Post-Meeting E-mail

Hey Peeps, 

As a reminder, If you want to be removed from our email list:   halfway down the page is an unsubscribe function. 

Dues and waivers can be handed in at the meetings on Tuesdays. If you can't make that let me know and I will work something out.  

We have a VO kayaking trip next thursday 9/15/16 from 6-8pm. Its on the north shore and usually is a fun, mellow evening.  Sign up for that here:

We also have a backpacking trip to the Laurel highlands next weekend (16th-18th).  Should be a good time, sign up for that here:

The confirmations for ohiopyle should go out at some point tonight, and we will sort out gear for the trip a bit later in the week.  

Good luck with classes and let me know if you have any questions (  we check our gmail way less then I check my personal email. 



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