Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Outdoors Club: Can I have fries with my minutes?

I'm going to do this quick because I'm really tired.

 (That's what she said)

If anyone has any gear left from ANY trip this semester so far please email either Erin (ebm30@pitt.edu) or Domonic (dnm32@pitt.edu) about returning it.

Food Day is on Thursday. Food Day, from my understanding, is an event that is trying to get students to be more aware about what they're eating and promote local and organic food sources.There's also free food! I found this link that may or may not be accurate: http://www.foodday.org/48978/food_day_extravaganza

Our fall Seneca trip is this weekend. This is our climbing "graduation" trip of the Fall semester. If you are climbing on the trip you should already know it but if you have any questions talk to Tyler (tdq1@pitt.edu). Jordi is also taking some people out caving at Seneca. To sign up for this follow this link right here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AicKOBGFs2bFdHV1TjZ1MnkyYUJyTk8zNEp0cnkzX1E&usp=sharing

We are pretty limited with the amount of people we can take to Seneca.

Also, all the Nalgenes, Tshirts, and shot glasses are available. If you purchased one of these earlier in the semester talk to Troy (tmf39@pitt.edu) about claiming it. If you would still like to buy something we have some extras that we're selling (Nalgenes: $8, Tshirts: $10, Shot glasses: $5).

On another very important note we're going to Cheeseman's Fright Farm (LLC)next Thursday (like as in Halloween). Cheeseman's is a haunted place of adventures. We go every year and it's super fun. Also we need people to drive. If you're at all interested in going to Cheeseman's or would like to organize the trip to Cheeseman's (not hard) email me (ajq3@pitt.edu).

Finally if you have any ideas for awesome things to do for the rest of the semester and through winter let me (ajq3@pitt.edu) or another officer know. We would love to organize any cool thing you have in mind. These things can include volunteer work, masochistic cold things, or anything in between.

Other than that if you have any comments, concerns, compliments, complaints, cuestions, coaxes, or caws email Joey (jad186@pitt.edu) because he likes those sorts of things.

Take it easy, Alex

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outdoors Club: Meenuts

Dear outsidians,

Alex here coming at you with some vital slams of informatiomals.

We had a great meeting tonight even if we were packed in like birch leaves in a leaf collection.

Beth from the Student Conservation Association spoke a bit about some awesome things you could do with the SCA. More info can be found at www.thesca.org! Noah from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) also dropped some knowledge. More information on NOLS can be found at nols.edu!

Seriously, take some time to consider taking advantage of these opportunities. They're sooooper cool (outsides + helping evironments + leaderships = soooooper cool).

The Reel Rock film tour is coming up (for reel). This exquisite film of various badasseries involving climbing various things will be held on October 14th on CMU's campus at 7:30pm and its free (think free beer (but climbing movies instead of beer)).
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/306051096202016/

The New River Gorge trip (i.e. Secret-Sandwich-Society-going-to trip) is happening this weekend. The trip will be from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. We'll have cars and vans leaving at various times on Friday. We'll be climbing, caving, hiking, and (mayyyybbeeee) rafting. You will be responsible for bringing a sleeping bag, having a tent to sleep in, and feedn ya mouf. The club has a limited supply of gear that you could borrow. Email Erin Moss (our lovely gear master) about checking out gear (ebm30@pitt.edu). We will be capping the trip at a yet-to-be-determined number of people. If you are on the trip you will get an email later this week.

Signups for the NRG (SSSGT) trip are here:

Here's to a great Twoessday and an even more radical Whetnastday!

Your endeering fan,
Aleckz Kwin

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Outdoors Club: A Definitive Guide Of Weeks To Come

Hello there you climbing rhyming blinding miming (sometimes) whining friends of mine(ing),

Here comes your weekly dose of fleeting, speeding, leading, needing, meeting, POC proceeding:

We are selling Tshirts ($10), Nalgene water bottles ($8), and shot glasses ($5) with a spirited logo on them this year. Troy Ferland (tmf39@pitt.edu) is currently taking orders for the aforementioned sprited items. A spirited order form can be found attached to this spirited email. He will be taking orders until next Friday (9/13). The tshirts will be black in the spirit of the spirits in which they are designed in spirit of. We will only be placing orders for spirited items that have been paid for in advance. You can order these items at office hours or the next meeting.

The first beginner climber trip will go out next weekend to a yet to be determined but most likely Breakneck location on Saturday (9/14). This trip is limited to people who take our introduction to climbing workshop next week (or test out of it). Signups will go out next week for this trip. Email Tyler Quinn (tdq1@pitt.edu) with questions.

The first introductory whitewater kayaking trip will go out next Sunday (9/15). Signups will be going out next week. Email David Uber (dju2@pitt.edu) with questions.

As you may already know (cuz you so smart), next week we will begin our first climbing workshops of the semester! This will be the first in a series of workshops that are designed as NECESSARY steps in building the skills to attend the "graduation" climbing trip to Seneca Rocks (extravaganza on a big ass cliff). The first workshop will be next week at Trees hall (times to be determined). This workshop will cover the basics of belaying, tying in, and general climbing safety. It is MANDATORY for every person who wishes to come to the beginner climbing trip next weekend (Saturday 9/14) to either attend this workshop or test out of the workshop. Contact Tyler Quinn (tdq1@pitt.edu) for more information.

If you would like to rent gear, hand in dues and waivers, hear adventure stories, talk about beards, or make fun of Tyler Quinn's new obsession with pedaling his bicycle then stop by our office during any of our office hours this week. Our office is in Room 319 O'Hara Student Center. Note that there may be some maintenance (beating the shit out of a leaky ceiling) going on in the office. If you can't get in go to the lobby and you'll find us there instead.
Office hours:
Alex - Friday 8-11:45 AM
Tyler - Wednesday 3-4
Jordi - Thursday 1-2
Troy - Friday 2-4

Oh...I almost forgot, Ohiopyle is this weekend! This trip will include whitewater (one word) rafting, whitewater (one word) kayaking, rock (one word) climbing, hiking, and camping. Also we might hold various impromtu skill building talks/workshops about lighting fires, cooking outside, fighting bears, eating poisonous snakes, and general outdoors skills. The trip will be leaving Friday afternoon (there will be cars and vans leaving at all times throughout the day) and coming back Sunday. You will be responsible for bringing a tent (can be rented from the club, limited supply), a sleeping bag (can be rented from the club, limited supply), and food for yourself. If this is going to be a problem please don't signup (or eat another member then steal their sleeping bag and tent).

An email will be sent out later this week to all the people who have "made it onto" the trip. It is first come first serve. We're really sorry if you don't make it on this trip. It is the most popular of the year and there will be plenty more that are much easier to get a spot for. I promise. Really. It happens every year. There will be more trips. Fun ones. With climbing. And rafting. Pinky swear.

Signups are....
HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkyqEai0nR5SdFVKdlF5Mll4aVZubGc5dTJDT2dhUFE&usp=sharing

If you're still reading, you didn't signup in time.

Take it easy,
Aleckz Kwin

POC_Order_Form.docx [292.71 KB]: https://pitt-community.symplicity.com/attachments/att5226b449743a3/POC_Order_Form.docx

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outdoors(ish) Club Happenings

Hey you Krackling Kampers,

Welcome to this week's edition of the Outdoors Club happenings.

We had our first meeting this past Tuesday and it was awesome to see so many excited new members out there.

Some general (tater) tots of information:

- Don't forget about the scavenger hunt going on in Schenley park tonight (Thursday 8/29)! It sounds sort of cheesy but we promise it will be fun. You'll get to meet other members of the club (in a romantic and intimate setting), hike a bit, possibly eat some food, and light that spark between you and that outdoorsy looking gal or gentleman you've had your eye on. We're meeting at Schenley plaza at 7:30 and it shouldn't last more than 2 hours. It might be muddy from the rain the last couple days.

- Our first trip to Ohiopyle is going out in two weeks! This trip includes rafting, kayaking, climbing, hiking, camping, skipping, frolicing, dancing, dancing, and dancing. We'll talk more about this trip during the next meeting. Signups will go out next week with the meeting minutes.

- If you haven't had a chance to signup for the club you can do so at next meeting or by stopping by our office hours for the next two weeks. The dues for the club are $10 for the semester or $15 for the year. Waivers can be found at www.pittoutdoors.com/waiver.pdf. Our office is in 319 O'Hara Student Center.

Office hours are:
Alex - Monday 11-11:50
Tyler - Thursdays 2-4
Jordi - Thursdays 1-2
Troy - Fridays 2-4
Phillip - Tuesdays 2-4

- We will be selling Tshirts, nalgenes, and shot glasses at the next meeting. The Tshirts will be $10 each and the other stuff doesn't have a price yet. The logo design for this year is attached to this email. All profits from the sale go to buying you gear that you probably will be trusting your life to at some point. Buying tshirt = alive. Any questions should be directed to Troy (tmf39@pitt.edu)

- Check out our website for a calendar of events for this semester. www.pittoutdoors.com

That's all for now folks. If you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-Outdoors-are-scary or email any of the officers (look on website for contact info).

To get frequent updates about what is going on you can follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/PittOutdoorsClub) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/PittOutdoors).

Take it easy,
Aleckz Kwin

Jack_Daniels_POC_Logo.jpg [683.25 KB]: https://pitt-community.symplicity.com/attachments/att521f36b2bd204/Jack_Daniels_POC_Logo.jpg

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Meeting!

Hey everyone,

It's finally time for POC! We've got some great stuff planned for this year and it all starts tomorrow.

Our first meeting is tomorrow night at 9pm at the William Pitt Union lawn.

At the meeting you will be able to join the club by signing a waiver form and paying your dues. Dues are $10 a semester of $15 for the year. Waiver forms can be found at www.pittoutdoors.com/waiver.pdf. Waivers will also be provided if you need one.

We'll see you there!

Take it easy,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

POC: The Resurrection

tl;dr: POC meetings will be moving back outside to the Union lawn at 9pm on Tuesdays.


The time has come again my friends
to apoligize and make ammends
with these outdoors we love so dear.
For we have let her down I fear.

Lady winter came with all her might.
We hid like children without a fight
As cowardly lions we quickly ran
from snow, from cold, from the frozen land.

But finally comrades we go to war!
Mother nature has returned her warmth.
Like the wutang we will bring the ruckus!
And for Sparta we fight for sun above us!

Tonight we meet upon the lawn
in the trees, the grass, the warmth of dawn.
The soothing nudge of destiny awaits
at 9PM bitch...don't be late.

- Bill (The Thrill) Shakespeare

Thursday, April 4, 2013

POC Minutes 4/2

Well Hello all,

The weather is finally warming up which means, its time to get outside! Here's the round up:

This Weekend

Mt. Washington Cleanup - Sunday, 9am - Top of Mt. Washington
We will rappel down the slopes and clean up trash. Its a great time and it helps the community.
Any questions contact Joshdiggity at jsc8611@gmail.com

BANFF - Sunday, 5pm - Byham Theatre Downtown
If you have tickets already, great. If not you can still get some. Just call the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.
Any Questions contact Tyler at tdq1@pitt.edu

Next Weekend

THE NEW RIVER GORGE!!! - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
There will be climbng, hiking, water people, camp fires, guitars, and maybe even Eisenhower Steaks (BYOS)

Sign ups for the New are here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuUKHSA7sYc5dGJXMnhPeVdmR2VTS3JfVDRQSUdVZnc&usp=sharing

If you want to climb ther you must take a intro to climbing class at the Trees Climbing Wall at the following times.

Josh - Monday 4PM. Thursday 7PM - jsc8611@gmail.com
Kate - Monday 4PM, Thursday 4PM - mkm55@pitt.edu
Alex - Weeknight evenings if needed - ajq3@pitt.edu
You must attend one of these classes before the trip to climb a the new. They will be quick and then you can just climb afterward. Its just for your safety and to streamline the process when we are actually outside where teaching and learning is hard.

Next Next Weekend

Day Rafting Trip - Saturday 4/20
For information contact Jordi at jav47@pitt.edu

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring Newsletter!

Hey Outdoory Types!
Man do we have some many exciting events coming up for y'all!

First off Alex is taking a group out to New River this weekend to do
some clibimg climbing. Its gonna be cold so bring jackets and what
not. The plan is to leave at 5pm saturday evening and get back later
on Sunday. You'll be camping Saturday night so bring whatever you'll
need to survive for a night. If you need any gear it can borrow from
the club before the trip heads out on Saturday. Sign up links right
here→ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmzLWGzXQpStdHE2ODh2a3BnSjBCSk5FUGdqdTZkNGc&usp=sharing
Questions? Email Alex ajq3@pitt.edu (He'll be driving the van

David Uber will be hosting another set of pool sessions this Sunday,
March 24: 9AM-Noon for those who want to get some practice with white
water kayaking techniques. Sign up here →
Questions? Email David Uber dju2@pitt.edu

BIG NEWS! The New River Gorge trip is coming up real fast (Easter
Weekend)! This is one of our biggest trips and there will be plenty of
outdoor type things to do including climbing, rafting, hiking and
maybe even some caving. The plan is to head out Friday afternoon/early
evening and come back on Sunday evening. Tents will be available from
the club but you'll need to bring food. Are you 21? Let us know so we
can put you down to drive a van. This makes sure you have a spot on
the trip and allows more people to go along. The same applies if you
have your own car and are willing to drive. Sign up here →
and Email Josh jsc43@pitt.edu if ya got any questions or what not.

Also coming up is the Mt Washington Cleanup. Like climbing? Like
cleaning up trash? Love Pittsburgh? Come help us clean up Mt.
Washington! Pizza may be provided but you'll for sure get to make out
club look good. Takes place April 7th (that's a Saturday) from
9am-Noon. Sign up at →
- Questions? Email Alex ajq3@pitt.edu

Senecea Rock Trip! This is our other big trip of the semester. We'll
be heading out April 12 (Friday) and getting back on the 14 (Sunday).
Again there will be lots to do on this trip including top rope and
multi pitch climbing, caving and hiking. Tents will be available from
the club but you'll need to bring food. Are you 21? Let us know so we
can put you down to drive a van. This makes sure you have a spot on
the trip and allows more people to go along. The same applies if you
have your own car and are willing to drive. Sign up here →
Questions? Email Josh jsc43@pitt.edu

Want to go Skydiving? This one the club won't cover the cost of but if
you're going to jump out of a plane, why not do it with us? Sign up
here → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmzLWGzXQpStdGhLMWE1UnJpb09mMmVkcmdSdkJxd0E&usp=sharing
Questions? Email Will wjs17@pitt.edu

BANFF! This great film festival features all kinds of outdoor/extreme
sports films. If we can get 10 people to go either Sunday or Saturday
then we'll get a group discount ticket that night and tickets will
only be $8 a person per night so what are you waiting for? Email Tyler
tdq1@pitt.edu if you're interested (by Friday)!

Lastly, we are hoping to get a hiking day trip together for this
Saturday (May 23). We'll be heading out around 9am for raccoon state
park where at we'll do some hiking. Bring lunch and water. However,
for this trip we need drivers so if you want to hike and have a car or
are 21 EMAIL ME ASAP at pjs60@pitt.edu so we can make this trip
happen. Sign up here →

If you actually read through all of that, mad resect.
Y'all keep doing it outdoors,
Philip Sweet

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey all you Rickity Ramblin Rollers,

Its that time of the week again (the time that you have all been waiting for). The POC minutes are here!

Oh boy do we have some stuff this week to whett your outside whistle!

David Uber (The Notorious D.U.B.) will be leading a backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Trail this weekend! It's going to be awesome! Signups have already happened but you can add yourself to the alternate section if you're feeling lucky like a Liger.
Signups: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuUKHSA7sYc5dHZrdEJmTGUwTFJTM0ZYOC1WRXM3ZHc&usp=sharing

There will be a sport climbing workshop at the Tree's climbing wall help by Josh Cumberland and myself tomorrow (Thursday 2/21) at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time. This is a bit different from previous workshops in that we are asking that you have a pretty solid base of climbing before the workshop. In particular you should be able to comfortably top rope 5.9 routes. If you are not at this level yet however just come anyway to practice your climbing skills (and hang out with The Joshlex).

We are hoping to take a quick ice climbing trip out to Schenley Park on Saturday morning. This is weather dependent. If you would like to go, you need stiff boots, some warm clothes, and a fiery pinch of adventure (its a long approach). Josh and I will be going to check out the ice on Friday to see if it is climbable. We will send an email Friday night with the low down. For now though we will just have signups and proceed like we are going. If the ice sucks we could always go to IHop or something like a happy family.
Signups: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuUKHSA7sYc5dEpwMEZhU0JaOUpYYzhsZTl1Sm9JakE&usp=sharing


Until next week, this Alex Quinn. Signing off. Take care.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/5 Update: Bouldering, Elections & Tacos, Oh My!

Yo yo yiggity yo!

In the following post you will learn about:
-Upcoming Events
-Officer Elections
-A Petition about Fracking
-Thursday Skill Sessions are Postponed until 2/22
-Meetings are still in CL 252 at 9 pm

This post is a long 'un but if there's one thing you take away from it...
**Please turn out next week to vote for ELECTIONS!**


2/9: BOULDERING COMP @ Trees Hall

***Prizes! Raffles! a DJ! Hot Climber People (Relatively Shirtless!)!! Chalk! Stickers!!***
Registration Starts: 10 am
Climbing Starts: 11 am

Hosted by the Rock Wall Staff, aka. the coolest people you will ever meet (aside from the POC officers). What's the overlapping element here?? ;-)


2/10 & 2/17: Pool Sessions with David (dju2)
2/10: Day Hike with Nancy (nmm59)
2/23-2/24: Winter Backpacking! with Kate n Josh n David (mkm55)
3/3: Caving Day-trip with Jordi (jav47)

All sign-ups can be found here:



...are next Tuesday!

Positions to Run For:
-Officer (4)
-Climbing Chair
-Hiking/Backpacking Chair
-White-water Chair

Useful Info:
1. Nominate yourself or your friend by sending an owl to Kate (mkm55); nominations accepted until Tuesday night
2. It is possible to co-chair a position, just let Kate know
3. Going abroad/co-oping for half of next year? See #2
4. There is no difference between the 4 officer positions except on paper
5. The Voting Process per Position:
-Candidates will face the assembled masses (aka. whoever shows up, which should be AS MANY MEMBERS AS ARE HUMANLY POSSIBLE IN RM 252 CL @ 9 PM)
-Members (aka. masses) will ask the candidates questions about their experience/plans for next year/favorite color, etc.
-Other candidates for the same position will wait outside the room during the questioning… I mean "interview"
-Members will vote, and then we do it all over again for the next position
**Officer elections work the same way, except voters will vote for 3 people, and the top 4 will be selected



The lovely Kristen Tobin is asking POCers to sign a petition to halt fracking until the science catches up on how it effects people/the environment.
The link for that is here:


Come to Qdoba at 8 on Tuesdays for tacos with Troy. Cheap tacos, free fountain drinks, even freer friendship!
Then after that, you can:


…are postponed until Josh and the Quinns get back from tackling the mountain next week. See you Thursday, 2/22!


...are in CL 252 at 9 pm


Questions? Send em on over to David, Alex, Tyler or myself (dju2, ajq3, tdq1, mkm55)

-Don't forget about that bouldering comp on Saturday
-Please come for elections next week
-Sorry this post is so long

It's over now.

P.S. This is the funniest Valentine's Day video you will ever watch >KO)->

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hey there all you Winter Waffles,

POC had another great meeting last night and much fun was had by all.

We talked about a couple things going on in the upcoming week.

First off, Thursday Josh and I are holding a rappelling and ascending workshop at the climbing wall for POC members. This workshop will include prusiking, single rope rappelling, double rope rappelling, using ascenders, and other various skills that are considered standard for climbers.

We had mentioned at the meeting that we would also be doing a navigation workshop this Friday but we have decided that will be a bit much for this week. Preparation for that workshop will involve a bit more preparation on our part if anyone will get anything out of it. Therefore we are thinking of pushing this back until at least next week. Any thoughts are welcome.

On Sunday we will be going to play laser tag at Laser Storm. It is ladies night on Sunday so girls only pay $3.00 per game. Guys will pay $6.00 per game (or a little less if you play a couple rounds). They are open from 7pm - 10pm so we will shoot for this time. POC will not be covering the entry fees or transportation. We will have a couple cars but if more people want to come we will need more drivers (with cars) (with spinner rims) (with I <3 LAZERS bumper stickers).
Link to sign up:
Link to the Laser Storm website: http://www.laserstorm.org/contacts.htm

Lastly, David Uber is holding some pool sessions soon for anyone interested in learning the ropes of white water kayaking. The pool sessions will be Feb 10, Feb 24, and March 24. These are all Sundays from 9AM to noon.
Sign up here:

If anyone has any questions, concerns, ideas, harassments, exciting stories, not exciting stories, or anything of that nature let us know via email.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

POC: The Weekly Update

Hello all fellow outsidites,

We are officially launching a new semester with the Outdoors Club and it's going to be awesome! This semester we will be going caving, ice climbing, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, white water kayaking, ice skating laser tagging, movie watching, Oakland stomping, hot chocolate drinking, law breaking, van driving, and much much more!

First, if you are new to the club you must sign a waiver and pay dues before you can go on any trips. The waivers can be found online at pittoutdoors.com, at office hours, or at the meetings. The dues for one semester are $10. This will cover transportation, lodging, and no-cost rental gear from the club for almost all of our trips.

More importantly, this weekend is going to allsome! On Friday, the lovely Madelyn Kasula will be leading us on a (slightly) impromptu trip to the Schenley ice skating rink to enjoy the quick, thick, and always slick Mr. Winter "Can't Stand On Me" Ice. We will be meeting at the ice rink at 9:30 for "adult time." The costs to skate will be the responsibility of you and not the club.

More info: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/parks/schenley_skating_rink.htm#sessions

On Saturday and Sunday this weekend we will be heading down to Franklin, West Virginiia for some caving and (possibly) snowshoeing. We will be leaving Saturday morning and coming home Sunday night. If you have any questions about this trip email Jordi Vogt (jav47@pitt.edu). You can sign up using our new system of online signups through this link:


Anyone who wants to drive a car, we could probably fit an extra 4-5 people in the cabin so that is a possibility. There is a place for this on the signup sheet. If you sign up, more details will be sent out later this week.

Also this week on Thursday at 7PM Joshua Cooomberland (I'll be there too if he's not enough for you) will be holding a top-roping workshop at the climbing wall for POC members. The climbing wall is in Trees hall. This is the first workshop in a series of winter workshops on whatever the hell we want to teach and you guys want to learn.

Anyway, in the spirit of keeping things long and drawn out I'd like to welcome all new members to the club. If you have any questions at all let me know (ajq3@pitt.edu).

Keep it interesting, keep it guessing, and above all keep it outdoors,
Alex Quinn

P.S. Follow us on Twitter @PittOutdoors and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PittOutdoorsClub