S(poc)key Minutes

Spooky October everybody! This is the spooky times from the POC.

Did you got to Ohiopyle? If you answered yes, and you are missing some stuff, email Rita at rsk35@pitt.edu, tell her what you lost, and you can get it back.

Very important stuff. We are changing server that we use to send our minutes. You may be wondering, "What does this mean for me?" This means that you need to accept the invite you received to our new server, because next week's minutes will be fully transitioned over. If you have NOT received an invitation, email me at cjm151@pitt.edu so I can add you to the new server.

We got some hip happenings shuffling about.

Friday October 9th
The b-b-b-boating trash pickup is happening! Ride on a pontoon boat of rainbows to pick up trash on an island. Sign up (not down, but the link is down… man, I'm confused) here. If you were signed up for it last week but are unable to go, please remove your name from the list and tell Dom at dnm32@pitt.edu

Weekend of Oct 10th
Backpacking at Dolly Sods is going down. If you received an email, you're in like a twin. If not, sorry, but fear not, more trips are right around the corner.

Weekend of Oct 17th
The New (not so old, HA) River Gorge trip is happening. So if you want to climb, hike, or cave, sign up. If you plan on climbing you MUST learn how to belay. You can come learn at the wall Tuesdays or Thursdays 4-7. If these times don't work, email Matt at mmc102@pitt.edu or just come up to the wall whenever we are open and learn! Its going to be a GRRREEEEAATTT time (Like frosted flakes.. mmmmm)

October 24th
Get mad for PMADD! If you want to participate for the POC email Kim at kimmytdinh@pitt.edu.

This was the last meeting for Water bottles and t-shirts. Sorry

That's it for now.
See you on the back-flip, forward flip side.
S'mores, (are soo tasty)
Loony Coon(or) Martin

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