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Hey all POCers. The meeting tonight was super silly. The numbers were low, but those we had were pretty on point. The black knight was there, every single power ranger, and I think I even saw Chuck Norris' glorious nose. Abe Lincoln, I can't even tell ya how goofy it was. I guess you just should have been there to find out for yourself. Ant Man ever showed up, did you know that he had HUMAN, yes, normal HUMAN strength. Pretty crazy, I know.

Getting all TAKENesk. We seem to have a dilemma. While sorting out the gear room this weekend we discovered missing gear, including helmets and sleeping pads. Those of you who have these, we know who you are. We will find you, and we will put you on the black list unless you contact Rita "Cheeta" Keil. at rsk35@pitt.edu. Careful, she's vicious. Let's get that gear back safely home to the gear room where it belongs. It's scared and alone, and just wants to go home. Bring the gear home. It loves its home.

We have learned very much from the native people of this country. One of these things is the mighty KAYAK! If you want to feel the mighty power of the KAYAk, then meet Stickly, Fickly, Crickly, Icky Nicky at trees pool this Sunday for the LAST (yes, last) pool session of the semester to learn how to take the native skills to the next level. By rolling them around and around. Rumor has it that Aqua man will be with his army of magicarp (much scarier then you'd think). The ancient ones thought it could never be done. But believe me, it's a very real thing. 9 AM at Trees Hall or 8:30 AM in front of old engineering hall. Email "The knights who say" Nick at njp37@pitt.edu so that he can hook you up for your own ancient transport of aquatics.

Do you enjoy intense competition??? Do you enjoy climbing rock-esk things??? Then I have the thing for you! This Saturday, A King will be crowned. A Soldier will be knighted. And most importantly a jester will get one of those funny hats with the bells at the end! That's right folks, the Pitt Climbing Competition is happening this Saturday the 28th. You'll see people sweating blood, you'll see people crumbling to the ground, you might even see pigs fly (you'll see). You might even see yourself get crowned as the champion of them all! On second thought that whole king thing didn't work out so well for Eddard Stark… or well anyone for that matter. The flyer with the sexiest man alive on it is at the bottom of the email.

Are you 21 years old??? (no McLovins from Hawaii please) If you said yes, then you can do something super dope (no, not that you goober). You can be a driver for the club. So if you are 21 and want to be eligible to drive for trips, hit up Dom at dnm32@pitt.edu. If we need you to drive on a trip, then it GAURENTEES you a spot. Also, don't you dream about how cool you look behind the wheel of a sweet minivan (I know I do). Make sure you send your 2p number (the one on your ID silly) and phone number. It's not a boulder. It's a rock. The buccaneers used to ride these babies for miles.

We had quite the brainstorm tonight. We are seriously considering some Mud Wrestling event at some point because we want to hang out with each other despite the coldness of the weather. It has progressed to the idea of chocolate wrestling because we found cocoa powder online really cheap. We are still in search of a venue, because nobody really wants mud wrestling at their house. Can you believe that.

Do you still have a hankering for more POC gear? Because we will be bringing the leftover t-shirts, water bottles and shotglasses to the meeting next week to sell to you fine looking (ohh baby! totally not staring into the eyes of a picture of Troy "coughcough") individuals.

If you like cross country skiing, one of our members is super hype about it. He wants to get in touch with you so you can TEAR UP the trails in the biggest baddest wood in the land. Schenely park. So if have cross country skis and want a ski buddy, hit up our boy Chris at ced52@pitt.edu

That's all folks, Just make it through the rest of the week so that you can CRUSH IT at the climbing competition. I Heard Spiderman was going to be there.
Keep it fresh, and always Do It Outdoors
Have a sparkling week
Yours truly,
Sack Rat Airy
I should really stop these lines
But I don't wanna
Connor Martin

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