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Meeting Minutes 52 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, We had sign ups for the Seneca Rocks trip tonight.  Seneca has some super awesome rock climbing that we'll be getting after.  There's some caves that you can crawl through too, it'll be dope.  If you want to climb and haven't done multi-pitch trad before you'll need to come up to the wall for a workshop.  It'll take like half an hour and you'll learn some cool skills that you can use if you ever find yourself in an action movie.  The trip is April 5-7. Sign up here: Best, Jon

Meeting 52 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, A long time ago in a West Virginia far far away geology went nuts and left a big ol' chunk of Tuscarora quartzite sticking straight up out of a hill. Shit's crazy.  Anyway, we're going to go climb that sumbitch.   April 5-7 we'll be heading down to Seneca Rocks to do some climbing and caving.  This is a more advanced climbing trip since we're going to be on multi-pitch trad routes.  If you want to get sendy on this one you need to be comfortable lead belaying, and if you've never followed or cleaned trad lines before you need to come up to the climbing wall for a workshop to learn how.  There's going to be a small caving group going out too so if that's your bag, don't miss out on another chance to watch Cris wriggle himself into a dark dirty little hole.  All this and more tonight at 9pm in A221 Langley.  Best, John 

Meeting 45 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, You know what's exciting? Fucking budget proposals!  We're working on the budget for next year tonight so if there's something you want to see happen next year this is your last chance to pitch it.   We're also going to have sign ups for the New River Gorge trip, heading out March 29th.  The New has a ton of awesome rocks to climb, some sweet trails to hike and bike on, and a big ass bridge that's pretty neat.  Also there's a Biscuit World down there. A221 Langley at 9pm, get psyched. Best, Jon

Meeting Minutes 31 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, Sorry these are so late, this week has just been one long punch in the dick.   We had sign ups for Raystown Lake mountain biking and Dolly Sods backpacking. Raystown is some super great mountain biking, and we'll be renting some bikes so if you don't have a ride you can borrow one.  It's a pretty physical trip, we'll be riding for about five ours with breaks, so keep that in mind when you're deciding to come.  This will be a day trip on Saturday March 23 Dolly Sods is a frickin beautiful area down in West Virginia.  This is our intermediate backpacking trip so the mileage is a bit more.  It's totally worth the walk though because Dolly Sods is one of the best backpacking areas on the east coast. This trip will be March 22-24. Hunter is organizing some therapeutic hikes in Schenley within the next couple weeks, so if that's something you'd be intereste

Meeting 31 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, This week we're going to have sign ups for Dolly Sods and Raystown. Dolly Sods is a super cool backpacking trip down in West Virginia.  It's our intermediate backpacking trip so it'll be a bit more mileage than other backpacking trips we've done.  The area is absolutely gorgeous and this trip is a lot of fun.  It'll be the weekend of March 22-24. Raystown is our mountain biking trip.  If you're psyched to tearing up some spicy single track but don't have a bike this is your chance to hang it out there and roost some sweet berms.  We're going to be renting some bikes for people to use, and if you have your own whip you can bring that dirty bird out and put some miles on it.  This will be the same weekend as Dolly Sods.  We're working on the budget for next semester, so if there are any new trips you want to see happen next year let us know! One last thing, tomorrow Ana├»s Peterson is in a runoff election for VP of SGB.  She has a lot of grea