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Meeting Tuesday 2/28 221 Cathedral

Hey All, If you are deliciously cool, you should come on by the jamboree of our meeting tomorrow Tuesday (2/28) at 9 pm.   We will watch a super inspiring adventure documentary to get storage for the pokage.   We will do signups for a day climbing trip this Saturday 3/4 We will do Seneca Signups the the weekend of 3/18 See you goobers there ConMuffin

Two Days Old Minutes

Hey All Land Lovers (And White Water Whales Too), Sorry so late. But I had trivia to win (and lose more).   We had a great time climbing and hiking last weekend! Last Week was Schenely Park, Now we are forging our way to Frick Park! On Taterday (because tattoos are cool) but Saturday, we are hiking around Frick Park.  Meet Saturday at 10:30 am at the William Pitt Union.  I will be on time this time (haha tim like time)  Sign up here. Thats all folks.  Get stoked and psyched for this warm weather :) Connor the Condor

Meeting Tuesday 2/21 9pm

Hey All Outdoors people, We are having a meeting on Two is yay (Tuesday) at 9 pm in 221 Cathedral of learning.  We will get amped for the coming spring together.  Although, it kind of seems like its already here.  See you at the thing. Connor

Eat em up Minutes

Howdy people of the outside, Hope all is swell, and dreaming of sweltering.  Your dreams will come true! it will be warm the weekend HOOOOYAA! So we are going to have some trip trop flip flops Saturday 2/18 We will have a day hike through the mysterious land of Schenely Park.  We shall meetith at 10:30 am outside the WPU.  feel free to bring frisbees and stuff. Sunday 2/19 Also, to kick this weekend in the butt, we are taking a climbing trip.  Details tbd.  But we shall of up (and down safely).   Sign up here Thats all all (as in everybody), Have a bump, set spike of a week. Connor the Gnarbar

Meeting tonight 9 pm 2/14

Hey All,  Our super swanky meeting will be tonight (Tuesday 2/14) in The Cathedral of Leaning (like the leaning tower of pizza) room 221 at 9 pm.   See you there Connor

Potential Collaboration

Hello Outdoors Club, We were wondering if you guys would be interested in coordinating an event, such as hiking or camping, with us this semester.  We figured a good way to help our members learn about the ecology around them is to get outdoors! We thought you guys would have a lot more experience and expertise in terms of coordinating outdoors events and thought we could provide an interesting ecology background to the event.  Let us know if you guys are interested and we can talk more! Thanks! Pitt Ecology Club Officers -- ================= Pitt Ecology Club WPU 538 @6:00pm (every other Monday) Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with future events, and to stay informed about cool ecology/science articles and resources!

Other useful info

Sorry for the double email today folks Some fellow POC people are taking part in the  2017 Sustainable Solutions Competition They are trying to promote a bike co-op on campus, which would be really awesome!  I think this aligns quite well with our interests, so I am passing along in hopes that you might find this interesting and get involved!  What can you do? They are giving a presentation today: Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Time: 6pm - 8pm Location: William Pitt Union Ballroom And following a few other presentations, there is an audience based vote that weighs heavily on who gets the funding!  If you can, go help them out!! Cheers, Matt

Meeting Tuesday 2/7 9 pm

Hey All Outside Folk, Come to our meeting tonight, Tuesday, 2/7 at 9pm in the Cathedral of Learning 313.  Be aware, this is a different room from where we usually meet.   Come out for elections to vote and make your voice heard and help us decide who will run the club next year.  See you there, Connor

Not So Watery Minutes

Hey all Outdoors Enthusiasts, We had another fun filled meeting last night.  We held a presentation about a trip out to Joshua Tree National Park and Red Rock that some people took.   Elections will be next Tuesday 2/7.  It is not too late to run!  If you are interested, email Matt at .  Here is the officer role list! We have some pool sessions coming up!  If you are interested in learning to white water kayak, this is for you.  You can learn the basics of rolling a kayak.  They will be Sunday, February 12th 8am - 12pm and Sunday March 12th 8am - 12pm.  For more info on this and all things whitewater, email Zach at . Listen up all ye climbers! The Pitt Climbing Wall Competition will be on Saturday, February 11th.  Registration starts at 9 am.  Here is the Facebook page. That is all folks. See you next week, Conn