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Meeting Tonight

Hey folks, We'll be meeting tonight at 9Pm on the WPU patio, swing by for some awesome conversation and possibly hot chocolate.  If we owe you money or you owe us money tonight is a great time to get that all squared.   Best, Jon

Friday group ride

Hey folks, Sorry about the double email, but there is also going to be a group mountain bike ride in North Park at 2pm Friday. If you have a mountain bike and want to ride it send us an email.  Best, Jon

Meeting tonight

Hey folks, In place of a meeting tonight we'll be heading over to Phipps Conservatory.  Meet up at the WPU patio at 9pm and get psyched to see some cool trees. Best, Jon

T-Shirt orders

Hey folks, Sorry I forgot to send this out Tuesday, but we're getting t-shirts! Get psyched! Fill out this form!  They should end up being like $10-15. Best, Jon

Meeting Tonight

Hey folks, Sorry about the late email.  We'll be meeting tonight at 9pm.  If you borrowed gear for a trip bring it by tonight and give it to Kieran.  We'll be ordering this year's t-shirts soon so if you want one sign up for that tonight.  Best, Jon

Returning gear

Hi all, Now that we've had our last overnight trip this fall, it's time to return any club gear you might be hanging on to. Please make sure to check that you have given back anything that you signed out or otherwise acquired, especially if you were a driver as things tend to get forgotten in peoples' cars. If you have stuff to return, drop by one of our meetings or text me at 617-584-3505.  Thanks for an awesome semester!  --Kieran P.S: Bergie is looking for a  light blue Ozark Trail 40 degree sleeping bag that he lent to someone on the New River Gorge trip. If you have it hit him up!

No meeting tonight, but cool stuff this week

Hey folks, We won't be meeting tonight, instead this week we'll be meeting up at 5:30pm Thursday at the WPU patio and walking up to CMU's McConomy Auditorium to watch the Reel Rock film festival. Reel Rock is an awesome climbing film festival, entrance is free and last year there was a pretty sweet raffle. Info for the rescheduled Seneca trip will be going out soon, so if you need to cancel please let us know asap. This Saturday, November 11th, Students for Sustainability will be planting pollinating bulbs around a cemetery near North Oakland.  They need some volunteers so if you want to freshen up that karma meet them in front of Sutherland at 11am Saturday.  Ascend has a big free yoga session Saturday the 11th as well, from 8:30-9:30am, doors open at 8am.            -more info: Best, Jon

Pool sessions

Hey everyone,  If you're looking to learn some kayaking skills Albert will be teaching people to roll this Sunday, November 5th at 9AM-Noon in the Trees Pool.  Get in touch with him at if you're interested in attending! Thanks Zachary Adam University of Pittsburgh, Class of 2018 Computer Engineering

Seneca Againeca

Hey folks,  We're going to take another run at Seneca and hopefully this time the weather is less terrible.  The trip is November 10-12, and it's going to be great.  If you want to climb make sure you attend one of the workshops up at the wall.  Sign up: Best,  Jon

Meeting tonight!

Hey folks, We'll be meeting tonight on the WPU patio at 9pm,and having Seneca sign ups again. The trip will now be November 10-12.  If you were on the last trip you'll get priority.  If you're psyched to go make sure you've paid dues, signed a waiver, and that you've gone to one of the workshops at the wall.   Tonight the Pitt bike collective is having an alleycat race through Pittsburgh!  If you pumped to pedal, go to the Bike Cave under Posvar by that big yellow sculpture thing at 7:30 tonight.  The entry fee is $5 and costumes are encouraged!  Facebook Event: Best, Jon

Sp00ky spokes and Seneca folks

Hey folks, The Pitt Bike Collective is having a super sweet alleycat bike race Halloween night, October 31st, and they need volunteers to help work the race.  If you're stoked on being a good person and helping to make this race an awesome time for everyone involved, message the Pitt Bicycle Collective on Facebook or shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch with them.  Link to the event: In other news the Seneca van assignments have gone out so those of you who've heard from Eric are on the trip.  Get psyched!  Best, Jon

Gear stuff

Hi all, No  meeting this week, but if you have club stuff to return I'll be at the gear room from 2-4 on Wednesday. If you can't make those hours feel free to text me at 617-584-3505. The room is located near physics classroom 0011 in thaw hall, near the elevators.  Best, --Kieran

Climbing clinics and tomorrows meeting

Hi folks, Clinics for climbing at seneca are up at Pitt's climbing wall tonight and tomorrow, from 7-10 with Ian ( ), and Wednesday 5-6:30 with Rita ( ).  Shoot them an email if you're going to be there. Since there's not much going on we won't be having a meeting tomorrow.  Instead we're meeting at the WPU patio at 6:50 and going down to Goodwill in the Southside to get Halloween costumes.   Best, Jon

Third time's the charm

Ok this link should work, hopefully. Seneca Sign-up: Sorry, Jon

Seneca Sign ups

Hey folks, I done messed up and forgot to link the form to sign up for Seneca, so here's that: Best, Jon

10/17 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, Seneca sign ups were last night, the trip is the weekend of October 27.  There will be climbing, caving, hiking, and good times abounding.  If you want to climb the rocks at Seneca Rocks, make sure you head to one of the trad/multipitch workshops up at the Trees climbing wall.  Rita ( ) will be leading one today and next Wednesday from 5-6:30, as well as Friday from 4:30-6.  Eric ( ) is holding one Monday from 7-10, and Ian ( ) will have one Tuesday from 4-7.  If you're interested in attending make sure you email whoever is leading the workshop beforehand.   This Saturday a bunch of people are jumping out of planes.  If you're psyched on skydiving get in touch with Adelie.   The Pitt Bike Collective is having an alleycat race on Halloween, if you're psyched on riding or volunteering for the race go check them out on Facebook.  If you're psyched on biking/running over rocks weekly mountain bike rides and trail runs a

10/17 Meeting

Hey folks, Hope everybody is psyched for our meeting tonight at 9 on the WPU patio. There will be sign ups for Seneca tonight.  This is our advanced climbing trip as well as intermediate caving.  If you're planning on climbing you should go to one of the trad/multipitch workshops up at the Trees climbing wall.  Make sure you email whoever is leading the workshop if you plan on attending.  Ian ( ) is holding one today and next Tuesday from 4-7, Rita ( ) has one Wednesday and next Wednesday 5-6:30 and one Friday 4:30-6,  Eric ( ) has one Monday from 7-10. Skydiving is October 21st, so if you like planes but hate landing in them talk to Adelie tonight.  Take Back the Night is tonight.  The Campus Women's Organization is holding a march against domestic violence, sexual assault, and street harassment.  Everyone will be meeting in the WPU assembly room from 7-10pm for bystander training, Q&A, and pizza.  Swing by and show your support.

Seneca Workshops

Hey folks, I goofed, Eric's workshop is from 7-10 tonight, not 4-7.  Still shoot him an email ( ) if you're going to be up there though. Best, Jon

Seneca climbing workshops

Hey folks, Our trip down to Seneca Rocks is coming up, so if you're interested in climbing some sweet sweet multi-pitch but aren't comfortable lead belaying or cleaning trad gear there will be workshops up at Pitt's climbing wall to get you ready.  There will be one Monday from 4-7 with Eric ( ) and one Tuesday 4-7 with Ian ( ).  Email Eric or Ian if you're going to be at one of the workshops and get stoked to send.  Best, Jon

10/10 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, Last night we had sign ups for the 10/20-22 caving trip to Lewisburg, WV.  If you couldn't make the meeting here's a link to sign up: That same weekend POC is jumping out of planes.  If you've ever wondered what terminal velocity feels like Saturday 10/21 is your day.  The cost is currently $239 per person, but that will go down if enough people sign up.  If you're interested, bring Adelie your $50 deposit by next Tuesday's meeting and sign up here: Weekly mountain bike rides and trail runs are still going on.  If you're interested in getting involved, shoot us an email.  Gear Fest is this Saturday in Schenley Plaza.  Drop by because everyone needs more gear, despite what your bank account and loved ones keep saying.  Ascend is h

Meeting tonight!

Hey folks, Get ready for good times because there's a POC meeting tonight.  Come hang out at 9pm on the WPU patio.   This week we're having sign ups for the Lewisburg caving trip, October 20-22.  If you're psyched on small, dark spaces get down here early because it's going to be a relatively small trip.  If you'd rather plummet toward the earth than go through it, there's a skydiving trip October 21.  Experience the miracle of human flight, then abandon it and experience a whole bunch of gravity. This Saturday, October 14, Ascend is having free yoga classes. Gear Fest is going to be this Saturday as well, in Schenley Plaza.  There will be gear, there will be beer, it'll be pretty sweet.  Mountain bike group rides and trail trots are going out again this week.  If you want to get involved in either come up and all to us about it tonight. Best,  Jon

Meeting minutes 10/3

Hey outdoorsy folk, We had sign ups for Dolly Sods earlier tonight.  It's a nice long backpacking trip down in wild and wonderful West Virginia that could be up to 23 miles long.  If that sounds like the kind of thing you want to do sign up here: Mountain bike rides and trail runs are going out again this week.  If you have a bike and are psyched on mountain biking fill out this survey: If you want to show off your culinary talents, bring pie making supplies to 313 Oakland Ave. Thursday at 8:30 and get your bake on.   Ascend is having a bouldering comp and free yoga this weekend.  Check out their website for more info: Gear fest is October 14th in Schenley Plaza.  There will be gear, beer, and live music.  What more can you ask for? 

10/3 Meeting

Hey folks, We'll be meeting at 9pm on the WPU patio tonight, be there or be square.  Sign ups for out intermediate backpacking trip to Dolly Sods in West Virginia are tonight.  If you like carrying things on your back then you'll love this trip.  Mountain bike rides and trail runs are going out this week.  If you're interested in either come talk to us at the meeting. Ascend (that super dope climbing gym in the South Side) is having a bouldering comp this Saturday, October 7.  They're also having a free yoga class on November 11.  Check out their website for more info: 3 Rivers Outdoors Co. is holding Gear Fest in Schenley Plaza on Saturday, October 14th.  There will be outdoors gear, beer, and music, which everyone knows are the three basic requirements for sustaining life.   PMADD signups are live as well, make sure you put Outdoors Club as your group because we're the coolest.   Registration for PMADD:

Flagstaff slacklining tonight!

Hey Outdoorsians, It seems that fall has finally fallen, and to celebrate we will be heading to the top of Flagstaff hill this evening to watch the sunset, play some music and fall off some slacklines. So grab your favorite flannel, your musical instrument of choice, and the best balance you can manage and meet us up on the hill at 6pm  tonight. All are welcome, we will have lines set up for all ability levels. See you up there, Eric (Bergie)

9/26 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, In case you missed our awesome meeting tonight, here's what went down. Sign ups for the New River Gorge trips were tonight.  We'll be going down over fall break, from Friday, October 6 to Monday, October 9.  The New has some seriously sweet climbing, some neat caves to crawl through, and a whole bunch of trails just waiting to be hiked.          NRG Sign Up: POC Trail Trots will be heading out from the big ol' tent in Schenley Plaza Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm.   If you want to climb cool alpine summits like George Mallory, but not die on some big hill like George Mallory, check out the Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh's Mountaineering School.  They'll teach you all kinds of cool stuff about climbing mountains, and then finish with a winter summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  If that sounds like your cup of tea, there's more info to be

Meeting 9/26

Hey folks,  Get ready because it's time for everyone's favorite Tuesday night activity.  Come hang out on the WPU Porch at 9pm with the coolest club on campus.  This week we're holding sign ups for our New River Gorge trip.  The New has loads of amazing climbing, some world class whitewater, and sweet hiking.   Trail trots will be going out Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 7pm this week.  If you're interested meet under the tent in Schenley Plaza. Mountain biking group rides are still going on during the week.  If you're not in the loop about those but want to be, shoot us an email or come talk at the meeting.   Can't wait to see everyone. Best, Jon

9/19 Meeting Minutes

Hey everyone, POC meeting was tonight, people signed up for stuff, it was great. The Slippery Rock Creek kayaking trip is this Saturday, and pool sessions to learn how to roll and wet exit a kayak are Sunday the 24th from 9am to noon.         Pool session sign up: September 30th is a big day for the POC.  There's a mountain bike trip going out to Raystown lake to shred some gnar, a whitewater trip going down to Ohiopyle to paddle some gnar, and a community service/ climbing trip going to Beam Rocks to clean/climb some gnar.      Sign ups:           Mountain biking:           Whitewater:            Clean the Beam:

9/19 Meeting

Hey folks, Cathy may be dampened but that doesn't mean our spirits have to be, get stoked for this week's POC meeting at 9pm, Tuesday 9/19 on the WPU patio. We've got a whole bunch of sweet stuff that people can sign up for this week.   Saturday, September 30th there are three day trips going out:     Mountain biking at Raystown lake.  If you're psyched to bike but don't have a bike to exert that psych on, you're in luck.  We'll be renting bikes and riding them on the Allegripis trails, which are probably the best collection of mountain bike trails in the state and a guaranteed good time.          Whitewater at Ohiopyle.  If you prefer paddles to pedals, there's a whitewater trip going down to Ohiopyle to run the Yough.  There will be kayaks available for experienced paddlers, and raft spots open for folks who are new to the game.      Clean the Beam.  If community service is your jam, POC will be helping the Southwestern Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition

9/13 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, If you couldn't make the meeting tonight you have my deepest sympathies, because you missed a pretty great time.   If you've still got any gear you borrowed for Ohiopyle, or if you drove and found other peoples stuff in your car, or if you went to Ohiopyle with stuff that you don't have any more, let us know and we'll work to get any and all objects back to the people who own them.  To everyone signed up for the Laurel Highlands hiking trip, if something comes up or you just don't want to go anymore make sure you delete your name from the list or email us to let us know you won't be going before this Wednesday.  We want to make sure as many people as possible can go.   Sign ups for the kayaking day trip to Slippery Rock Creek were tonight.  I done messed up earlier when I said that this is an intermediate trip.  It's a beginner trip and you won't need to know how to roll a kayak or any of that jazz to be able to go and have a good time on the

Meeting Tonight!

Hey outdoors people, Hopefully everyone who went on the Ohiopyle trip had a great time!  Our meeting tonight is on the WPU patio at 9pm.   There will be sign ups for an intermediate level whitewater kayaking trip down Slippery Rock creek.  This will be a little more intense than the whitewater at Ohiopyle so anyone who wants to go is going to need to know how to roll a kayak.  We'll have pool sessions up at Trees Hall before the trip to teach folks everything they'll need to know.   Hope to see everyone there! Best, Jon

9/5 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks, POC had another great meeting with a ton of people getting psyched to go outside.   Remember, if you're signed up for Ohiopyle make sure you've got your waiver and dues in AND that you've filled out this form  ↓ ↓ ↓ Once you've got that done go onto the van assignment sheet for Ohiopyle and confirm that you're good to go.  We have a whole bunch of people trying to go on this trip and we want to make sure that we fill every available spot.   If you need to borrow gear for Ohiopyle, Kieran will be in the gear room Wednesday from 2pm to 6pm, and Thursday from 2pm to 3pm.  Make sure you fill out this rental form so we can get everyone what they need. Sign ups for the Laurel Highlands backpacking trip were tonight.  This is our beginner backpacking t

10/5 Meetaroni and cheesing

Hey you hoopy froods,  Tuesday 10/5 is that wonderful time of the week again where we all get together and hang out on the William Pitt Union Patio at 9pm and chit chat about all kinds of goodness.  This week we're having sign ups for a super swanky backpacking trip along the Laurel Highlands hiking trail the weekend of September 16th.  If you're stoked to carry a big ol' backpack along scenic trails and past some pretty neat vistas then this is the trip for you.   If you've got any waivers and dues you're itching to give us, or questions about upcoming trips, swing by and we'll get you all squared away. If you can't make the Ohiopyle trip this weekend don't despair, our awesome president Rita found some cool stuff to keep your psych stoked!        Free Yoga!         Kayaking through Pittsburgh!  Hope to see everyone there, except Jack beca

Food in a park in the morning

Hi friends, For everyone who thought POC stood for Pitt Outdoors Club, I'm sorry to say that you're mistaken.  It actually stands for Potluck Overlooking Cathy, because that's what we'll be doing Sunday.  If you like eating food, talking to people, or playing lawn games come on up to Flagstaff hill Sunday around 11am for a POC potluck brunch.  Bring your favorite food to share, some plates/utensils to eat it with, and some cool lawn games if you have them.  Good food and good times are guaranteed or your money back. Hope to see you there, Jon

Fwd: The most minutey minutes ever

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Pitt Outdoors < > Date: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 12:55 AM Subject: The most minutey minutes ever To: , Howdy ho folks, Tonight was the first POC meeting of the semester, and it was friggin poppin.  Like 180 new people joined the club and we're super psyched to get to know every one of you! If you couldn't make it tonight but still want in on this awesomeness don't despair! We have meetings every Tuesday at 9pm on the WPU patio, come by any of them and we'll get you all set up.  Sign ups for the Ohiopyle trip opened up tonight.  We'll be heading down there Friday, September 8th and coming back Sunday the 10th, with a whole bunch of awesome hiking, rafting, and climbing in between.  If you didn't get a chance to sign up at the meeting the link for that is right here  ↓ spreadsheets/d/ 1jlbd5Ou1nKSdrMMO_ CitHT

First meeting, first messed up email!

The super sweet meeting is on TUESDAY at 9pm, I forgot the tuesday part. Sorry, Jon

First meeting! WOOOOO!

Hey all you party people, POC is officially getting started this semester with a super sweet meeting at 9pm on the William Pitt Union patio. Stop on by to do crazy fun administrative things like turning in waivers and paying dues($10 for a semester or $15 for the year).   Here's a link to the waiver: On top of all that goodness we'll have sign ups for the first trip of the semester down to good ol Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania.  In scenic Ohiopyle you can do all kinds of fun stuff like look at trees, sit in or near a river, and see some waterfalls.  Also there's going to be a whole bunch of awesome whitewater rafting/kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking going on.  Come down to the pyle and do fun stuff with good people in the great outdoors! Also, starting this week we're going to be doing group mountain bike rides in Frick Park.  If you have a mountain bike and are looking to ride down some awesome t

End of the Semester and Gear

Hey All, We did it.  We made it through another semester of super bomb trips!  We will not be having a meeting tonight because everyone is probably pulling their hair out over finals.  I would like to thank everyone who came to meetings/trips/chatted for an awesome semester of doing it outdoors. On another note.  If you have any of our gear.  WE NEED IT BACK!  please contact me at to get this gear back home.  That means look through your bags and make sure you didn't accidentally snag something from us.  There is NO penalty for having something that you may have forgotten about two years ago.  We just want our beloved gear back. This is all.  Keep doing it outdoors. Connor

No Meeting 4/11 Tuesday

Hey All, As we have fun all of our trips and what not, we will not be having a meeting today.  Good luck with finals and such!  This is it... the end of the semester.   See some of you at Seneca and Dolly Sods, Connor

Dates for stuff

Hey all, The minutes we sent out had March as the month.  However, this is incorrect.  All future trips will be held in April.  so put a 4 in for those 3s. Best, Connor

Being outside is cool (minutes)

Hi everybody, The ohiopyle trip is going out the weekend of 3/7-3/8, we'll get an email out to the people who are going as soon as we figure out where ohiopyle is.  Sorry folks, signups are closed. Skydiving = Officially Canceled.  too few of TWO signed up. So we cannot run the trip. Sad sad Seneca rocks and Dolly Sods are the weekend of 3/15-3/16, come chase the easter bunny up rocks or through the woods.   Dolly Sods is our advanced level backpacking trip, it'll be about 10 miles a day through trees and stuff in West (or Best) Virginia. Seneca rocks is a big tall rock thing in West Virginia that we're going to climb up and then go back down and climb up again and its going to be nuts.  It's a more advanced climbing trip so make sure you get up to the Trees climbing wall some time Monday to Thursday from 4-10 o'clock for a workshop to learn how to rappel, lead bela

Meeting 9 pm 4/4

Hey All, We will have our meeting tonight (Tuesday 4/4) at 9 pm on the Union Patio, Because it's April and we want to get outdoors.   We will be having signups for Dolly Sods Backpacking and Seneca Rocks. See you guys there Con-no-r aka Conno

Mega Munchy Minutes

Hey Mega Munchers, Spring is in the air, that means trips.. over roots and rocks.  But really some super cool trips. Last Weekend, People from the Pitt Fossil Free Coalition came on by tonight.  It was swell. We went to the new last weekend, walked the walk, climbed the climb. This Weekend 3/31-4/2 We are going to the Laurel Highlands to walk with big ol' backpacks on!  Signups are closed for this trip and everyone who is going should know when they are leaving.   Weekend of 4/7-4/9 We are going to Ohioplye State Park.  (NO! it is not a pile in Ohio, easy mistake though).  This is our big intro trip.  We take 30-50 people.  We will be doing hiking, climbing, and rafting (weather dependent) whether the weather likes us.  If you want to climb we strongly advise that you learn to belay at the Pitt Climbing Wall any time Monday-Thursday 4-10, Friday 1-7, Saturday 1-6. If you have questions aboot white water contact Zach at .   Sign up here

Meeting Tuesday 3/28

Hey All, We are having our meeting tonight (Tuesday 3/28) at 9 pm in the Cathedral room 221.  Be there to sign up for the Ohiopyle Trip.  We will also be hearing from fossil free pitt.  It's my party, I can cry if I want to. See you there, Connor

Minutes in the Mud

Hey Mud Monsters. We got some hip stuff coming up.   Weekend of 3/25 We are going to the New River Gorge to go Cl-clclclimbing (imagine rap air horn babababaaaaa) The final trip list will be out sometime tomorrow.   Once your spot is secured on the list, if you need gear email Christian at and he will rangle it all up.   Weekend of 4/1 We are going backpacking at Laurel Highlands.  This is our intro level backpacking trip.  So first timers welcome! we will average roughly 7-8 miles a day (A super chill pace, Like cool runnings) Sign up here SKYDIVING!!! SKYDIVING: Skydiving (Have I Said it Enough)  costs $209 per person. This is a discounted rate. Based on airplane logistics, we can only take 24 people skydiving. SO - the first 24 people to commit a $50 deposit ( part  of that $209,  not  in addition to it) are good to go. With that $50, please make sure you signed up o

Meeting Tuesday 3/21

Hey Party Poopers, We will be having a meeting at 9 pm on Tuesday 3/21 in the Cathedral 221.  Come by and spread the hype! We will be signing up for Laurel Highlands Backpacking to see ALLL of the empty...MT.... Mountain Laurel. Best, Connor

Sky Diving Interest

Hello! Last semester, we dropped some of you from the sky. A few people have expressed interest in diving from the sky again this semester. If you're interested in skydiving (would happen in April, more than likely during the same weekend as a club trip), please fill out this form and come to Tuesday's meeting. This spreadsheet is to  gauge interest only. See ya'll Tuesday! -Anna Greenberg


Hey Dog 'oh's, I know everyone is crying... because we canceled Seneca.  (I know I am) But there is hope at the end of the tunnel!  WE GOT TRIPS Weekend 3/24 We are going to fight our FOE... Gravity! at the New River Gorge.  This is a great rock climbing trip in West Virginia.  There will be hiking and climbing on this turny tumbly trip.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you know how to belay for this trip.  So, if you can learn how at the Pitt Wall anytime Mon-Thurs 4-10, Fri 1-7 or Sat 1-6 to learn to belay.  Sign up here That is all for now, Stay tuned for more trips, Connor... the guy who lives under a rock

Meeting and Seneca Cancelation

Hey All, Due to snow and cold wintery weather and not wanting to climb through a foot of snow the Seneca Trip is canceled for this weekend of 3/17.  I guess you'll just have to eat a snickers to be hippy happy.   Also, our meeting will be at 9 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 3/14) in the "Katie" the Cathedral 235.  We will be doing signups on This room is diggity different than the usual room.  We will be signing up for the New River Gorge Trip. The goriest gorge trip (I mean GORGIE). See you there. Connor

Grady's Email Address

Hey All, I wrote the wrong email address for Grady.  it is .  This is the climbing chair.  Send him any climbing concerns/questions. Connor

Wait a minute! MINUTES

Hey All Bread Eating (and non bread eating) First order of business! If you are 21 or older, sign up to dive, or build a hive.. Wait no, drive vans! Without van drivers we cannot have trips!  If interested, contact me at and I can tell you what to do. Saturday 3/4 Weather dependent, we will take a climbing trip to Ohiopyle.  Right now the weather looks crumbly (like a bad pastry).  So I will let those who sign up know if we will cancel by Thursday. Sunday, March 12th Pool sessions.  Come swim and learn to roll a kayak to prepare for the real rivers.  I know many will be living it up on spring break, but if you want to have an awesome time in Pittsburgh,  contact Zach at if interested Weekend of March 18th. We are taking a journey to Seneca Rocks.  It is a big place for climbing rocks in West Virginia.  (or Best Virginia as some say).  We will be fighting

Meeting Tuesday 2/28 221 Cathedral

Hey All, If you are deliciously cool, you should come on by the jamboree of our meeting tomorrow Tuesday (2/28) at 9 pm.   We will watch a super inspiring adventure documentary to get storage for the pokage.   We will do signups for a day climbing trip this Saturday 3/4 We will do Seneca Signups the the weekend of 3/18 See you goobers there ConMuffin

Two Days Old Minutes

Hey All Land Lovers (And White Water Whales Too), Sorry so late. But I had trivia to win (and lose more).   We had a great time climbing and hiking last weekend! Last Week was Schenely Park, Now we are forging our way to Frick Park! On Taterday (because tattoos are cool) but Saturday, we are hiking around Frick Park.  Meet Saturday at 10:30 am at the William Pitt Union.  I will be on time this time (haha tim like time)  Sign up here. Thats all folks.  Get stoked and psyched for this warm weather :) Connor the Condor

Meeting Tuesday 2/21 9pm

Hey All Outdoors people, We are having a meeting on Two is yay (Tuesday) at 9 pm in 221 Cathedral of learning.  We will get amped for the coming spring together.  Although, it kind of seems like its already here.  See you at the thing. Connor

Eat em up Minutes

Howdy people of the outside, Hope all is swell, and dreaming of sweltering.  Your dreams will come true! it will be warm the weekend HOOOOYAA! So we are going to have some trip trop flip flops Saturday 2/18 We will have a day hike through the mysterious land of Schenely Park.  We shall meetith at 10:30 am outside the WPU.  feel free to bring frisbees and stuff. Sunday 2/19 Also, to kick this weekend in the butt, we are taking a climbing trip.  Details tbd.  But we shall of up (and down safely).   Sign up here Thats all all (as in everybody), Have a bump, set spike of a week. Connor the Gnarbar

Meeting tonight 9 pm 2/14

Hey All,  Our super swanky meeting will be tonight (Tuesday 2/14) in The Cathedral of Leaning (like the leaning tower of pizza) room 221 at 9 pm.   See you there Connor

Potential Collaboration

Hello Outdoors Club, We were wondering if you guys would be interested in coordinating an event, such as hiking or camping, with us this semester.  We figured a good way to help our members learn about the ecology around them is to get outdoors! We thought you guys would have a lot more experience and expertise in terms of coordinating outdoors events and thought we could provide an interesting ecology background to the event.  Let us know if you guys are interested and we can talk more! Thanks! Pitt Ecology Club Officers -- ================= Pitt Ecology Club WPU 538 @6:00pm (every other Monday) Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with future events, and to stay informed about cool ecology/science articles and resources!

Other useful info

Sorry for the double email today folks Some fellow POC people are taking part in the  2017 Sustainable Solutions Competition They are trying to promote a bike co-op on campus, which would be really awesome!  I think this aligns quite well with our interests, so I am passing along in hopes that you might find this interesting and get involved!  What can you do? They are giving a presentation today: Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Time: 6pm - 8pm Location: William Pitt Union Ballroom And following a few other presentations, there is an audience based vote that weighs heavily on who gets the funding!  If you can, go help them out!! Cheers, Matt

Meeting Tuesday 2/7 9 pm

Hey All Outside Folk, Come to our meeting tonight, Tuesday, 2/7 at 9pm in the Cathedral of Learning 313.  Be aware, this is a different room from where we usually meet.   Come out for elections to vote and make your voice heard and help us decide who will run the club next year.  See you there, Connor

Not So Watery Minutes

Hey all Outdoors Enthusiasts, We had another fun filled meeting last night.  We held a presentation about a trip out to Joshua Tree National Park and Red Rock that some people took.   Elections will be next Tuesday 2/7.  It is not too late to run!  If you are interested, email Matt at .  Here is the officer role list! We have some pool sessions coming up!  If you are interested in learning to white water kayak, this is for you.  You can learn the basics of rolling a kayak.  They will be Sunday, February 12th 8am - 12pm and Sunday March 12th 8am - 12pm.  For more info on this and all things whitewater, email Zach at . Listen up all ye climbers! The Pitt Climbing Wall Competition will be on Saturday, February 11th.  Registration starts at 9 am.  Here is the Facebook page. That is all folks. See you next week, Conn

Meeting Tuesday 1/31

Hey you people of the outdoors, We will be having our meeting on Tuesday 1/31 at 9pm in 221 Cathedral.   We will be having a presentation about some of the members' trip west over winter break.  Elections will be the following meeting on Tuesday 2/7.  Get your nominations to matt at .  See previous minutes for the position sheet. Toodles and Noodles,  See you there. Connor

Outdoor Moo Cow Minutes

Derpyderp Outdoor Tippers, I hip hope you all had a great time with this tropicana weather. We bought a new raft and pump!  That means that we can expand the locations and frequency of our white water rafting trips.  So get raving for rapids! Our contract with Venture Outdoors is over, so we will not be working with them anymore.  So that means no free ski trip.  However, if you are hankering from that ski bug, check out Pitt's two ski clubs. Next week we will be holding elections.  All positions are on the table.  This includes, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, white water chair, climbing chair, backpacking/hiking chair, special events chair, gear master, and caving chair.  Details for each position can be seen in the link below.   Make sure you get your nominations into Matt if you want to run for something.  email those to him at . https://docs.g

Meeting Tuesday 1/24

Hear Ye Outdoorsy Folk, We are holding king's court (AKA Meeting) tomorrow, Tuesday 1/24 at 9 pm in the Cathedral 221.  Be there to be less sad about the incoming cold weather, and reminisce about this tropical weather.  Learn about Wilderness First Aid, Chat a bit. See you there, Best, Connor

Meeting Wrap-Up 1/17/16

Hey Folks, A few things: There is a clean up happening around the climbing wall on Penn Ave. Check that out here: Elections will take place on the first Tuesday of Feb. Let me know what your interesting in running for via email or in person. options include: president VP treasurer secretary climbing chair whitewater chair backpacking/hiking chair special events chair caving chair and gear master/mistress The POC specific events for the semester can be found on the calender ( ). I should have more info on the venture outdoors trips by next week.     We will have some T-shirts for sale at next weeks meeting, 16 bucks/shirt if you have any club gear PLEASE return it ASAP. Have a good week. Matt

Meeting on Tuesday the 17th

Hello Folk,  Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.  We have a meeting @ 9pm tomorrow in Cathy 349.   Assuming the room has a projector, I am going to give a 10-15 minute presentation on some trips I've done and a few things I've learned along the way.  I'd like to think it's not just meaningless spray, but it has a ton of photos so you can always just tune me out.  Hope to see you then,  Matt 

No Meeting and Sustainability Solutions Competition

Hey All Outdoorsy Folk, I hope everyone had a fergilicious Christmas break.  There will be no meeting this Tuesday 1/10.  Our first meeting will be next Tuesday 1/17 at 9 pm location TBD.  Matt will be talking about his trip to the Alps to get some winter stoke going.  Hope to see you there.   Also, check out this competition! Best, Connor HELLO! Guess what?! There's STILL TIME to sign up for the Sustainable Solutions competition! You can sign up  with a team  OR  as an individual . Not sure what Sustainable Solutions is? Like us on Facebook at "Sustainable Solutions 2017" to learn more or read below! Signing up with  this link  DOES NOT mean you have to compete!  It simply means you will attend one or both of our introductory information sessions tomorrow (1/10) and Wednesday (1/11), both from 6:30pm - 8:30pm in WPU 548. d/e/1FAIpQLSddkI0ecWoxaf6Np- ho4tSMvNxk0UNaDYCI_0P_ vL9iWuQZlA/viewform?c=0&w=1 If you sign up as an individual, it