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Meeting Minutes 263 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, Last night we had sign ups for Cherry Springs and Seneca Rocks.  Both of these spots are so cool I had to put a coat on just to type this email.   Cherry Springs is a PA state park in the Susquehannock State Forest and has some of the darkest skies on this side of the Mississippi River.  On clear nights when the moon is down you can see the Milky Way and the stars are so bright they cast a shadow.  I really can't stress enough how beautiful it is out there.  If you want to take a peak at space in a way few people get an opportunity to, fill out this form: Seneca Rocks is our advanced climbing trip, so if you've been climbing before and want to do multi pitch trad routes with some of the coolest exposure on the east coast, this is your ticket.  There's also some super cool caving down in that part of West Virginia so if you want to get underground and t

Meeting Minutes 256 days since Groundhog Day

Hey folks, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I'm real bad at my job, sorry this email is so late.   We had sign ups for the Lewisburg Kaving trip, this boi is the advanced caving trip so if you're ready to crawl real hard throw your info at this form: Also at the meeting Tuesday the man, myth, and legend Bryan Schultz came by to talk about an opportunity to study leadership in the Himalayas this summer.  This is the message he wanted us to pass along: Hi Pitt Outdoor Club,   Thank you for inviting me to speak at your meeting this week about our new summer 2019 study abroad program, Leadership in the Himalayas. This email contains additional information about the program, which may interest you, given your membership to the Pitt Outdoor Club!   Leadership in the Himalayas is a 4 week, 6 credit program in May 2019. The focus of the program is on developi

Meeting Minutes 249 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, Do you like walking really far? Are you a fan of scenic vistas? Does everything you need for a weekend fit in a backpack? Do gophers scare you? You should try DOLLY SODS ™! Dolly Sods is our intermediate backpacking trip to this super cool spot in good ol' West Verganeeyuh.  Y'all'll be hoofin it right round 20 megafeet over the weekend so this is the kind of trip where you want some experience packing with your back before you go.  The trip will be from Friday the 19th to the 21st, sign up here if you're stoked: Grab your most fortuitous cookware and get ready for some wholesome gosh darn camaraderie because Nicole is having a potluck Wednesday night.  Bring food and your beautiful selves.   And now a message from everyone's favorite local Breanne:  If you're interested in some handy dandy volunteering for our parks, the Pittsburgh Parks C

Meeting minutes 242 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, Don't tell my mom, but this is what went down at the meeting yesterday. There were sign ups for the fall break trip to the New River gorge.  Personally I'm a big fan of the Old River gorge but I guess their new stuff is good too.  The New has some incredible rock climbing, world class whitewater, beautiful hikes, and sweet caves.  If you have a mountain bike we might be busting those out as well.  If you're interested in climbing and don't already know how to belay, you need to go up to the climbing wall in Trees Hall for a belay lesson.  There should be someone from the outdoors club there Monday-Thursday 4:30-7p and Monday after 8p.   Sign up here: I think that's pretty much it. Seriously, don't tell my mom. Best, Jon