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The Final POC Down

Hey all POCers. the weather is getting warmer and the outdoor times are getting better. But also, the semester is getting endier! This shalt be the last minutes of the semester. We got a few things to wrap it up. -If you haven't seen yet, Lynn Hill (Arguable the Best Woman Climber Ever) is speaking at Ohio State University at 7 pm on Saturday April 25th. So if your free check out the page. And figure out people to carpool with. -We have some rafting fun after finals on Sunday. Deadline to sign up FRIDAY 4PM. On Sunday April 26th at 10 AM. SIGNUP HERE (It's gonna be great) -Summer is here, but that doesn't mean you have to stop adventuring. There are tons of things you can get in on -If you still scrambling for a job for THIS SUMMER, check out these cooler than ice links

Minutes mmmm

Hey all you people (won't you listen to me!) We are trying to cram as much junk into the end of the semester as humanly possible! THIS THURSDAY -5-7 South Oakland sign tree care meet in front of Posvar. Details have been sent. Contact Kimmy at with any questions -After you help people, go do some rad yoga with Dom and Rita at the wall at 7pm THIS WEEKEND -Friday 8-11 PM is LADIES NIGHT at the wall. Lots of lady-like music and climbing going on. ITS FREE (if you're a lady). If you're a guy and wear a sports bra you may or may not get in free (you will) -Saturday go to Wilkensburg 9am. Do some community service and help good people. Sign up here. We will send details if you sign up. -Saturday at 1 pm build 5 new garden beds at Frazier farms in South Oakland. HELP MORE PEOPLE