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Outdoors Club: Can I have fries with my minutes?

I'm going to do this quick because I'm really tired.  (That's what she said) If anyone has any gear left from ANY trip this semester so far please email either Erin ( or Domonic ( about returning it. Food Day is on Thursday. Food Day, from my understanding, is an event that is trying to get students to be more aware about what they're eating and promote local and organic food sources.There's also free food! I found this link that may or may not be accurate: Our fall Seneca trip is this weekend. This is our climbing "graduation" trip of the Fall semester. If you are climbing on the trip you should already know it but if you have any questions talk to Tyler ( Jordi is also taking some people out caving at Seneca. To sign up for this follow this link right here:

Outdoors Club: Meenuts

Dear outsidians, Alex here coming at you with some vital slams of informatiomals. We had a great meeting tonight even if we were packed in like birch leaves in a leaf collection. Beth from the Student Conservation Association spoke a bit about some awesome things you could do with the SCA. More info can be found at ! Noah from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) also dropped some knowledge. More information on NOLS can be found at ! Seriously, take some time to consider taking advantage of these opportunities. They're sooooper cool (outsides + helping evironments + leaderships = soooooper cool). The Reel Rock film tour is coming up (for reel). This exquisite film of various badasseries involving climbing various things will be held on October 14th on CMU's campus at 7:30pm and its free (think free beer (but climbing movies instead of beer)). More info: The New River Gorge trip

Outdoors Club: A Definitive Guide Of Weeks To Come

Hello there you climbing rhyming blinding miming (sometimes) whining friends of mine(ing), Here comes your weekly dose of fleeting, speeding, leading, needing, meeting, POC proceeding: We are selling Tshirts ($10), Nalgene water bottles ($8), and shot glasses ($5) with a spirited logo on them this year. Troy Ferland ( ) is currently taking orders for the aforementioned sprited items. A spirited order form can be found attached to this spirited email. He will be taking orders until next Friday (9/13). The tshirts will be black in the spirit of the spirits in which they are designed in spirit of. We will only be placing orders for spirited items that have been paid for in advance. You can order these items at office hours or the next meeting. The first beginner climber trip will go out next weekend to a yet to be determined but most likely Breakneck location on Saturday (9/14). This trip is limited to people who take our introduction to climbing workshop next week

Outdoors(ish) Club Happenings

Hey you Krackling Kampers, Welcome to this week's edition of the Outdoors Club happenings. We had our first meeting this past Tuesday and it was awesome to see so many excited new members out there. Some general (tater) tots of information: - Don't forget about the scavenger hunt going on in Schenley park tonight (Thursday 8/29)! It sounds sort of cheesy but we promise it will be fun. You'll get to meet other members of the club (in a romantic and intimate setting), hike a bit, possibly eat some food, and light that spark between you and that outdoorsy looking gal or gentleman you've had your eye on. We're meeting at Schenley plaza at 7:30 and it shouldn't last more than 2 hours. It might be muddy from the rain the last couple days. - Our first trip to Ohiopyle is going out in two weeks! This trip includes rafting, kayaking, climbing, hiking, camping, skipping, frolicing, dancing, dancing, and dancing. We'll talk more about this tr

First Meeting!

Hey everyone, It's finally time for POC! We've got some great stuff planned for this year and it all starts tomorrow. Our first meeting is tomorrow night at 9pm at the William Pitt Union lawn. At the meeting you will be able to join the club by signing a waiver form and paying your dues. Dues are $10 a semester of $15 for the year. Waiver forms can be found at . Waivers will also be provided if you need one. We'll see you there! Take it easy, Alex

POC: The Resurrection

tl;dr: POC meetings will be moving back outside to the Union lawn at 9pm on Tuesdays. ----------------------------------------- The time has come again my friends to apoligize and make ammends with these outdoors we love so dear. For we have let her down I fear. Lady winter came with all her might. We hid like children without a fight As cowardly lions we quickly ran from snow, from cold, from the frozen land. But finally comrades we go to war! Mother nature has returned her warmth. Like the wutang we will bring the ruckus! And for Sparta we fight for sun above us! Tonight we meet upon the lawn in the trees, the grass, the warmth of dawn. The soothing nudge of destiny awaits at 9PM bitch...don't be late. - Bill (The Thrill) Shakespeare

POC Minutes 4/2

Well Hello all, The weather is finally warming up which means, its time to get outside! Here's the round up: This Weekend Mt. Washington Cleanup - Sunday, 9am - Top of Mt. Washington We will rappel down the slopes and clean up trash. Its a great time and it helps the community. Any questions contact Joshdiggity at BANFF - Sunday, 5pm - Byham Theatre Downtown If you have tickets already, great. If not you can still get some. Just call the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Any Questions contact Tyler at Next Weekend THE NEW RIVER GORGE!!! - Friday, Saturday, Sunday There will be climbng, hiking, water people, camp fires, guitars, and maybe even Eisenhower Steaks (BYOS) Sign ups for the New are here - If you want to climb ther you must take a intro to climbing class at the Trees Climbing Wall at the following times. Josh - Monday 4P

First Day of Spring Newsletter!

Hey Outdoory Types! Man do we have some many exciting events coming up for y'all! First off Alex is taking a group out to New River this weekend to do some clibimg climbing. Its gonna be cold so bring jackets and what not. The plan is to leave at 5pm saturday evening and get back later on Sunday. You'll be camping Saturday night so bring whatever you'll need to survive for a night. If you need any gear it can borrow from the club before the trip heads out on Saturday. Sign up links right here→ Questions? Email Alex (He'll be driving the van Saturday) David Uber will be hosting another set of pool sessions this Sunday, March 24: 9AM-Noon for those who want to get some practice with white water kayaking techniques. Sign up here →


Hey all you Rickity Ramblin Rollers, Its that time of the week again (the time that you have all been waiting for). The POC minutes are here! Oh boy do we have some stuff this week to whett your outside whistle! Onest: David Uber (The Notorious D.U.B.) will be leading a backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Trail this weekend! It's going to be awesome! Signups have already happened but you can add yourself to the alternate section if you're feeling lucky like a Liger. Signups: Twiyst: There will be a sport climbing workshop at the Tree's climbing wall help by Josh Cumberland and myself tomorrow (Thursday 2/21) at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time. This is a bit different from previous workshops in that we are asking that you have a pretty solid base of climbing before the workshop. In particular you should be able to comfortably top rope 5.9 routes. If you

2/5 Update: Bouldering, Elections & Tacos, Oh My!

Yo yo yiggity yo! In the following post you will learn about: -Upcoming Events -Officer Elections -A Petition about Fracking -Tacos -Thursday Skill Sessions are Postponed until 2/22 -Meetings are still in CL 252 at 9 pm This post is a long 'un but if there's one thing you take away from it... **Please turn out next week to vote for ELECTIONS!** ---------- UPCOMING EVENTS 2/9: BOULDERING COMP @ Trees Hall ***Prizes! Raffles! a DJ! Hot Climber People (Relatively Shirtless!)!! Chalk! Stickers!!*** Registration Starts: 10 am Climbing Starts: 11 am Hosted by the Rock Wall Staff, aka. the coolest people you will ever meet (aside from the POC officers). What's the overlapping element here?? ;-) OTHER SHENANIGANS: 2/10 & 2/17: Pool Sessions with David (dju2) 2/10: Day Hike with Nancy (nmm59) 2/23-2/24: Winter Backpacking! with Kate n Josh n David (mkm55) 3/3: Caving Day-trip with Jordi (jav47) All sign-ups can be found here:


Hey there all you Winter Waffles, POC had another great meeting last night and much fun was had by all. We talked about a couple things going on in the upcoming week. First off, Thursday Josh and I are holding a rappelling and ascending workshop at the climbing wall for POC members. This workshop will include prusiking, single rope rappelling, double rope rappelling, using ascenders, and other various skills that are considered standard for climbers. We had mentioned at the meeting that we would also be doing a navigation workshop this Friday but we have decided that will be a bit much for this week. Preparation for that workshop will involve a bit more preparation on our part if anyone will get anything out of it. Therefore we are thinking of pushing this back until at least next week. Any thoughts are welcome. On Sunday we will be going to play laser tag at Laser Storm. It is ladies night on Sunday so girls only pay $3.00 per game. Guys will pay $6.00 per game (or a li

POC: The Weekly Update

Hello all fellow outsidites, We are officially launching a new semester with the Outdoors Club and it's going to be awesome! This semester we will be going caving, ice climbing, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, white water kayaking, ice skating laser tagging, movie watching, Oakland stomping, hot chocolate drinking, law breaking, van driving, and much much more! First, if you are new to the club you must sign a waiver and pay dues before you can go on any trips. The waivers can be found online at , at office hours, or at the meetings. The dues for one semester are $10. This will cover transportation, lodging, and no-cost rental gear from the club for almost all of our trips. More importantly, this weekend is going to allsome! On Friday, the lovely Madelyn Kasula will be leading us on a (slightly) impromptu trip to the Schenley ice skating rink to enjoy the quick, thick, and always slick Mr. Winter "Can't Stand On Me" Ice. We will be meetin