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The now regular pre-meeting email!

Hello everyone! I know it's late, my b, but I'm trying to get this out before Tuesday, we'll see how fast I can type! We will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9pm outside WPU! From what I've heard, those that went had a lovely time at Ohiopyle with rafting, hiking, climbing and some free-range exploration (I'm reading y'all found natural waterslides? rip to me) so that's awesome! If anyone who went has any notes about what was great for future years, what could use some work, we'd love to chat with you at the meeting tomorrow! If you wanna see some pics from Ohiopyle check out our instagram! Also please note that the instagram is now  @outdoorsclubpitt because of weird naming guidelines from Pitt, in the email following tomorrow's meeting we'll outline how naming things will affect our various platforms. And most importantly, at tomorrow's meeting: We will review Ohiopyle (we'd love feedback) Evan will talk about Laurel Highlands (if you're

Meeting 140 Days After Groundhog Day

To all you wonderful people out there, Due to popular demand, the Meeting synopses have been granted their proper naming convention. AT THIS MEETING We talked about Ohiopyle, if you are going, you have been contacted. If you aren't there are SO MANY more trips, I promise We had signups for our next trip: Laurel Highlands backpacking, sign up here if interested: We will have a full trip calendar VERY SOON, promise We have officially joined the SOOS (Student Office of Sustainability) so we're green and stuff because we like the outdoors, yknow? It makes sense If you have any questions please email me (Aidan) If you have questions about Ohiopyle, you are in a gc with the officers on it, let them know (unless you're not, then let Kira know so she can add you to it) If you have questions about Laurel Highlands, ask Evan! I am also attempting to keep the emails shorter now because I know they're hard to read. SO I hope you all have a lovel

Update just before our meeting!

To all you lovely people out there, We have a meeting today (Tuesday 9/14)! Same time, same place. That being: 9pm, on the WPU Lawn, also known as this place right here: Okay sick, that oughta do it! In other news, selections have been made for Ohiopyle! We are so so so happy with the amount of people who wanted to go on this trip. Unfortunately, campgrounds are only so big, and we only have so many supplies, and we have a budget per person. If you are going, you should have gotten an email about it. If you did not get an email, do not despair. This is but one of many many trips that we will have. (And lowkey this one will prolly be super busy compared to some of the later ones). SPEAKING OF, we have a much smaller trip coming up. In some ways, that could mean that it's more competitive, in other ways, it could mean that a little tight-knit group of backpackers form! That's right y'all! We got BACKPACKING up next. We will be venturing over to the Laurel Highlands and doing

Meeting on the 7th of the 9th month of the year 2 thousand and twenty-one

Hello Beautiful People! We have officially had our first meeting and I'm confident that that was the most successful first meeting this club has ever seen. Thank you so much for spreading the word and showing up! At this meeting we talked about: What this club is! What we do, how excited we are to do it (mostly just outdoors stuff!) Working on joining SOOS to show this beautiful Earth our love! The merch is incoming! We don't have a clear plan of what yet, but the influx of signups should mean we can provide some dope stuff! We went over the officers and their favorite aquatic animals! (that info will come in a follow-up email to put it in one place) We did a TON of signups (again thank you) if you did not do not fear! Swing by the next meeting to do so and if you can't make it to a meeting to sign up please reach out to me! Last but not least, we held signups for Ohiopyle! Thank you so much for all of the interest, if you didn't get to sign up please do so here: https:

The Big One

Hello Beautiful People! This is the big email. You want information? I gotchu. ... I think ... Yeah I think I have the information, it's right over... AH! There it is, okay, so: This is the outdoors club! Hello! What do we do? Well, we do most things outdoors! Hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, caving, kayaking, mountain biking, XC skiing, trailrunning, bikepacking? Paddleboarding? SKY DIVING??? We haven't done the question mark ones in a while if at all, but we have officers who are interested in these fields and looking into the feasibility of making these new trips! Now, what does a 'trip' mean exactly? It can mean so so much. The one and only trip I've been on was a day trip down to lost crag for outdoors climbing in Late February. It was cold, I butchered my fingers, and I hope dearly that we offer that trip again. Other trips can be full weekend trips, we offer a few week-long trips and we are aiming to have a ton of mini-trips this year: trips where we d