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TIred (Like your car) Minutes

Hey all, My eyes are le tired, so it's gonna be a quick one.  We are still selling merchandise (SHOSHOSHOT Glasses, 3 left) $5 each Nalgene water bottles, $15 each, t-shits… I mean shirts $10 each. So bring money to the next meeting Next Tuesday 3/1 9 pm Cathy 236. Weekend 2/27 SENECA rocks trip ROCKS! If you are going you have gotten infor emails, done workshops and should be stoked to be psyched.  BRRRR it's gonna be a cold one. Saturday 2/27 Venture Outdoors SKI trip.  You should have gotten an email if you are good to go (like the taco bell commercial).  So get amped to shred some trails. That's all, As always, Do it outdoors. The Con-Bomber Martin

Cooler than school Minutes

Howdy Ho everybody, It's been another riveting week, and time for more Outdoorsy info.  We still have HELLA Merch in the secret batcave where we keep all our stuff.  So if you want a trill on the hill 1 liter orange Nalgene water bottle with the POC logo or a blue t-shirt with our logo, Bottles are $15 a pop and shirts are $10.  Bring the cashycash to the next meeting. Sunday 2/21 Snowshoeing (But actually hiking, because no snow L ) in Frick Park, 11 am.  You should have gotten an email if you signed up and made the trip. Saturday 2/27 SKIING with venture outdoors, so TEAR IT UP! We are using the old signup sheet, so tell Dom if you signed up and can't make the new date so we can maximize this dope opportunity. Weekend of 2/27 We are traveling to magical Seneca West Virginia.  You MUST attend climbing workshops if you want to climb.  Just because you are on the list, you are not gaurenteed to go.  We

Meeting Tonight

Hi POC, Tonight is a meeting (Tuesday 2/16) at 9 pm cathedral 236. BYBYBYBY Connor

Late Night Minutes

It's Late Night with the Pitt Outdoors Club! It's semester crunch time… so we have some trip traps to help you relax. Thursday 2/11 7:30 pm An action packed date auction put on by the Pitt Pathfinders in Lawrence Hall.  You can pay to take some of the studliest studs out for Dinner, as in your very own Connor Martin, Grady Martin, Nick Penatzer, and Mike Springer, and many more beautiful people (male and female people)  So get pumped.  Money goes to relay for life  More info here Sunday 2/14 8:30-12 am.  Meet outside of Old Engineering hall.  Or up to Trees at 9 am to practice all things rolling (Kayaks of course) with Nick the Peanut.  This will be in the small pool.  Contact Nick with questions From 1-5 pm, we have a nice quant day hike to McConnel's Mill, a beautiful place about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.  Check it out and sign up

Meeting Tuesday 9 pm Cathedral 236

Hi all, I will see you good peepz at the meeting in 236 cathedral at pm on Tuesday night.  Also, TACO TUESDAY is back.  see you at 8:15 at Qdoba for delicious Mexican! By, Connor

Officer Corrections

Hi all, I know that the suspense has been killing you because I left out some names (possible forgot them) Water Chair    Tyler "Pass that rock" Pastorok Caving Chairs      Liz "Carp Whisperer" Carpenter, Tom "Tea-Bag" Arthur That's all, suspense relieved.  Woo, that was close. Best, Connor

Hello to the Minutes

Hello from the OUTDOORS! (like Adele… Duh) Elections WENT DOWN! We have a new board ready to come atcha for next year. President       Matt "Christmas Caroler" Carroll Vice President           Connor  "The Martian" Martin Treasurer       Rita "Cheeta" Keil  Secretary       Nick "The Peanut" Peanatzer (How do you spell that????) Climbing Chair(s)     Grady "Sledge" Martin, Grant "The Cow" Cowan Hiking Chair (s)         Malcolm "The Jury" Juring, Maggie "Magenta" Mass, Amy "Amyilator" Johnson Water Chair   Tyler "I literally just met the guy and have no clue what his last name is" Special Events Chair Anna "Green bean" Greenberg Gear Master   Christian "SnyDog" Snyder  Sunday 2/7 We have our venture outdoors hike and hot chocolate goodness.  If you made the trip, you shoulda cou

POC Elections

Hi All, Be reminded, we are holding the convenient coveted corrosive elections at our meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 2/2/16) at 9pm in Cathedral 236.  Be there to make your voice heard!  Also, the cold weather talk tomorrow has been postponed until further notice.  So be aware.   Thats all, Best, Connor Martin