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POC, NRG, SSS, and all the other acronyms you know you love!

Rock Climbing's fun, caving is too. NRG this weekend? Yes that means YOU!!! Can't forget hiking, that would be sad, and Ohiopyle rafting, it's gonna be rad! Most important of all, what you might think? Secret Sandwich Society, with good food and good drink. How do I sign up, where do I go? The link comes up later, so look out below! Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome back for another riveting installment of The POC Meeting Minutes (vol. 2, issue 4 "Return of the NRG") Yes that's right folks, this weekend we will be making the long, arduous journey to the mountainous landscape known as West Virginia. Some of you won't survive the trip, but with strength in numbers, I'm expecting at least 9 people to make it through. Here's the activity breakdown for the NEW RIVER GORGE: Climbing: For those of you who frequently enjoy getting high Hiking: For those who like to stay on the on the ground (not above it, nor below) Caving: For all of you who like t

Give Me Meeting Minutes or Give Me Death (or Tacos)

IT'S TUESDAY (sorry I got busy, it's now Wednesday)!!! That means: a) This is the Outdoors Club Meeting Minutes b) Tacos were sold at discount prices c) A Mr. Ferland discussed awesome nature stuff at the WPU d) All of the above If you chose d, then that means you and the other 2999 people getting this email have one common interest, and that ladies of the lakes and men of the mountains is the Pitt Outdoors Club (and possibly beer). This past weekend was our day climbing trip to the lost crag as well as our Venture Outdoors bike ride. The Lost Crag kept to its name by disorienting some of our members, and though it was a bit of a moist morning, the afternoon was breezy and beautiful. The bike ride also had some sun and those looking for the feel of two wheels really enjoyed themselves. CAUTION! Click at your own risk: Why you ask? Because once you go climbi

Did Someone Say Meeting Minutes?

Did Someone Say Meeting Minutes? Hey all you nature lovers from another mother. Yes it's that time of the week where you've been anxiously awaiting the sign-ups for some of our awesome activities. You just need to navigate all the questionable grammar, bad jokes, and amazing updates we are slinging your way. First up: OHIOPYLE WAS LA BOMBA (that happens to be Spanish for freaking awesome). Many enjoyable memories were made, people really (and I mean really) got to know each other [mostly due to the disproportionate number of tents to people (tents<<<people)] and despite the rain, we partied on and there was even one sketchy game of ultimate frisbee. If you still have gear, BRING IT BACK!!! It may seem illogical but we might actually need to use it again. Contact Gear the Dom-master at . Next up, like meat? How about meat in a giant folded nacho. Well, if the thought appeals to you then step right up for Connor Martin's Taco Tuesday (Extrava


WHATS UP EVERYBODY!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!HI!!!!!! If you're getting this email it means one thing, you have a hankering to get down and dirty with the outdoors club {How could you not? [We are the best club on campus (Yeah POC)]} This is the first official email for the club this semester and its chock full of outdoorsy goodness. SOOOOOOO, onto all the important happenings in this happening club. First and foremost OHIOPYLE IS THIS WEEKEND (5th, 6th, and 7th) WOOOOO. This is our grand kickoff for the year and is a great place to make friends and find your faction. Like to crawl up a rock face with nothing but your bare hands (and climbing shoes)? Join the other rock loving people around you and climb away. For all of you H2O lovers out there, come join the water people as we raft down the mighty Yough. And finally, all you weary wanderers (I think that's a word) come hike around this majestic park and take some stellar pics while you're at it. Don't want to be