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Ascend Climbing Gym pre-sale!!!!!!!!!

Yo, Happy Holidays POCers! Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or some other holiday for you, we've got a great gift to share! We are excited to share with you all that  ASCEND Pittsburgh  is starting to sell memberships at discounted rates through their  presale . After the  presale  you'll qualify for 10% off their  basic membership and day pass rates  as long as you have a valid college student ID. Simply look to their new website for details! Hope you're enjoying your winter vacation! See you all soon back up at the Pitt wall! Cheers,  Nick Penatzer

Meeting Tonight Tues 12/6

Hey all, We are having a meeting tonight, Tuesday 12/6 at 9 pm in Cathedral 313. Is the last meeting of the semester. Come pick up your shirts and here a presentation from Connor about trips. See you there Connor

Fresh link for hiking and hot chocolate 12/3

Sorry for the bad link, folks: spreadsheets/d/ 1wjJx6OaCCNoxjchk9Ry8Z3_ UDD8qQl6M4Hh95t4w3dk/edit?usp= sharing Happy trails, The POC


PLEASE BE AT THE MEETING NEXT WEEK  this is when you may pick up your POC shirt from this year


Hi all,  There will be no meeting tonight, so don't show up. You can still sign up for hiking and hot chocolate via the link below. It is December 3 from 1 to 3. There will be an email going out about that probably tonight or tomorrow. Have a nice night


Short and sweet This Saturday, Nov 12, will be our volunteer tree planting day sign up here: Hiking to McConnnells Mill this Sunday, Nov. 13.  sign up here: One last thing, there was supposed to be a survey for what I believe was a prototype ankle splint but the group never emailed me. So if

Date Mistake for McConnells Mill Hike

The day hike to McConnells Mills will be next Sunday Nov. 13, NOT this Saturday. Apologies on the mix up. I will add this to the signups

POC Minutes

Hi all,  There will be a hiking trip this Saturday at McConnels Mills State park! We are in need of drivers so If you want to hike in a really pretty place and you can drive, Please sign up. I believe it will be from 9 am to sometime in the afternoon. Sign up here: On Saturday, November 12 from 1 pm to 3 pm, we will be planting trees in a yet to be determined park around Pittsburgh. Come out and work to create a better environment and better future! Sign up here: If you haven't gotten tshirt money in, get it in ASAP. Thanks, have a nice day


Yo yo yo POC party people! sorry for all the acronyms haha. Because it's starting to get cold out and the weather is going to start taking a turn for the worse, we will be holding our meetings in the Cathedral of Learning room 363 from now until the end of the semester. So be there or be square (or more specifically lonely and cold at the WPU patio)  IF YOU SIGNED UP TO GET THIS YEAR'S T-SHIRT, MAKE SURE YOU COME TODAY AND TURN IN YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!! NO MONEY, NO SHIRT! THIS IS THE LAST MEETING TO DO SO!!! Also, once again shameless plug for the University of Thriftsburgh. If you have any old clothes that you clearly don't wear anymore (or maybe a Halloween costume!) feel free to bring it to Anna as a donation to Pitt's thrift shop. She'll probably give you a high five unless you make fun of the Chicago Cubs, in which case she'll punch you in the solar plexus. Th-th-th-that's all folks. See ya tonight! Nick Penatzer

POC: Putting On Costumes

See what we did there with the title? It's almost Halloween, which means if you made it onto the Seneca Trip, you will be receiving an email about rides sometime in the next day or two. Remember that costumes are not only allowed, but encouraged! Also keep in mind this weekend will be cold, so make sure to bring the appropriate layers.  Next week will be the last week we will be accepting new orders for the new shirts. REMEMBER THAT WE NEED YOU TO BRING MONEY IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!! So please show up next week and pay for your shirts! Also, next week's meeting will be held in an undisclosed location within the Cathedral. We will update you once we know where we're going! Happy Halloween! Nick "Castaway" Penatzer

POC: People Often Climb

How's it going people!? PMADD is this weekend, so if you were signed up for volunteering with the POC, then get your helper face on! Look for an email regarding that. The week after (Oct 28-30) is Seneca, which is our last (graduation style if you will) climbing trip for the semester. We will be going to Seneca Rocks, West-by-God-Virginia and sending climbing teams to the summit. You will get to stay in the ever bumping campground of Princess Snowbird with the world famous Yokum's General Store for all your glamping needs.  This trip will have limited climbing spots and those with outdoor climbing experience with the club will be given priority and teaming up with some of the other more experienced climbers in the club. There will also be limited spots for a caving trip guided by Liz so make sure you sign up here: We have come up with a design for this years shirts and they look sweet

Meeting Tonigh

Hey All Outdoors Peeps, Despite the Monday Tuesday flipflop shenanigans we will be having our Outdoors Club Meeting tonight (Tuesday 10/18) at 9pm on the WPU patio as per usual. We will start taking t-shirt orders and trip sign ups. See you there Connor

POC: Sorry, I ran out of acronyms.

DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!  Get psyched! The New River Gorge trip is this weekend on the 14, 15, and 16 of Rock-tober, so if you got an email about it, you made it. If not, sorry but keep checking your email in case others drop. Also, make sure you know how to belay BEFORE the trip preferably. You can go to the rock wall in Trees Hall for a lesson.   There will be a  Venture Outdoors trip this weekend as well on Oct. 15 from 1 – 3 pm for geocaching.  It's like treasure hunting with a GPS and it's a fun time! Sign-ups right here: We are taking any designs you make for our upcoming tshirt order. If you have a design, you MUST email it to Liz Carpenter ( ) before the next meeting. Kayaking pool sessions were super successful as we had a 5 for


Don't Forget The Outdoors Club meeting will be at 9pm outside the WPU patio and we have swag! We are selling last years tshirts and nalgenes (its a cool design) for $10 each and we have POC shot glasses for $5 each. Bring us all of your monies!  See ya soon fam,  Nick Penatzer

POC: Pitt's Outstanding Club

DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!    Sorry for no meeting last night, but Reel Rock was kickin! There were highs, there were lows, there were falls, there awesome ascents, and there was even a catchy song about a boat! So thanks to everyone who came out with us.  Well, I haven't heard that we lost any skydivers this weekend, so props to everyone who was crazy enough to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Way to not die!   For any trips this weekend, the lists are/have been finalized and if you made it the will be/was an email letting you know if you made the cut.   Get psyched! The New River Gorge trip is on the 14, 15, and 16 of Rock-tober, so start climbing at trees hall to get ready. We will be mandating that you take a workshop at the climbing wall in Trees hall to go on this trip, so make it up sooner than later. Plus, it never hurts to get a b

Reel Rock Film Fest/No Meeting 10/4

Ahoy all outdoorsy folk, Tomorrow (Tues 10/4) there will be NO MEETING because there is the Reel Rock Film Festival at CMU.  The event is FREE and all are welcome to join.  We will be meeting at the WPU Patio at 6 pm to walk to CMU for the 7 pm show.  Bring some cash for bomber raffle prizes!  The Facebook event page can be found here.   If you cannot meet at 6 you can meet us over at CMU at 7 at McConomy Auditorium.  See you there, Connor


DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!     Firstly, SKYDIVING!!! If you have paid Anna Greenberg $50 and you were on the list, then you should be getting an email sometime this week because the trip is this weekend. Hopefully we see you all at the next meeting ;)   Next, Thriftsburgh, the university thrift store is in need of donations. Have old clothes? Bring them to Anna at the meetings!   PMADD, which is October 22 is coming up. Last year we helped clean up the river from kayaks and it was sweet. Sign up with the POC at the link here:   Email Anna with any volunteering related questions as well.   Dolly Sods is not this weekend but next weekend. It is an intermediate backpacking trip. The area is beautiful and is supposed to be one of t

POC Meeting Minutes

DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL! Hi all, should be a pretty short email today.  Firstly, SKYDIVING!!! If you still want to go you must be on the spreadsheet and need to give Anna Greenberg $50 upfront by the end of this week at the latest. Anna's email is   Next, our first outdoorsy volunteering event will be this saturday from 8:30 to 3:30. Please sign up and help clean up a cool climbing area. The bus will be departing from the Union at 8:30 so be on time. Also please make sure you fill out the google spreadsheet available here: The other volunteering event we have is PMADD which is on October 22. Last year we helped clean up the river from kayaks and it was sweet. Sign up with the POC at the link here:

bike ride

Venture Outdoors invites you to witness the carnage that is our Monster Bike Rally, aka a nice bike ride around Pittsburgh from 4:30 to 6 on September 25th.

POC: Party On Campers!

How's goes it my POCers! It's Tuesday which means its time for the POC meeting minutes! So without further ado, the minutes...yep, here ya on... Aaaaannnnyyywaaayyyy, first up this week is our service requirement. We will be taking a trip out to Beam Rocks to give back to a local climbing area. We will be picking up trash and cleaning graffiti from the rocks. This will be Sept. 24, from 9 am to 3 pm (times are flexible). If you are interested in joining, please email Anna Greenberg at . Also email Anna if you are interested in skydiving. Inevitably, every year people get psyched, we get a discount, then too many drop out. So if you are serious about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, then let Anna know immediately. Hopefully you all get to go, and we don't hear that we're missing members at the next meeting. For anyone who made it onto the Laurel Highlands hiking trip (you should have gotten an email) and needs gear [[tent, backpack, etc

meeting tonight Tues 9/13

Hey All, Meeting tonight at 9 pm on the wpu patio Tuesday 9/13.  Be there or be square brochachos. See you there. Connor

Post-Meeting E-mail

Hey Peeps,  As a reminder, If you want to be removed from our email list: listinfo/poc    halfway down the page is an unsubscribe function.  Dues and waivers can be handed in at the meetings on Tuesdays. If you can't make that let me know and I will work something out.   We have a VO kayaking trip next thursday 9/15/16 from 6-8pm. Its on the north shore and usually is a fun, mellow evening.  Sign up for that here: We also have a backpacking trip to the Laurel highlands next weekend (16th-18th).  Should be a good time, sign up for that here: The confirmations for ohiopyle should go out at some point tonight, and we will sort out gear for the trip a bit later in the week.   Good luck with classes and let me know if you have any questions ( )  we c

Meeting Tonight

Hey all POCers, We have a meeting tonight (Tuesday 9/6) at 9pm on the WPU Patio.  Bring dues ($10 for the semester $15 for the year) and a waiver found attached right here.  Be there or be square. See y'all Connor the canoe

POC: Pretty Outstanding Club

That's right folks, it's the POC meeting minutes, and we're here with your host, Nick Penatzer {aka the secretary, [aka whitewater chair, (aka some other nicknames I don't really care for...POC Ninja)]}       Errhmmm, anyway, if you are reading this, it means you (YES YOU!!!) have been graciously accepted into the greatest organization known to man, or at least the University of Pittsburgh. So here's a big welcome from all of us to you mountain men, water women, cave creatures, and those somewhere in the middle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all this email has to offer (WARNING: the surgeon general indicates that use of this email can lead to ignoring homework, spending money on outdoorsy things, and eventually living out of a van) First things first. Do you like rafting? Do you like climbing? How about hiking? Well guess what? Our first weekend trip of the year has all of that and more. So if you're hyped to get on the outdoors club bandwagon, sign up for this


Hi all!   If anyone is looking for a work study position or experience mentoring preschool children—please please check out Jumpstart!   I apologize for spamming this group, but we still have about 20 slots open, so I am sharing everywhere! I have attached an FAQ document that details the daily expectations of the program—but please ask me any additional questions that are not on there!   Are you interested in mentoring preschool children? Are you looking for a Federal Work Study or volunteer position? Are you available for one of the following timeslots: ·          Monday/Wednesday 9:00am-12:30pm ·          Monday/Wednesday 2:00pm-5:30pm ·          Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am-12:30pm ·          Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-5:30pm   Are you passionate about closing the achievement gap so that every child in America can enter kindergarten prepared to succeed??   If so, please apply TODAY: Interviews are held this week (Wednesday,

Meeting time

Meeting is at 9pm on 8/30/16, sorry for the confusion.

Meeting info+ How to remove yourself from this email list

Hello everyone, First, if you are interested in removing yourself from the email list please go to and about 2/3 of the way down the page enter your address in the unsubscribe field. Second, we have a meeting tomorrow night on the William Pitt Union patio (the one the faces the cathedral).  It should be a pretty casual get together, but we will be accepting waivers and dues. We will also spend some time introducing the officers and talking about trips.   Ideally you can print out a waiver ( )  and bring it. (protip: print at 50%, put two on one page of paper, and give one to a friend. Cheers to the planet)  We will have copies of the waiver if you can't find a printer prior to the meeting.  We will also be collecting dues: 15 for the year or 10 for the semester. Cheers, Matt  

Kayaking Trip

Hey everyone,  Welcome back!  There is a venture outdoors kayaking event tomorrow from 6-8pm (Monday the 29th). We will be leaving from the William Pitt Union around 5:30pm and taking buses to the north shore.  I know this is super last minute but if your interested sign up ASAP and I will send confirmation e-mails out tomorrow morning.  Cheers, Matt

The Final Minutes

Hey you oompa loompas, It sure has been a good run of trips. We have one more for the semester.  Day caving is going out this Sunday, you should have gotten an email.  We have, coming right atcha, the gear policy for the summer.  So if that is something you are interested in, check it out! it's attached and stuff! email Christian at Thanks for all those who made this semester great.  I hope you had a great time and I cannot wait to hear all about your summer adventures and see you in the fall for some more stellar trips! Best, Connor. Doing the cancan. Martin 

Holy Guacamole Minutes

Ahoy Pocers. Have you ever heard that Wednesday the 13 th is extra spooky????? We have some final trips of the semester and stuff.  Weekend of April 15 th - April 17 th The sweetest backpacking trip of Dolly Sods backpacking in WV.  You should have already gotten an email if you are going Saturday 4/16 April 16, from 8:30am - Noon. I don't think I'll personally be able to make it - I've got a TON of work to do before next Monday, but I figured I'd let you guys know. There's a link at the end of this email that people can sign up on if anyone wants to. Here's some more information about it:  Meet at Point of View Statue, across from Monterey Restaurant (1411 Grandview Ave.) Bring work clothes and gloves, climbing harnesses and belay gear if you have them.  They're looking for people who have climbed before to do it - you have to be able to repel safely off the railing.  If you c

Meeting tonight

Hey all, Meeting TONIGHT 236 Cathedral. We have a fuel canister recycle tool.  SOOOOO if you have old fuel canisters you would like to recycle... BRING it on over tonight and we can have a canister recycling PARTY!!! Best, Connor

Am I still awake??? Minutes

Hiya Peeps, If you haven't heard, the Ohiopyle trip is cancelled due to hella coldness (average 25 degrees F for the weekend). So sorry folks, the weather is all wacky.\ We got MORE hip hoppin trips. Weekend of Friday 4/15-Sunday 4/17 Dolly Sods Backpacking.   Dolly sods is a wilderness area in southeast West Virginia.   It is THEBOMB.COM of backpacking.   Join us on this awesome trip! Sign up here. Sunday 4/17 We have a service thingydoodle with venture outdoors.   It will be a fun activity (hiking, biking, kayaking, not actually sure what yet) and then some nice trash pickup thing.   So do good in the world, sign up here. We have a really cool offer from these people for a really good deal on WFA training. So check it out.       We got a great response of interest for a W

Meeting Tonight

Hi all you folk.   Meeting tonight Cathy 236 9pm.  Come sign up for some of the final trips of the semester.  Be there or be square. Outies Connor

Cookie Crisp Minutes

Hi… POCers We got more STUFF.  It's already April. That's CARAZY! Friday 4/1 Get your volunteer hours in! From 11am-12pm on THIS FRIDAY (April 1st) volunteer at the 24-Feel Good deli! Represent POC as you help to take orders and make sandwiches. Email Anna Greenberg ( ) with questions.  Sign up HITHER! Saturday, 4/2 Come do some maintenance and boulder at Cooper's rock.  It will also fulfill that service thingamajig.  Soooo Ya. Info here… Sign up here, Weekend 4/8 The coveted, legendary, blueberry Ohiopyle trip.  Join us to hike/raft/kayak/climb your way to glory.  It'll be uber doper fun.


...But the link is here... For the Saturday 9:30 am 3/26.  Was the anticipation enough for ya? Connor

Corrected Link for Sustainability research

Hi all, the link did not work for the sustainability event.  So here is the correct link.  This is if you want to volunteer saturday 3/26 at 9:30 am.  It will fulfill your service requirement. Best, Connor

Day Late Minutes

Hey Tall (and short) POC Members, Welcome to another caffeine (seriously, it's the only reason I'm still conscious) fueled minutes.  This week only DAY LATE MINUTES! If YOU Went on Seneca read on.  Victoria found a green Nalgene water bottle with national parks stickers, a green and yellow jacket, and a gray fleece.  So let me know if those belong to YOOOOOOUUUUU. Saturday 3/26 If you still need your service requirement help tear out some bushes for a sustainability project.  Meet at the srcc parking lot at 9:30 am, isss gonna be fun.  Sign up here.   Weekend of 3/26 We are going to the New (but it's kinda old at this point) River Gorge to go climbing, caving and hiking.  SO GET HYPE! If you are going, you should have gotten an email. Weekend of 4/2 We are going backpacking on the laurel h


Howdy ho all you folk, I hope that everyone had a cookie crazy Springer (JERRY, JERRY) Break. Spring is coming. Spring is  here.  Trips are coming, trips are Near Saturday 3/19 Venture Outdoors Outdoor workshop.  If you signed up an Email is coming soon. Sunday 3/20 This weekend we are going bouldering this weekend at Cooper's rock.  Email will be around soon.  spreadsheet is here Weekend of 3/26 The New River Gorge Trip in WV.  We are going to climb, hike, and cave.  So if you can get excited for that, sign up here That is for Izzzle for now. I'm gonna scadoot out. Bestest Bud, Connor the Condorian

Links no working

Hi All, The links for signups aren't working.  So here is a link for the outdoor skills workshop. AND for bouldering at Cooper's Rock Soooooo sign up for stuff. By, Connor Martin

Oompa Loompa Minutes

Hey HomeSkittles (Taste the Rainbow) Hope you Good friends are excited fOr Spring Break, I knOw that I am. Can't wait to hear all of the fun aDventure stories.  We are stiLl selling stuff.  So if yoU want merChandise, let me Know like no other. Water bottles $15, T-shirts $10. Saturday 3/19 Venture Outdoors Skills Workshop.  Learn how to survive in the wild wilderness so you don't get eaten by a bear or soMe stuff. Sunday 3/20 Bouldering at Cooper's rock.  A greAt way to hanG out in nature and Get on some ROCKS! HAHAHAHA, If you want to bike scavEnger hunt (Like badass finding stuff) I'm reaching out to let you and the Outdoors Club know about our first annual bike scavenger hunt, the WPTS Radio Ride. T

TIred (Like your car) Minutes

Hey all, My eyes are le tired, so it's gonna be a quick one.  We are still selling merchandise (SHOSHOSHOT Glasses, 3 left) $5 each Nalgene water bottles, $15 each, t-shits… I mean shirts $10 each. So bring money to the next meeting Next Tuesday 3/1 9 pm Cathy 236. Weekend 2/27 SENECA rocks trip ROCKS! If you are going you have gotten infor emails, done workshops and should be stoked to be psyched.  BRRRR it's gonna be a cold one. Saturday 2/27 Venture Outdoors SKI trip.  You should have gotten an email if you are good to go (like the taco bell commercial).  So get amped to shred some trails. That's all, As always, Do it outdoors. The Con-Bomber Martin

Cooler than school Minutes

Howdy Ho everybody, It's been another riveting week, and time for more Outdoorsy info.  We still have HELLA Merch in the secret batcave where we keep all our stuff.  So if you want a trill on the hill 1 liter orange Nalgene water bottle with the POC logo or a blue t-shirt with our logo, Bottles are $15 a pop and shirts are $10.  Bring the cashycash to the next meeting. Sunday 2/21 Snowshoeing (But actually hiking, because no snow L ) in Frick Park, 11 am.  You should have gotten an email if you signed up and made the trip. Saturday 2/27 SKIING with venture outdoors, so TEAR IT UP! We are using the old signup sheet, so tell Dom if you signed up and can't make the new date so we can maximize this dope opportunity. Weekend of 2/27 We are traveling to magical Seneca West Virginia.  You MUST attend climbing workshops if you want to climb.  Just because you are on the list, you are not gaurenteed to go.  We

Meeting Tonight

Hi POC, Tonight is a meeting (Tuesday 2/16) at 9 pm cathedral 236. BYBYBYBY Connor

Late Night Minutes

It's Late Night with the Pitt Outdoors Club! It's semester crunch time… so we have some trip traps to help you relax. Thursday 2/11 7:30 pm An action packed date auction put on by the Pitt Pathfinders in Lawrence Hall.  You can pay to take some of the studliest studs out for Dinner, as in your very own Connor Martin, Grady Martin, Nick Penatzer, and Mike Springer, and many more beautiful people (male and female people)  So get pumped.  Money goes to relay for life  More info here Sunday 2/14 8:30-12 am.  Meet outside of Old Engineering hall.  Or up to Trees at 9 am to practice all things rolling (Kayaks of course) with Nick the Peanut.  This will be in the small pool.  Contact Nick with questions From 1-5 pm, we have a nice quant day hike to McConnel's Mill, a beautiful place about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.  Check it out and sign up