The Minutes in a Minute

LIGHT SPEED! POC Minutes in a minute. Here we go!

-Banff this weekend at 7 pm Saturday and Sunday Byham Theater. If you have tickets we will email you and tell you which days, where to meet, etc. Let us know ASAP if you can't make it so you won't be blacklisted.

-Trail maintenance 9-11 am Saturday. We will 8:30 meet at the Union. Walk over (20 min walk) from there. It's with Friends of the Waterfront. HELP PEOPLE! Wear POC shirt. Sign up here.

NEXT WEEKEND April 11-12
-Thursday the 9th is weeding, mulching, and pruning 5-7 pm in Oakland. Make Oakland pretty. Details to come. Wear POC shirt. This will be with Tree Pittsburgh. Sign up here!

-Here are the Ohiopyle signups again . We will have climbing, bouldering, hiking and rafting. (YEA) Sign up here.

-We have a trail bike ride trip going out 9am - 1pm on Sunday the 12th. Go ghostride it!

-Yoga with Dom and Rita, c'mon over Thurs 7 at the Climbing Wall.

-FREE FOOD?!?! We can get it. Be at the next meeting to EAT IT (maybe)

-The Skydiving place was called this week and said they won't be doing jumping this weekend as of now. This is the last weekend that we could have gone, so skydiving will not be happening ☹
Refund policies for the vouchers are on livingsocial's website, or you can go on your own. Sorry folks!

-We have sweet pictures from the New River gorge, check it out on our Facebook Page!

That's it, see you in a minute. Sign up for stuff, don't miss out on the fun!
Konor Martinoid

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