Cookie Crisp Minutes

Hi… POCers

We got more STUFF.  It's already April. That's CARAZY!

Friday 4/1

Get your volunteer hours in! From 11am-12pm on THIS FRIDAY (April 1st) volunteer at the 24-Feel Good deli! Represent POC as you help to take orders and make sandwiches. Email Anna Greenberg ( with questions.  Sign up HITHER!

Saturday, 4/2

Come do some maintenance and boulder at Cooper's rock.  It will also fulfill that service thingamajig.  Soooo Ya. Info here…

Sign up here,

Weekend 4/8

The coveted, legendary, blueberry Ohiopyle trip.  Join us to hike/raft/kayak/climb your way to glory.  It'll be uber doper fun.

That's it for now. 

I'm gonna hit the hay (But it's for horses.  DUHHH.  So baby

Your Best Bud

Connor Martin the cantaloupe

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