Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Possibly Obscure Company

Hey all POCers. The meeting tonight was super silly. The numbers were low, but those we had were pretty on point. The black knight was there, every single power ranger, and I think I even saw Chuck Norris' glorious nose. Abe Lincoln, I can't even tell ya how goofy it was. I guess you just should have been there to find out for yourself. Ant Man ever showed up, did you know that he had HUMAN, yes, normal HUMAN strength. Pretty crazy, I know.

Getting all TAKENesk. We seem to have a dilemma. While sorting out the gear room this weekend we discovered missing gear, including helmets and sleeping pads. Those of you who have these, we know who you are. We will find you, and we will put you on the black list unless you contact Rita "Cheeta" Keil. at Careful, she's vicious. Let's get that gear back safely home to the gear room where it belongs. It's scared and alone, and just wants to go home. Bring the gear home. It loves its home.

We have learned very much from the native people of this country. One of these things is the mighty KAYAK! If you want to feel the mighty power of the KAYAk, then meet Stickly, Fickly, Crickly, Icky Nicky at trees pool this Sunday for the LAST (yes, last) pool session of the semester to learn how to take the native skills to the next level. By rolling them around and around. Rumor has it that Aqua man will be with his army of magicarp (much scarier then you'd think). The ancient ones thought it could never be done. But believe me, it's a very real thing. 9 AM at Trees Hall or 8:30 AM in front of old engineering hall. Email "The knights who say" Nick at so that he can hook you up for your own ancient transport of aquatics.

Do you enjoy intense competition??? Do you enjoy climbing rock-esk things??? Then I have the thing for you! This Saturday, A King will be crowned. A Soldier will be knighted. And most importantly a jester will get one of those funny hats with the bells at the end! That's right folks, the Pitt Climbing Competition is happening this Saturday the 28th. You'll see people sweating blood, you'll see people crumbling to the ground, you might even see pigs fly (you'll see). You might even see yourself get crowned as the champion of them all! On second thought that whole king thing didn't work out so well for Eddard Stark… or well anyone for that matter. The flyer with the sexiest man alive on it is at the bottom of the email.

Are you 21 years old??? (no McLovins from Hawaii please) If you said yes, then you can do something super dope (no, not that you goober). You can be a driver for the club. So if you are 21 and want to be eligible to drive for trips, hit up Dom at If we need you to drive on a trip, then it GAURENTEES you a spot. Also, don't you dream about how cool you look behind the wheel of a sweet minivan (I know I do). Make sure you send your 2p number (the one on your ID silly) and phone number. It's not a boulder. It's a rock. The buccaneers used to ride these babies for miles.

We had quite the brainstorm tonight. We are seriously considering some Mud Wrestling event at some point because we want to hang out with each other despite the coldness of the weather. It has progressed to the idea of chocolate wrestling because we found cocoa powder online really cheap. We are still in search of a venue, because nobody really wants mud wrestling at their house. Can you believe that.

Do you still have a hankering for more POC gear? Because we will be bringing the leftover t-shirts, water bottles and shotglasses to the meeting next week to sell to you fine looking (ohh baby! totally not staring into the eyes of a picture of Troy "coughcough") individuals.

If you like cross country skiing, one of our members is super hype about it. He wants to get in touch with you so you can TEAR UP the trails in the biggest baddest wood in the land. Schenely park. So if have cross country skis and want a ski buddy, hit up our boy Chris at

That's all folks, Just make it through the rest of the week so that you can CRUSH IT at the climbing competition. I Heard Spiderman was going to be there.
Keep it fresh, and always Do It Outdoors
Have a sparkling week
Yours truly,
Sack Rat Airy
I should really stop these lines
But I don't wanna
Connor Martin

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Captain's Minutes: A Traveling Group

Captain's log Tuesday 2/17/2015 9:02 PM eastern standard time, Planet: POCia

I have landed on a strange planet. There are many strange creatures here sporting unusually poofy coats and hardy boots. It seems as if they are mid travel, taking a break in a small room congregated together for some kind of service. The building that they are congregates in is oddly shaped like an old space ship. They speak of doing strange things like walking many miles for no apparent reason and climbing sheer rock faces for no purpose. They are a strange group, but they seem harmless and friendly.
Captain out. Beam me up Scottie.

Welcome welcome all POCia citizens. We have all kinds of winter fun coming up so stay tuned!

First off, the not so fun stuff. We will be starting a Black list for people restricted from going on trips. If you do the following, you WILL earn yourself a spot on the BLACK LIST (DUH DUH DUH, cue psycho music) :
• Have a piece of gear out from a previous trip
• Not show up for a trip you are signed up for without cancelling at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.
We really like having and keeping track of all our super cool gear, and also want to make sure we fill all of the spots for our trips. We also need enough time to contact those on the waiting list to get them on super cool trips. But don't get on the double blacklist, where we beam you up to get phazed… and stuff.

More stuff that is not so fun. Due to the fact that there is HELLA snow, backpacking is not possible this weekend. Not even the most powerful phazer beam can melt the snow to make backpacking possible. Sorry folks.

Are you super sad because all bodies of water are frozen and you can't take your kayak out? If you answered yes then you're in luck. Because on Sunday at 9 there will be another riveting episode of POOL SESSIONS, at the small trees pool at 9 - 12. If you have a car you can help Nick bring Kayak's up. You can either meet him at the gear room in engineering hall at 8:30 or up at trees at 9. Will Nick ever turn 21? Will a kayak ever go off of a platform? FIND OUT THIS WEEK! So if you want to work on your kayak rolling technique or learn from scratch, Nick "I didn't choose my boat, my boat chose me" Peanutzzzzzzzer (spelled something like that) will be teaching all things rolling.... OF KAYAKS OF COURSE. Let him know if you will be there at so he can bring a boat for YOU!

If you signed up to walk many miles for no apparent reason, then the Venture Outdoors hiking trip is this Saturday. So be there and walk and stuff! Email Dominic at if you want to get on the wait list for either the hike or the snow-shoeing.

If you signed up to walk around aimlessly with big fan-like things on your feet, then Venture Outdoors snowshoeing is this Sunday. So get out there and TRUDGE, TRUDGE, TRUDGE through the snow that we hope will be there. Maybe New England can let us borrow some snow.

Are you a competitive person? Do you like watching competitive people do compete-y things? Get ready, cause the CLIMBING COMPETITION IS COMING UP. You better be training to the illest degree, because on February 28th is the climbing competition. Get strong and do the monkey man thing! I know I want to be a monkey man. Registration is at 10 am for a registration fee of $15. Climbing starts at 11 am. It's gonna be as intense as camping (haha get it... IN-TENTS). Be there, or be, like, eating iced cream or something. The flier is attached for your viewing pleasure (check out that sexy picture)

More Haps going down this weekend. The REI garage Sale is going down! For those of you who don't know, it's a place to get reallllllly cheap gear (which is always awesome) at REI for REI members. If you aren't a member, then don't worry, because the membership is $20. FOR LIFE. Soooo worth it. Meet Sara at 7:30 am outside of the union. Doors open at 9 am. You gotta get there early and get the good gear.

If you were at the meeting last week, (or maybe just there in spirit) then you saw Mandi Lyon talking about the Wyoming field camp. If you are interested in that, here are TONS (actual metric tons) of links to check out this AWESOME field course.

"The Honors College Wyoming Field Course, a five week field course in paleontology and ecology, is now accepting enrollment for this summer.

The six credit option includes an educational camping and hiking excursion to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and other Wyoming sites immediately following the course.

These are life changing educational experiences for students from all majors and freshmen through seniors. Interested students should contact Edward McCord at for more information as soon as possible."

Due to popular demand, Yoga with Dom, 2 hair Myleeasy. Is it a bun or is it wild or is it a whig? The world may never know, and Rita, super gelato steal my Keal-ogram of candy at 4 pm at the wall will start up Friday 3/20 and happen every Friday till the end of the semester! How cool is that? So get your yoga pants on (guys too, ladies love the bulge) and get your yoga on.

Yet another super slammin' sushi Tuesday was held by your very own Connor Martini. It was more on point than Spock's pointy ears. If you ever wanna get in on this eatery, we rondevouir as predictably as J.J. Abrams' plotlines at sushi Fuku at 8:15 every Tuesday.

For those of you who don't know, we were unable to send emails for a few weeks, so make sure you like out Facebook page to stay up to date on the most recent naps if that happens again. Here is a link.

That's all for tonight. Live long and prosper,
Your Newly established not so secret secretary
Connor "Ankle Kankle" Martin

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

POC: The Next Chapter

REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! Has it been midnight yet? Yep, good, here we go! What's up my wonderful wilderness folk of the forests, creatures of the caves, members of the mountains, and people of the ponds? Remember that semi-platonic love we confessed for all of you? Well, we've had trouble sleeping at night (mainly Tuesdays) knowing we weren't nestled safely under the sheets of your inbox. But don't worry, we won't ever leave you again and the club will even make it up to you by taking you out on many outdoorsy dates in the near future! I guess what we are saying is, will you be our valentine? Now onto some more mildly entertaining intro before the semi-legitimate business.

POC, we are done! (That was a short lived relationship) Through! (Really short) Never, ever, ever getting back together (You know it's bad when there is a T-Swift song involved). I mean it, this is it (duh, duh, duuuhhhhh). Tonight is my last email of the POC meeting minutes and I warn you it's a dooozy. We here at the outdoors club mailing center were genuinely concerned that telling you this information would lead to lasting side effects such as: despair, depression, dizziness, any other side effects starting with the letter "d", and possibly indigestion. Fair warning though, the indigestion you are experiencing could also be the result of the Sushi Fuku you may have eaten with the man taking over for me in the coming weeks, Connor (Twinning) Martin. Knowing this had to be one rockin' email, we have put off the regularly scheduled emails for 3 weeks to prepare and get the hype up (actually we couldn't send emails until we finally got the organization recertified
, but this sounded more dramatic [Oh, and we incidentally deleted all of you from the POC. Whoops, sorry {We didn't want to cause a mass panic}]). Like I said, this email's a long one, but you should read it because most of it is relevant, even at the end!

Calling all landlubbers and scallywags! We want you to jump on the band wagon (or band boat? boat wagon maybe? regardless) and get wet with us at Trees pool every Sunday in February. So break out your water wings and come mingle with our most moist members the day before Monday. That's right, If you've ever wanted to be right-side-up in a boat, then upside-down in said boat, only to flip yourself back over to the original position, come on down, well up actually, from nine to noon. Yes, you have to get up before 11am on a Sunday, but it's totally worth it, because you get to hang out with two of the coolest cucumbers in the club, me (Nick) and Caroline. And if you want to pick out a boat yourself, you can meet us at Ye'Ole Engineering/Thaw Hall at 8:30 while we navigate that labyrinth of a setup. Honestly, it's like the freaking maze runner in there. And don't worry, if you help us, we will drive you up to Trees so you don't freeze. I'm a poet and didn't eve
n know it. Well, I'm already rhymed out so, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

For all you Venture Outdoors junkies, we have yo' fix. Not this weekend, but the following, VO will be hosting 2 day trips! First, on Feb. 21 from 10am to noon, there will be a hike thru Riverview Park with hot chocolate afterwards. Everyone knows chocolate is best served hot! The link for that is right here:
The following day, Feb. 22 from 10am to 1pm, VO will once again be doing snowshoeing, so pray for snow (but really don't, because the sooner winter wraps up the better). This link is right here:

Fun Fact: If our emailing list were the population of a small country (Outdoorsistan, or some similar themed name would be appropriate) we would be the sixth smallest country in the world. Why is that so awesome? Because that means our club is bigger than 5 other legitimate countries! Let that sink in……yeah, mind blown. With over 3000 people on the mailing list, we are clearly the greatest club on campus!

Are your spidey senses tingling? Are you available February 28? Am I available February 28? What do all these questions point to? Nick is asking you on a date! What!? NOOOO!! I want to invite all of the climbing folk, and even the non-climbing folk to the annual Pitt Bouldering Competition!!! Get psyched to be stoked (copyrighted by Matt Carrol) because the setting game at the rock wall is as on point as it's ever been and we are ready for you! There are different brackets based on skill, prizes to be won, and good times to be had. Whether you are feeling strong and want to crush it or just love the idea of 50+ (damn right, 50 or more) new problems, this is the place to be. No one should be intimidated either, because anyone in the area and beyond (I'm talking WVU kids here) will be showing up and there's no age limit. From a kid who was probably 14 to some dude killing it in his 60's, this comp is for everyone. There is a $15 registration fee to compete (free to watc
h), but all the money goes right to the NRAC (The New River Alliance of Climbers) a spot frequented by the club. It's a great way to have fun and support one of the nicest climbing locations on the East Coast. Plus, there's prizes! So keep those crimp hands strong and put on your rubber (shoes of course) and come out to compete!!!

Whelp, our special events chair, Kim has already planned out a super social event for us this Sunday, 7 to 9. We are going ice skating as a club and would love to have you there. Bring some money for skate rentals (pretty cheap, around $7.50 I think) and a happy attitude, because no matter how your Valentine's Day went, you've always got us (cue really sappy "awws" from non-existent crowd). Sign-ups here:

Yo, we had a wonderful speaker from the Carnegie Museum come to tonight's meeting, and she brought…wait for it………a POWERPOINT!!! Jk, while this is true, she also brought along a rock, some fossils, a few dinosaur teeth, and information on a totally rad research opportunity in Way out West Wyoming. If you have any questions, let one of our officers know, and we'll point you in the right direction. Also tonight was Talks With Troy, A Ferland Experience. Troy also was representing a summer research opportunity through the university. Open to all majors, if the thought of getting paid to do something you are interested in or just do researchy type things, email this man of myth yourself at

Interested in becoming a raft guide? Attend the NOC school for a week to learn the basics. We are just linking it up tonight:

Do you have a yearning for cultural food? How about spending some real quality time with a guy whose initials are C.M. (no, not BM, C.M.)? Do you actually do anything before our amazing meetings, or do you just sit and watch the clock in eager anticipation? Everyone, step on up for Connor Martin's Sushi Fuku meal before the spiel, which is at 8:15pm on Tuesday nights. Yes, we know it's a hard concept to grasp, but you get dinner with a winner, and then walk less than a mile to a meeting that will make you smile like a crocodile! (Ugh, I thought I was done rhyming) Now get ready for the transition. In other news…

…POC got Political On Campus (Yeah, see what I did there with the letters) and had our elections two weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who campaigned this year, thanks for the voter turnout (we love you guys, some of you way more than we probably should), and a special thanks to Grady for not yelling obscenities this year, we really appreciate it man (insert thumbs up emoji here). The club has made its decisions and your newly elected leaders will be working on transitioning into their roles during the remainder of the semester.

Here's the rundown of new officials (along with potential new [probably horrible] nicknames [Haha get it? "NICK" names, because I thought of these cheesy monikers]) who will soon be officially officiating over official business:
President: Domonic "The Gear Laster" Milesi
Vice: Sara (Sprockets &) Gear(s)y
Secretary: Connor "Not-So-Shattered-Ankle" Martin
Treasurer: Philip (The best time to wear a striped) Sweet(er)
Water Chair: Nick "Peanut-Sir" Penatzer
Climbing (Co)Chair(s): Matt Carrol/Grant Cowan: M.C.Ha(nd Ja)mmer and The Cow
Backpacking Chair: Amy "McSwagger" Johnson
Caving (Co)Chair(s): Ali Greenholt/Tom Arthur: Ali Cat and Tom Cat
Special Events Chair: Kimmy "Lil' Kim" Dinh
Gear Master or excuse me, Gear Mistress: Rita "Crossword" Keil
For those of you who didn't wrestle a position from the clutches of competition or for those of you who just didn't run, begin thinking about next, next year. "Is there something I would like to do/help out with next, next year?" "Would I like to write some banging emails late at night?" "Would I like to be business up front as a President, while wearing only a hammock to a POC ABC party and creating modern art on top of existing art behind the scenes?" (Fantastic story, ask Grady "Man-bun" Martin […or better yet, ask Troy]) If the answer was yes to any of these, then find your inspiration/role model and start working towards your goal.

Signing off for the last ti…WAIT, THERES MORE!!?!!???!!!?!??!

Time to get POC personal with a section that may give you what is affectionately known of as "The Feels". I would like to throw out a personal thank you on behalf of the club to all the seniors who have been heavily involved in the POC while I can still do so through this medium known as the meeting minutes. So, kicking it off: Caroline, you have been a solid teacher with anything on the water and the few of us who have learned kayaking or rafting from you are very lucky! We look forward to following in your wake a little longer. Erik (Smitty Werbenjagerman)Jensen (He was #1 folks!), your beard is one of the two most respected in the club and everyone appreciates your good humor, knowledge, and leadership on the trips, especially when out backpacking. Jordi, our comrade with a craving for caving and designer of this year's t-shirts, was down to go underground, but also has helped with water trips as well as getting to the gym and climbing with our members, and we are a
ll glad you've been such a cool member of the club. Joey "mountain-man" Deshane. With the only other beard that rivals Erik's, you have given a lot of time to the club, especially through trips and climbing workshops. You have taught us not only excellent skills in sport and trad climbing, but also what not to do with a Pitt van (Also funny story). Thanks for naming the "Big Ol' Truck", and keep on climbing on! And then we have Troy (There can only be one) Ferland(er). As the head of our meetings and present on a majority of the trips, you may be one of the most recognizable members of the club. Whether on a trip chillin' in a hammock with a bottle of wine, wearing that hammock (the word "wearing" being used about as loosely as it fit you) to the annual ABC Party, or mastering drinking a beer while walking a slackline, everyone always saw you were living it up and bringing a spirit to the club! Good luck with grad school man.

You all have been iconic members at the forefront of the club, but we know there was a lot of work that has gone on behind the scenes as well, and we value the contributions you've made. So once again, thank you for everything you have done for us, and we look forward to these last couple shared months before our new group takes over and make our own impact on the next wave of POC'ers. So keep on living out our motto and continue to DO IT OUTDOORS!!!

Actually logging off for the last time so I'll keep it short(ish) and sweet,
Looking forward to a great rest of the semester, and an exciting new year afterward with all of you. Now choose the movie sendoff line you like the most. Yep, it's your choice
a) Beam Me Up Scotty
b) Get to the Chopper
c) Autobots, Roll Out
d) I am Groot
Your former secretary, the tall, lanky man behind the curtain,
Nick "Stick" Penatzer
p.s. told you it was a long one hahaha