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POC: Pretty Outstanding Club

That's right folks, it's the POC meeting minutes, and we're here with your host, Nick Penatzer {aka the secretary, [aka whitewater chair, (aka some other nicknames I don't really care for...POC Ninja)]}       Errhmmm, anyway, if you are reading this, it means you (YES YOU!!!) have been graciously accepted into the greatest organization known to man, or at least the University of Pittsburgh. So here's a big welcome from all of us to you mountain men, water women, cave creatures, and those somewhere in the middle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all this email has to offer (WARNING: the surgeon general indicates that use of this email can lead to ignoring homework, spending money on outdoorsy things, and eventually living out of a van) First things first. Do you like rafting? Do you like climbing? How about hiking? Well guess what? Our first weekend trip of the year has all of that and more. So if you're hyped to get on the outdoors club bandwagon, sign up for this


Hi all!   If anyone is looking for a work study position or experience mentoring preschool children—please please check out Jumpstart!   I apologize for spamming this group, but we still have about 20 slots open, so I am sharing everywhere! I have attached an FAQ document that details the daily expectations of the program—but please ask me any additional questions that are not on there!   Are you interested in mentoring preschool children? Are you looking for a Federal Work Study or volunteer position? Are you available for one of the following timeslots: ·          Monday/Wednesday 9:00am-12:30pm ·          Monday/Wednesday 2:00pm-5:30pm ·          Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am-12:30pm ·          Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-5:30pm   Are you passionate about closing the achievement gap so that every child in America can enter kindergarten prepared to succeed??   If so, please apply TODAY: Interviews are held this week (Wednesday,

Meeting time

Meeting is at 9pm on 8/30/16, sorry for the confusion.

Meeting info+ How to remove yourself from this email list

Hello everyone, First, if you are interested in removing yourself from the email list please go to and about 2/3 of the way down the page enter your address in the unsubscribe field. Second, we have a meeting tomorrow night on the William Pitt Union patio (the one the faces the cathedral).  It should be a pretty casual get together, but we will be accepting waivers and dues. We will also spend some time introducing the officers and talking about trips.   Ideally you can print out a waiver ( )  and bring it. (protip: print at 50%, put two on one page of paper, and give one to a friend. Cheers to the planet)  We will have copies of the waiver if you can't find a printer prior to the meeting.  We will also be collecting dues: 15 for the year or 10 for the semester. Cheers, Matt  

Kayaking Trip

Hey everyone,  Welcome back!  There is a venture outdoors kayaking event tomorrow from 6-8pm (Monday the 29th). We will be leaving from the William Pitt Union around 5:30pm and taking buses to the north shore.  I know this is super last minute but if your interested sign up ASAP and I will send confirmation e-mails out tomorrow morning.  Cheers, Matt