POC: People Often Climb

How's it going people!?

PMADD is this weekend, so if you were signed up for volunteering with the POC, then get your helper face on! Look for an email regarding that.

The week after (Oct 28-30) is Seneca, which is our last (graduation style if you will) climbing trip for the semester. We will be going to Seneca Rocks, West-by-God-Virginia and sending climbing teams to the summit. You will get to stay in the ever bumping campground of Princess Snowbird with the world famous Yokum's General Store for all your glamping needs. 

This trip will have limited climbing spots and those with outdoor climbing experience with the club will be given priority and teaming up with some of the other more experienced climbers in the club. There will also be limited spots for a caving trip guided by Liz so make sure you sign up here:

We have come up with a design for this years shirts and they look sweet! Here's a link to view the design and preorder a size:

As always keep donating your unused clothes to Anna Greenberg at Thriftsburgh to be sustainable and give yourself that sweet, sweet karma for when exams roll baack around. 

I believe that's that, but if I forgot anything, I'll let you know.
Peace out peeps!
Nick Penatzer

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