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Flagstaff slacklining tonight!

Hey Outdoorsians, It seems that fall has finally fallen, and to celebrate we will be heading to the top of Flagstaff hill this evening to watch the sunset, play some music and fall off some slacklines. So grab your favorite flannel, your musical instrument of choice, and the best balance you can manage and meet us up on the hill at 6pm  tonight. All are welcome, we will have lines set up for all ability levels. See you up there, Eric (Bergie)

9/26 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, In case you missed our awesome meeting tonight, here's what went down. Sign ups for the New River Gorge trips were tonight.  We'll be going down over fall break, from Friday, October 6 to Monday, October 9.  The New has some seriously sweet climbing, some neat caves to crawl through, and a whole bunch of trails just waiting to be hiked.          NRG Sign Up: POC Trail Trots will be heading out from the big ol' tent in Schenley Plaza Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm.   If you want to climb cool alpine summits like George Mallory, but not die on some big hill like George Mallory, check out the Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh's Mountaineering School.  They'll teach you all kinds of cool stuff about climbing mountains, and then finish with a winter summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  If that sounds like your cup of tea, there's more info to be

Meeting 9/26

Hey folks,  Get ready because it's time for everyone's favorite Tuesday night activity.  Come hang out on the WPU Porch at 9pm with the coolest club on campus.  This week we're holding sign ups for our New River Gorge trip.  The New has loads of amazing climbing, some world class whitewater, and sweet hiking.   Trail trots will be going out Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm this week.  If you're interested meet under the tent in Schenley Plaza. Mountain biking group rides are still going on during the week.  If you're not in the loop about those but want to be, shoot us an email or come talk at the meeting.   Can't wait to see everyone. Best, Jon

9/19 Meeting Minutes

Hey everyone, POC meeting was tonight, people signed up for stuff, it was great. The Slippery Rock Creek kayaking trip is this Saturday, and pool sessions to learn how to roll and wet exit a kayak are Sunday the 24th from 9am to noon.         Pool session sign up: September 30th is a big day for the POC.  There's a mountain bike trip going out to Raystown lake to shred some gnar, a whitewater trip going down to Ohiopyle to paddle some gnar, and a community service/ climbing trip going to Beam Rocks to clean/climb some gnar.      Sign ups:           Mountain biking:           Whitewater:            Clean the Beam:

9/19 Meeting

Hey folks, Cathy may be dampened but that doesn't mean our spirits have to be, get stoked for this week's POC meeting at 9pm, Tuesday 9/19 on the WPU patio. We've got a whole bunch of sweet stuff that people can sign up for this week.   Saturday, September 30th there are three day trips going out:     Mountain biking at Raystown lake.  If you're psyched to bike but don't have a bike to exert that psych on, you're in luck.  We'll be renting bikes and riding them on the Allegripis trails, which are probably the best collection of mountain bike trails in the state and a guaranteed good time.          Whitewater at Ohiopyle.  If you prefer paddles to pedals, there's a whitewater trip going down to Ohiopyle to run the Yough.  There will be kayaks available for experienced paddlers, and raft spots open for folks who are new to the game.      Clean the Beam.  If community service is your jam, POC will be helping the Southwestern Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition

9/13 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, If you couldn't make the meeting tonight you have my deepest sympathies, because you missed a pretty great time.   If you've still got any gear you borrowed for Ohiopyle, or if you drove and found other peoples stuff in your car, or if you went to Ohiopyle with stuff that you don't have any more, let us know and we'll work to get any and all objects back to the people who own them.  To everyone signed up for the Laurel Highlands hiking trip, if something comes up or you just don't want to go anymore make sure you delete your name from the list or email us to let us know you won't be going before this Wednesday.  We want to make sure as many people as possible can go.   Sign ups for the kayaking day trip to Slippery Rock Creek were tonight.  I done messed up earlier when I said that this is an intermediate trip.  It's a beginner trip and you won't need to know how to roll a kayak or any of that jazz to be able to go and have a good time on the

Meeting Tonight!

Hey outdoors people, Hopefully everyone who went on the Ohiopyle trip had a great time!  Our meeting tonight is on the WPU patio at 9pm.   There will be sign ups for an intermediate level whitewater kayaking trip down Slippery Rock creek.  This will be a little more intense than the whitewater at Ohiopyle so anyone who wants to go is going to need to know how to roll a kayak.  We'll have pool sessions up at Trees Hall before the trip to teach folks everything they'll need to know.   Hope to see everyone there! Best, Jon

9/5 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, POC had another great meeting with a ton of people getting psyched to go outside.   Remember, if you're signed up for Ohiopyle make sure you've got your waiver and dues in AND that you've filled out this form  ↓ ↓ ↓ Once you've got that done go onto the van assignment sheet for Ohiopyle and confirm that you're good to go.  We have a whole bunch of people trying to go on this trip and we want to make sure that we fill every available spot.   If you need to borrow gear for Ohiopyle, Kieran will be in the gear room Wednesday from 2pm to 6pm, and Thursday from 2pm to 3pm.  Make sure you fill out this rental form so we can get everyone what they need. Sign ups for the Laurel Highlands backpacking trip were tonight.  This is our beginner backpacking t

10/5 Meetaroni and cheesing

Hey you hoopy froods,  Tuesday 10/5 is that wonderful time of the week again where we all get together and hang out on the William Pitt Union Patio at 9pm and chit chat about all kinds of goodness.  This week we're having sign ups for a super swanky backpacking trip along the Laurel Highlands hiking trail the weekend of September 16th.  If you're stoked to carry a big ol' backpack along scenic trails and past some pretty neat vistas then this is the trip for you.   If you've got any waivers and dues you're itching to give us, or questions about upcoming trips, swing by and we'll get you all squared away. If you can't make the Ohiopyle trip this weekend don't despair, our awesome president Rita found some cool stuff to keep your psych stoked!        Free Yoga!         Kayaking through Pittsburgh!  Hope to see everyone there, except Jack beca