aPOCalypse (Because I can)

Howdy ho everybody. Welcome back to your favorite Tuesday night sitcom. POC Minutes of THIS VERY MINUTE! If it takes you more than a minute to read, well, your down the creek without a paddle. (it has happened before, to our very own Chris Yang)

Now that the weather is sunny (like the tella-tubby baby) we've been taking awesome trips.

West Virginia, Mountain Mama, Seneca Rock, was pretty dope. We had great weather, and were able to conquer the rock like many before us.

This weekend:
We too have two trips to great places (Wohoo, all forms of too, two, to in one sentence) First is the New River Gorge Trip. So if you want to trip, skip flip up some rock face. That's the trip for you. Hiking will also be going out. So getter done!

Due to some circumstances, Dolly sods is cancelled. Amy will let you know what is happening with that. We are between rescheduling or just going to the New River Gorge.

The driver and car lists go out tomorrow for both Dolly Sods and the New River Gorge.

Next weekend:
Sunday April 5th BANFFyclaus is coming to town! Make sure that if you signed up for this, be at our meeting spot at the correct time, which will be announced. UHH not here……. We don't quite have that worked out yet.. But NEXT week's minutes. So be on top of that.

There is still tons of room on the trail cleanup. So help us (like Tom Hanks created Wilson) and clean up some trails with us! We have no trips going out this weekend, so there are no excuses. Sign up here. Cleaning up makes you feel good.

This happens to be Easter Sunday. So make sure that if you signed up but can no longer make it. Email Dom at dnm32@pitt.edu. If you don't you will be blacklisted. So let us know.

In a few weekends:
April 11th and 12th is the Ohiopyle trip. So if you like breaking bits of Ohio into pieces to put into a pyle (I don't know what the deal with the spelling is.) We will have bouldering, hiking, rafting, and climbing. So make sure you put down what you want to do. Signups are here.

The same weekend will be the Venture Outdoors biking trip (but don't trip on your bike.) Venture Outdoors will provide bikes for us to bike around the city on Sunday April 12th. So if this sounds like fun to you, sign up right, no left. Here…ish.

Yoga with Dom and Rita. It's happening again this Thursday at 7pm at the wall. The floor is real squishy.

Sushi Tuesday was gigitty good. I told the employees I was having trouble getting people to show up. So they are now offering. Wait for it FREE HIGH FIVES aww yeeeaaa. So be there and get some fives and stuff.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the weather and fill us in on your adventures. That's kinda what we like to talk about.
Konnor Martinipants

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