Mamma Minutes

Will the real POC please stand up??


We had a great trip to Seneca Rock this past weekend, kind of the Bee's knees.  Rocks wee climbed, caves were… well, caved.


This weekend we have some sweet stuff going on!

Saturday 11/7 10am-12pm

We have the Venture Outdoors Service Hike. Notice that the day has changed from Sunday to Saturday.


Sunday 11/8

Its not a boulder… It's a rock!  Come boulder with us at Cooper's rock, some of the best outdoor bouldering around.  Notice that THIS day has been changed from Saturday to Sunday


Tuesday 11/10

The Reel Rock film festival is coming to Pittsburgh at CMU's McConomy Auditorium.  We will meet at 6:20pm on the Union Patio.  And guess what?  It's SUPER free, not just regular free, but ADVANCED free.  There will be no regular meeting that night

Here is the trailer for inspiration


Sunday 11/15 1pm-3pm

South side is super nice, so we are going to hike around there on the Venture Outdoors Southside Hike.  It'll be really relaxing and nice and quaint like paint


That's it you goofy goobers. 

See you later alligator,

Connor the Crazy Cowboy


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