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The Minutes in a Minute

LIGHT SPEED! POC Minutes in a minute. Here we go! THIS WEEKEND April 4-5 -Banff this weekend at 7 pm Saturday and Sunday Byham Theater. If you have tickets we will email you and tell you which days, where to meet, etc. Let us know ASAP if you can't make it so you won't be blacklisted. -Trail maintenance 9-11 am Saturday. We will 8:30 meet at the Union. Walk over (20 min walk) from there. It's with Friends of the Waterfront. HELP PEOPLE! Wear POC shirt. Sign up here. NEXT WEEKEND April 11-12 -Thursday the 9th is weeding, mulching, and pruning 5-7 pm in Oakland. Make Oakland pretty. Details to come. Wear POC shirt. This will be with Tree Pittsburgh. Sign up here! -Here are the Ohiopyle signups again . We will have climbing, bouldering, hiking and raf

aPOCalypse (Because I can)

Howdy ho everybody. Welcome back to your favorite Tuesday night sitcom. POC Minutes of THIS VERY MINUTE! If it takes you more than a minute to read, well, your down the creek without a paddle. (it has happened before, to our very own Chris Yang) Now that the weather is sunny (like the tella-tubby baby) we've been taking awesome trips. West Virginia, Mountain Mama, Seneca Rock, was pretty dope. We had great weather, and were able to conquer the rock like many before us. This weekend: We too have two trips to great places (Wohoo, all forms of too, two, to in one sentence) First is the New River Gorge Trip. So if you want to trip, skip flip up some rock face. That's the trip for you. Hiking will also be going out. So getter done! Due to some circumstances, Dolly sods is cancelled. Amy will let you know what is happening with that. We are between rescheduling or just going to the New River Gorge. The driver and car lists go out tomorrow for both Dolly So

The Lion, The Witch and the Minutes

You walk out into a lush space of greenery and flowers. Birds are chirping and there are flowers of crazy colors. You have no idea what is happening. Last thing you can remember, you were hiding in a big wardrobe, kind of like a combination of R. Kelly in trapped in the closet and those weird kids in Narnia. A strange short ginger man runs by you dressed in green. You're just confused and try to ignore it. But then he mentions cereal and marshmallows and you realize that there is nothing you want more at this very minute. You haven't seen green grass in what seems like ages. You have a quick thought of what is going on. But no, it can't be. But then again, it is certainly possible. SPRING HAS FINALLY COME!!! Welcome back from Spring Break Everyone! I hope that you all had some wild adventures to tell stories about for years to come. Since spring is finally showing it's cute (yet deceiving) leprechaun-ey face with dimples in just the right spot (you know

The POC Zone: Time, Space and Minutes

You're traveling through a dark tunnel.  You're in some somewhere between time and space, a new dimension entirely.  You feel the sensation of falling. But no your floating.  It's dark but bright simultaneously.  Pasta is everywhere.  It's covering your face.  But no it's a layer of lasagna.  The giant noodle forces you down into a dark abysse.  It is now clear.  You are in... The POC ZONE! (Enter dramatic sound effects). Welcome welcome to this weeks minutes.  (Tictoctictoc) it's almost spring break (praise to Mufasa) and I hope your all going on excellent adventures (through Time, with Keanu Reeves?) it is now officially March which means it SHOULD be getting warm.  (Haha, except its Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh forgot how to warm up).  But that means thT we are gonna have (wait for it) tips... No, clips.... Ahh not that either, zits.... Ah drat c'mon.  TRIPS! That's the one.  Woooo we are gonna have real material trips. We had a super rollin'