies and gentleman. As always. DO IT OUTDOORS!
Your guy in the sky
Connor Martini

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