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Meeting Minutes 206 Days After Groundhog Day

Hey folks, Hope y'all had a sendy, sandy, and sweaty summer.  That shit's over now though and it's back to the ol' grind.  If you want to break up the Hillman to Hem's to home pipeline on weekends this semester we've got your ticket right here.   We've got trail running, mountain biking, and slacklining groupmes that'll be a way for folks interested in getting after those things in Pittsburgh to stay in touch with each other and get together.   Here's a message from the man with the best hair on this or any side of the Mississippi, your trail running chair, Nate Farrar:        Hello trail runners,         If you haven't already please join the GroupMe chat  and  fill out the when2meet. This is how I will decide the scheduled run times for the semester so please fill it out.       Best,       Nate         GroupMe Link:         When2Meet Link: If you want ad