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Outdoors Club: Meenuts

Dear outsidians, Alex here coming at you with some vital slams of informatiomals. We had a great meeting tonight even if we were packed in like birch leaves in a leaf collection. Beth from the Student Conservation Association spoke a bit about some awesome things you could do with the SCA. More info can be found at ! Noah from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) also dropped some knowledge. More information on NOLS can be found at ! Seriously, take some time to consider taking advantage of these opportunities. They're sooooper cool (outsides + helping evironments + leaderships = soooooper cool). The Reel Rock film tour is coming up (for reel). This exquisite film of various badasseries involving climbing various things will be held on October 14th on CMU's campus at 7:30pm and its free (think free beer (but climbing movies instead of beer)). More info: The New River Gorge trip

Outdoors Club: A Definitive Guide Of Weeks To Come

Hello there you climbing rhyming blinding miming (sometimes) whining friends of mine(ing), Here comes your weekly dose of fleeting, speeding, leading, needing, meeting, POC proceeding: We are selling Tshirts ($10), Nalgene water bottles ($8), and shot glasses ($5) with a spirited logo on them this year. Troy Ferland ( ) is currently taking orders for the aforementioned sprited items. A spirited order form can be found attached to this spirited email. He will be taking orders until next Friday (9/13). The tshirts will be black in the spirit of the spirits in which they are designed in spirit of. We will only be placing orders for spirited items that have been paid for in advance. You can order these items at office hours or the next meeting. The first beginner climber trip will go out next weekend to a yet to be determined but most likely Breakneck location on Saturday (9/14). This trip is limited to people who take our introduction to climbing workshop next week