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POC: Putting On Costumes

See what we did there with the title? It's almost Halloween, which means if you made it onto the Seneca Trip, you will be receiving an email about rides sometime in the next day or two. Remember that costumes are not only allowed, but encouraged! Also keep in mind this weekend will be cold, so make sure to bring the appropriate layers.  Next week will be the last week we will be accepting new orders for the new shirts. REMEMBER THAT WE NEED YOU TO BRING MONEY IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!! So please show up next week and pay for your shirts! Also, next week's meeting will be held in an undisclosed location within the Cathedral. We will update you once we know where we're going! Happy Halloween! Nick "Castaway" Penatzer

POC: People Often Climb

How's it going people!? PMADD is this weekend, so if you were signed up for volunteering with the POC, then get your helper face on! Look for an email regarding that. The week after (Oct 28-30) is Seneca, which is our last (graduation style if you will) climbing trip for the semester. We will be going to Seneca Rocks, West-by-God-Virginia and sending climbing teams to the summit. You will get to stay in the ever bumping campground of Princess Snowbird with the world famous Yokum's General Store for all your glamping needs.  This trip will have limited climbing spots and those with outdoor climbing experience with the club will be given priority and teaming up with some of the other more experienced climbers in the club. There will also be limited spots for a caving trip guided by Liz so make sure you sign up here: We have come up with a design for this years shirts and they look sweet

Meeting Tonigh

Hey All Outdoors Peeps, Despite the Monday Tuesday flipflop shenanigans we will be having our Outdoors Club Meeting tonight (Tuesday 10/18) at 9pm on the WPU patio as per usual. We will start taking t-shirt orders and trip sign ups. See you there Connor

POC: Sorry, I ran out of acronyms.

DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!  Get psyched! The New River Gorge trip is this weekend on the 14, 15, and 16 of Rock-tober, so if you got an email about it, you made it. If not, sorry but keep checking your email in case others drop. Also, make sure you know how to belay BEFORE the trip preferably. You can go to the rock wall in Trees Hall for a lesson.   There will be a  Venture Outdoors trip this weekend as well on Oct. 15 from 1 – 3 pm for geocaching.  It's like treasure hunting with a GPS and it's a fun time! Sign-ups right here: We are taking any designs you make for our upcoming tshirt order. If you have a design, you MUST email it to Liz Carpenter ( ) before the next meeting. Kayaking pool sessions were super successful as we had a 5 for


Don't Forget The Outdoors Club meeting will be at 9pm outside the WPU patio and we have swag! We are selling last years tshirts and nalgenes (its a cool design) for $10 each and we have POC shot glasses for $5 each. Bring us all of your monies!  See ya soon fam,  Nick Penatzer

POC: Pitt's Outstanding Club

DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!    Sorry for no meeting last night, but Reel Rock was kickin! There were highs, there were lows, there were falls, there awesome ascents, and there was even a catchy song about a boat! So thanks to everyone who came out with us.  Well, I haven't heard that we lost any skydivers this weekend, so props to everyone who was crazy enough to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Way to not die!   For any trips this weekend, the lists are/have been finalized and if you made it the will be/was an email letting you know if you made the cut.   Get psyched! The New River Gorge trip is on the 14, 15, and 16 of Rock-tober, so start climbing at trees hall to get ready. We will be mandating that you take a workshop at the climbing wall in Trees hall to go on this trip, so make it up sooner than later. Plus, it never hurts to get a b

Reel Rock Film Fest/No Meeting 10/4

Ahoy all outdoorsy folk, Tomorrow (Tues 10/4) there will be NO MEETING because there is the Reel Rock Film Festival at CMU.  The event is FREE and all are welcome to join.  We will be meeting at the WPU Patio at 6 pm to walk to CMU for the 7 pm show.  Bring some cash for bomber raffle prizes!  The Facebook event page can be found here.   If you cannot meet at 6 you can meet us over at CMU at 7 at McConomy Auditorium.  See you there, Connor