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Fwd: Outdoors Club Meeting Minutes

Hey all you restless recreational types, Yeah it's that time of the year, where everyone's professors choose to make everything due at once, gotta love it. But enough on that, because everyone also knows that this weekend is the best, last, and fast approaching final trip for the outdoors club this semester (unless of course you want float with David Uber in 12 days (Yes, today's the 8th and it's April, you get the point). Regardless, this is the last official climbing trip of the year so those of you who like to scale objects for no other reason than to get to the top, this trip's for you. Its also the place to be if you enjoy walking, talking, walking, eating, walking, socializing, tenting out in the wilderness, and yes more walking (shortened form: hiking). So if you want to get on the inside track for this exclusive, members only activity just sign up... ... ...wait for it... ... ... ... ... ..........HERE---->