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Possibly Obscure Company

Hey all POCers. The meeting tonight was super silly. The numbers were low, but those we had were pretty on point. The black knight was there, every single power ranger, and I think I even saw Chuck Norris' glorious nose. Abe Lincoln, I can't even tell ya how goofy it was. I guess you just should have been there to find out for yourself. Ant Man ever showed up, did you know that he had HUMAN, yes, normal HUMAN strength. Pretty crazy, I know. Getting all TAKENesk. We seem to have a dilemma. While sorting out the gear room this weekend we discovered missing gear, including helmets and sleeping pads. Those of you who have these, we know who you are. We will find you, and we will put you on the black list unless you contact Rita "Cheeta" Keil. at . Careful, she's vicious. Let's get that gear back safely home to the gear room where it belongs. It's scared and alone, and just wants to go home. Bring the gear home. It loves its ho

Captain's Minutes: A Traveling Group

Captain's log Tuesday 2/17/2015 9:02 PM eastern standard time, Planet: POCia I have landed on a strange planet. There are many strange creatures here sporting unusually poofy coats and hardy boots. It seems as if they are mid travel, taking a break in a small room congregated together for some kind of service. The building that they are congregates in is oddly shaped like an old space ship. They speak of doing strange things like walking many miles for no apparent reason and climbing sheer rock faces for no purpose. They are a strange group, but they seem harmless and friendly. Captain out. Beam me up Scottie. Welcome welcome all POCia citizens. We have all kinds of winter fun coming up so stay tuned! First off, the not so fun stuff. We will be starting a Black list for people restricted from going on trips. If you do the following, you WILL earn yourself a spot on the BLACK LIST (DUH DUH DUH, cue psycho music) : • Have a piece of gear out from a previous trip •

POC: The Next Chapter

REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! Has it been midnight yet? Yep, good, here we go! What's up my wonderful wilderness folk of the forests, creatures of the caves, members of the mountains, and people of the ponds? Remember that semi-platonic love we confessed for all of you? Well, we've had trouble sleeping at night (mainly Tuesdays) knowing we weren't nestled safely under the sheets of your inbox. But don't worry, we won't ever leave you again and the club will even make it up to you by taking you out on many outdoorsy dates in the near future! I guess what we are saying is, will you be our valentine? Now onto some more mildly entertaining intro before the semi-legitimate business. POC, we are done! (That was a short lived relationship) Through! (Really short) Never, ever, ever getting back together (You know it's bad when there is a T-Swift song involved). I mean it, this is it (duh, duh, duuuhhhhh). Tonight is my last email of the POC meeting minutes and