Shalom Poc Patrons,

Sorry we missed ya last week.  But our new server is serving us super duper well!

A few things that you should know about our new server…

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We have some trips, that are poppin!


Saturday 10/24

Geocaching at Robert Morris University, wooo colonial guys so 10am-12pm


Afternoon Geocaching at he same place 1pm-3pm



This Saturday is also time to GET MAD FOR PMADD! So if you signed up be there or be square


Weekend of 10/31 (Spookyspooky)

The Seneca trip is here!  So if you want to do multi pitch climbing on a spooky weekend its here.  For this trip you MUST attend both climbing workshops to do the learning you’ll meet.  Matt’s hours will be Thurs 10/22 4-5:30 belaying/rappelling, 5:30-7 anchors, cleaning gear and rope systems.  Tuesday 10/27 4-5:30 anchors, cleaning gear and rope systems.  5:30-7 belaying/rappelling.  Thursday 10/29 are makeups.  Any questions? Email Matt at mmc102@pitt.edu.  You must complete both to go on the trip! 



On Saturday 10/31 there is a tree planting (Trees are great!) community service event.  Capacity 10 people, sign up HERE


That’s it, I’m tired.


Connor Martin

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