Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cookie Crisp Minutes

Hi… POCers

We got more STUFF.  It's already April. That's CARAZY!

Friday 4/1

Get your volunteer hours in! From 11am-12pm on THIS FRIDAY (April 1st) volunteer at the 24-Feel Good deli! Represent POC as you help to take orders and make sandwiches. Email Anna Greenberg (alg162@pitt.edu) with questions.  Sign up HITHER!


Saturday, 4/2

Come do some maintenance and boulder at Cooper's rock.  It will also fulfill that service thingamajig.  Soooo Ya. Info here… http://www.midatlanticclimbers.org/news/portfolio/coopers-rock-adopt-a-crag-april-2-2016/

Sign up here,


Weekend 4/8

The coveted, legendary, blueberry Ohiopyle trip.  Join us to hike/raft/kayak/climb your way to glory.  It'll be uber doper fun.


That's it for now. 

I'm gonna hit the hay (But it's for horses.  DUHHH.  So baby

Your Best Bud

Connor Martin the cantaloupe

Thursday, March 24, 2016


...But the link is here... For the Saturday 9:30 am 3/26. 

Corrected Link for Sustainability research

Hi all, the link did not work for the sustainability event.  So here is the correct link.  This is if you want to volunteer saturday 3/26 at 9:30 am.  It will fulfill your service requirement.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day Late Minutes

Hey Tall (and short) POC Members,

Welcome to another caffeine (seriously, it's the only reason I'm still conscious) fueled minutes.  This week only DAY LATE MINUTES!

If YOU Went on Seneca read on.  Victoria found a green Nalgene water bottle with national parks stickers, a green and yellow jacket, and a gray fleece.  So let me know if those belong to YOOOOOOUUUUU.

Saturday 3/26

If you still need your service requirement help tear out some bushes for a sustainability project.  Meet at the srcc parking lot at 9:30 am, isss gonna be fun.  Sign up here.



Weekend of 3/26

We are going to the New (but it's kinda old at this point) River Gorge to go climbing, caving and hiking.  SO GET HYPE! If you are going, you should have gotten an email.

Weekend of 4/2

We are going backpacking on the laurel highlands hiking trail.  This is our beginner level backpacking trip.  No gear or experience needed. It will be about 5 miles backpacking on Saturday and Sunday.  Sign up here.


Saturday 4/2

Help us Adopt a Crag at Coopers rock.  We will clean up around rock then CLIMB them rocks.  The event page is hither! http://www.midatlanticclimbers.org/news/portfolio/coopers-rock-adopt-a-crag-april-2-2016/

Sign up here


Sunday 4/3

Homestead History Hike with venture outdoors in…. YOU GUESSED IT, Homestead.  Learn history AND hike. 2 birds with one stone BAYBY.


Sunday 4/3

CAWCAW there is the Hawk's next cleanup.  (New River Gorge Bouldering area).  It's real far, but if someone was real hype they could make a weekend trip outa it. Here is the facebook page.



Food Recovery Heroes, a Pitt group fighting food waste and hunger, is looking to coordinate biking volunteers to transport day-old bagels from Bruegger's Bagels on Forbes to the South Oakland food pantry. It is a short, 1 mile ride and a small bike cargo trailer will be provided to transport the bagels. Biking drop-offs will start tentatively Wed, April 13, and will run W/Th/Fr mornings at 8:30AM. Drop offs will continue throughout the summer. You can sign up on the excel sheet below or contact Jessica Schatz at jms455@pitt.edu if you are interested!



Nothing to do this summer? Do you love the outdoors, the mountains, the prairie and the American West?  Do you still need to complete a field course? Then you should consider the Wyoming or Yellowstone field courses offered through the honors college! They are open to all majors and the only requirement is a 3.0 GPA. The courses are 6 and 4 weeks respectively offered each summer and count for credit. More information is provided in the links below.



If you're interested please contact Ed McCord of the Honors College at emccord@pitt.edu there are still spots left for this summer!


Ever wonder what happens if you're outside the "golden hour" of medical care, where you won't have access to definitive medical care for hours or even longer? If you would like to learn how to take care of and treat people in these situations the Wilderness Medical Society is organizing a Wilderness First Aid Course by the CDS Outdoor School. This course covers how to initially assess patients, provide wound care, splint, and treat environmental, orthopedic, or insect/animal bite injuries you may come across if you're in the wilderness or remote locations. There will be plenty of hands-on training allowing you to practice the skills you learn. This course is great for anyone that hikes, kayaks, rock climbs, etc. or anyone who is interested in emergency medicine or trauma. After completing the course you'll also get an official Wilderness First Aid certification (For more info click here). The cost for course registration will be subsidized by the WMS and the final price depends upon how many people are interested (don't worry it will be student affordable). We are thinking of having the course over the weekend of April 9th and 10th. If you're at all interested in joining the course or if it's possible you'll attend please fill out the form below.  



Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Howdy ho all you folk,

I hope that everyone had a cookie crazy Springer (JERRY, JERRY) Break.

Spring is coming. Spring is  here.  Trips are coming, trips are Near

Saturday 3/19

Venture Outdoors Outdoor workshop.  If you signed up an Email is coming soon.

Sunday 3/20

This weekend we are going bouldering this weekend at Cooper's rock.  Email will be around soon.  spreadsheet is here


Weekend of 3/26

The New River Gorge Trip in WV.  We are going to climb, hike, and cave.  So if you can get excited for that, sign up here


That is for Izzzle for now.

I'm gonna scadoot out.

Bestest Bud,

Connor the Condorian

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Links no working

Hi All,
The links for signups aren't working.  So here is a link for the outdoor skills workshop.
AND for bouldering at Cooper's Rock
Soooooo sign up for stuff.
Connor Martin

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oompa Loompa Minutes

Hey HomeSkittles (Taste the Rainbow)

Hope you Good friends are excited fOr Spring Break, I knOw that I am. Can't wait to hear all of the fun aDventure stories. 

We are stiLl selling stuff.  So if yoU want merChandise, let me Know like no other. Water bottles $15, T-shirts $10.

Saturday 3/19

Venture Outdoors Skills Workshop.  Learn how to survive in the wild wilderness so you don't get eaten by a bear or soMe stuff.


Sunday 3/20

Bouldering at Cooper's rock.  A greAt way to hanG out in nature and Get on some ROCKS!


HAHAHAHA, If you want to bike scavEnger hunt (Like badass finding stuff)

I'm reaching out to let you and the Outdoors Club know about our first annual bike scavenger hunt, the WPTS Radio Ride. The ride begins in Oakland and then progresses through Bloomfield to Lawrenceville and down the strip to Point State Park. Riders will be stopping at different businesses and landmarks to take part in challenges. The scavenger hunt ends in South Side at OTB, a bike bar and restaurant, where there will be drinks specials for people participating in the ride! 


We are inviting teams of 3-5 people to come out and participate, and I wanted to see if any members of your club would be interested in forming an "Outdoors Club Team"! The registration fee is $15 per person, and all proceeds go to Variety, a charity that makes special bikes for disabled children. 

Email Kim at kimmytdinh@pitt.edu if you are interested.

Have a dope like a telescope spring break everyone.  Enjoy, and have ALL OF THE STORIES!


Connor Martin