Captain's Minutes: A Traveling Group

Captain's log Tuesday 2/17/2015 9:02 PM eastern standard time, Planet: POCia

I have landed on a strange planet. There are many strange creatures here sporting unusually poofy coats and hardy boots. It seems as if they are mid travel, taking a break in a small room congregated together for some kind of service. The building that they are congregates in is oddly shaped like an old space ship. They speak of doing strange things like walking many miles for no apparent reason and climbing sheer rock faces for no purpose. They are a strange group, but they seem harmless and friendly.
Captain out. Beam me up Scottie.

Welcome welcome all POCia citizens. We have all kinds of winter fun coming up so stay tuned!

First off, the not so fun stuff. We will be starting a Black list for people restricted from going on trips. If you do the following, you WILL earn yourself a spot on the BLACK LIST (DUH DUH DUH, cue psycho music) :
• Have a piece of gear out from a previous trip
• Not show up for a trip you are signed up for without cancelling at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.
We really like having and keeping track of all our super cool gear, and also want to make sure we fill all of the spots for our trips. We also need enough time to contact those on the waiting list to get them on super cool trips. But don't get on the double blacklist, where we beam you up to get phazed… and stuff.

More stuff that is not so fun. Due to the fact that there is HELLA snow, backpacking is not possible this weekend. Not even the most powerful phazer beam can melt the snow to make backpacking possible. Sorry folks.

Are you super sad because all bodies of water are frozen and you can't take your kayak out? If you answered yes then you're in luck. Because on Sunday at 9 there will be another riveting episode of POOL SESSIONS, at the small trees pool at 9 - 12. If you have a car you can help Nick bring Kayak's up. You can either meet him at the gear room in engineering hall at 8:30 or up at trees at 9. Will Nick ever turn 21? Will a kayak ever go off of a platform? FIND OUT THIS WEEK! So if you want to work on your kayak rolling technique or learn from scratch, Nick "I didn't choose my boat, my boat chose me" Peanutzzzzzzzer (spelled something like that) will be teaching all things rolling.... OF KAYAKS OF COURSE. Let him know if you will be there at so he can bring a boat for YOU!

If you signed up to walk many miles for no apparent reason, then the Venture Outdoors hiking trip is this Saturday. So be there and walk and stuff! Email Dominic at if you want to get on the wait list for either the hike or the snow-shoeing.

If you signed up to walk around aimlessly with big fan-like things on your feet, then Venture Outdoors snowshoeing is this Sunday. So get out there and TRUDGE, TRUDGE, TRUDGE through the snow that we hope will be there. Maybe New England can let us borrow some snow.

Are you a competitive person? Do you like watching competitive people do compete-y things? Get ready, cause the CLIMBING COMPETITION IS COMING UP. You better be training to the illest degree, because on February 28th is the climbing competition. Get strong and do the monkey man thing! I know I want to be a monkey man. Registration is at 10 am for a registration fee of $15. Climbing starts at 11 am. It's gonna be as intense as camping (haha get it... IN-TENTS). Be there, or be, like, eating iced cream or something. The flier is attached for your viewing pleasure (check out that sexy picture)

More Haps going down this weekend. The REI garage Sale is going down! For those of you who don't know, it's a place to get reallllllly cheap gear (which is always awesome) at REI for REI members. If you aren't a member, then don't worry, because the membership is $20. FOR LIFE. Soooo worth it. Meet Sara at 7:30 am outside of the union. Doors open at 9 am. You gotta get there early and get the good gear.

If you were at the meeting last week, (or maybe just there in spirit) then you saw Mandi Lyon talking about the Wyoming field camp. If you are interested in that, here are TONS (actual metric tons) of links to check out this AWESOME field course.

"The Honors College Wyoming Field Course, a five week field course in paleontology and ecology, is now accepting enrollment for this summer.

The six credit option includes an educational camping and hiking excursion to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and other Wyoming sites immediately following the course.

These are life changing educational experiences for students from all majors and freshmen through seniors. Interested students should contact Edward McCord at for more information as soon as possible."

Due to popular demand, Yoga with Dom, 2 hair Myleeasy. Is it a bun or is it wild or is it a whig? The world may never know, and Rita, super gelato steal my Keal-ogram of candy at 4 pm at the wall will start up Friday 3/20 and happen every Friday till the end of the semester! How cool is that? So get your yoga pants on (guys too, ladies love the bulge) and get your yoga on.

Yet another super slammin' sushi Tuesday was held by your very own Connor Martini. It was more on point than Spock's pointy ears. If you ever wanna get in on this eatery, we rondevouir as predictably as J.J. Abrams' plotlines at sushi Fuku at 8:15 every Tuesday.

For those of you who don't know, we were unable to send emails for a few weeks, so make sure you like out Facebook page to stay up to date on the most recent naps if that happens again. Here is a link.

That's all for tonight. Live long and prosper,
Your Newly established not so secret secretary
Connor "Ankle Kankle" Martin

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