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POC: The Resurrection

tl;dr: POC meetings will be moving back outside to the Union lawn at 9pm on Tuesdays. ----------------------------------------- The time has come again my friends to apoligize and make ammends with these outdoors we love so dear. For we have let her down I fear. Lady winter came with all her might. We hid like children without a fight As cowardly lions we quickly ran from snow, from cold, from the frozen land. But finally comrades we go to war! Mother nature has returned her warmth. Like the wutang we will bring the ruckus! And for Sparta we fight for sun above us! Tonight we meet upon the lawn in the trees, the grass, the warmth of dawn. The soothing nudge of destiny awaits at 9PM bitch...don't be late. - Bill (The Thrill) Shakespeare

POC Minutes 4/2

Well Hello all, The weather is finally warming up which means, its time to get outside! Here's the round up: This Weekend Mt. Washington Cleanup - Sunday, 9am - Top of Mt. Washington We will rappel down the slopes and clean up trash. Its a great time and it helps the community. Any questions contact Joshdiggity at BANFF - Sunday, 5pm - Byham Theatre Downtown If you have tickets already, great. If not you can still get some. Just call the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Any Questions contact Tyler at Next Weekend THE NEW RIVER GORGE!!! - Friday, Saturday, Sunday There will be climbng, hiking, water people, camp fires, guitars, and maybe even Eisenhower Steaks (BYOS) Sign ups for the New are here - If you want to climb ther you must take a intro to climbing class at the Trees Climbing Wall at the following times. Josh - Monday 4P