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Meeting tonight!

Hey folks, We'll be meeting tonight on the WPU patio at 9pm,and having Seneca sign ups again. The trip will now be November 10-12.  If you were on the last trip you'll get priority.  If you're psyched to go make sure you've paid dues, signed a waiver, and that you've gone to one of the workshops at the wall.   Tonight the Pitt bike collective is having an alleycat race through Pittsburgh!  If you pumped to pedal, go to the Bike Cave under Posvar by that big yellow sculpture thing at 7:30 tonight.  The entry fee is $5 and costumes are encouraged!  Facebook Event: Best, Jon

Sp00ky spokes and Seneca folks

Hey folks, The Pitt Bike Collective is having a super sweet alleycat bike race Halloween night, October 31st, and they need volunteers to help work the race.  If you're stoked on being a good person and helping to make this race an awesome time for everyone involved, message the Pitt Bicycle Collective on Facebook or shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch with them.  Link to the event: In other news the Seneca van assignments have gone out so those of you who've heard from Eric are on the trip.  Get psyched!  Best, Jon

Gear stuff

Hi all, No  meeting this week, but if you have club stuff to return I'll be at the gear room from 2-4 on Wednesday. If you can't make those hours feel free to text me at 617-584-3505. The room is located near physics classroom 0011 in thaw hall, near the elevators.  Best, --Kieran

Climbing clinics and tomorrows meeting

Hi folks, Clinics for climbing at seneca are up at Pitt's climbing wall tonight and tomorrow, from 7-10 with Ian ( ), and Wednesday 5-6:30 with Rita ( ).  Shoot them an email if you're going to be there. Since there's not much going on we won't be having a meeting tomorrow.  Instead we're meeting at the WPU patio at 6:50 and going down to Goodwill in the Southside to get Halloween costumes.   Best, Jon

Third time's the charm

Ok this link should work, hopefully. Seneca Sign-up: Sorry, Jon

Seneca Sign ups

Hey folks, I done messed up and forgot to link the form to sign up for Seneca, so here's that: Best, Jon

10/17 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, Seneca sign ups were last night, the trip is the weekend of October 27.  There will be climbing, caving, hiking, and good times abounding.  If you want to climb the rocks at Seneca Rocks, make sure you head to one of the trad/multipitch workshops up at the Trees climbing wall.  Rita ( ) will be leading one today and next Wednesday from 5-6:30, as well as Friday from 4:30-6.  Eric ( ) is holding one Monday from 7-10, and Ian ( ) will have one Tuesday from 4-7.  If you're interested in attending make sure you email whoever is leading the workshop beforehand.   This Saturday a bunch of people are jumping out of planes.  If you're psyched on skydiving get in touch with Adelie.   The Pitt Bike Collective is having an alleycat race on Halloween, if you're psyched on riding or volunteering for the race go check them out on Facebook.  If you're psyched on biking/running over rocks weekly mountain bike rides and trail runs a

10/17 Meeting

Hey folks, Hope everybody is psyched for our meeting tonight at 9 on the WPU patio. There will be sign ups for Seneca tonight.  This is our advanced climbing trip as well as intermediate caving.  If you're planning on climbing you should go to one of the trad/multipitch workshops up at the Trees climbing wall.  Make sure you email whoever is leading the workshop if you plan on attending.  Ian ( ) is holding one today and next Tuesday from 4-7, Rita ( ) has one Wednesday and next Wednesday 5-6:30 and one Friday 4:30-6,  Eric ( ) has one Monday from 7-10. Skydiving is October 21st, so if you like planes but hate landing in them talk to Adelie tonight.  Take Back the Night is tonight.  The Campus Women's Organization is holding a march against domestic violence, sexual assault, and street harassment.  Everyone will be meeting in the WPU assembly room from 7-10pm for bystander training, Q&A, and pizza.  Swing by and show your support.

Seneca Workshops

Hey folks, I goofed, Eric's workshop is from 7-10 tonight, not 4-7.  Still shoot him an email ( ) if you're going to be up there though. Best, Jon

Seneca climbing workshops

Hey folks, Our trip down to Seneca Rocks is coming up, so if you're interested in climbing some sweet sweet multi-pitch but aren't comfortable lead belaying or cleaning trad gear there will be workshops up at Pitt's climbing wall to get you ready.  There will be one Monday from 4-7 with Eric ( ) and one Tuesday 4-7 with Ian ( ).  Email Eric or Ian if you're going to be at one of the workshops and get stoked to send.  Best, Jon

10/10 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, Last night we had sign ups for the 10/20-22 caving trip to Lewisburg, WV.  If you couldn't make the meeting here's a link to sign up: That same weekend POC is jumping out of planes.  If you've ever wondered what terminal velocity feels like Saturday 10/21 is your day.  The cost is currently $239 per person, but that will go down if enough people sign up.  If you're interested, bring Adelie your $50 deposit by next Tuesday's meeting and sign up here: Weekly mountain bike rides and trail runs are still going on.  If you're interested in getting involved, shoot us an email.  Gear Fest is this Saturday in Schenley Plaza.  Drop by because everyone needs more gear, despite what your bank account and loved ones keep saying.  Ascend is h

Meeting tonight!

Hey folks, Get ready for good times because there's a POC meeting tonight.  Come hang out at 9pm on the WPU patio.   This week we're having sign ups for the Lewisburg caving trip, October 20-22.  If you're psyched on small, dark spaces get down here early because it's going to be a relatively small trip.  If you'd rather plummet toward the earth than go through it, there's a skydiving trip October 21.  Experience the miracle of human flight, then abandon it and experience a whole bunch of gravity. This Saturday, October 14, Ascend is having free yoga classes. Gear Fest is going to be this Saturday as well, in Schenley Plaza.  There will be gear, there will be beer, it'll be pretty sweet.  Mountain bike group rides and trail trots are going out again this week.  If you want to get involved in either come up and all to us about it tonight. Best,  Jon

Meeting minutes 10/3

Hey outdoorsy folk, We had sign ups for Dolly Sods earlier tonight.  It's a nice long backpacking trip down in wild and wonderful West Virginia that could be up to 23 miles long.  If that sounds like the kind of thing you want to do sign up here: Mountain bike rides and trail runs are going out again this week.  If you have a bike and are psyched on mountain biking fill out this survey: If you want to show off your culinary talents, bring pie making supplies to 313 Oakland Ave. Thursday at 8:30 and get your bake on.   Ascend is having a bouldering comp and free yoga this weekend.  Check out their website for more info: Gear fest is October 14th in Schenley Plaza.  There will be gear, beer, and live music.  What more can you ask for? 

10/3 Meeting

Hey folks, We'll be meeting at 9pm on the WPU patio tonight, be there or be square.  Sign ups for out intermediate backpacking trip to Dolly Sods in West Virginia are tonight.  If you like carrying things on your back then you'll love this trip.  Mountain bike rides and trail runs are going out this week.  If you're interested in either come talk to us at the meeting. Ascend (that super dope climbing gym in the South Side) is having a bouldering comp this Saturday, October 7.  They're also having a free yoga class on November 11.  Check out their website for more info: 3 Rivers Outdoors Co. is holding Gear Fest in Schenley Plaza on Saturday, October 14th.  There will be outdoors gear, beer, and music, which everyone knows are the three basic requirements for sustaining life.   PMADD signups are live as well, make sure you put Outdoors Club as your group because we're the coolest.   Registration for PMADD: