Holy Guacamole Minutes

Ahoy Pocers.

Have you ever heard that Wednesday the 13th is extra spooky?????

We have some final trips of the semester and stuff. 

Weekend of April 15th - April 17th

The sweetest backpacking trip of Dolly Sods backpacking in WV.  You should have already gotten an email if you are going

Saturday 4/16

April 16, from 8:30am - Noon. I don't think I'll personally be able to make it - I've got a TON of work to do before next Monday, but I figured I'd let you guys know. There's a link at the end of this email that people can sign up on if anyone wants to. Here's some more information about it: 

Meet at Point of View Statue, across from Monterey Restaurant (1411 Grandview Ave.) Bring work clothes and gloves, climbing harnesses and belay gear if you have them. 

They're looking for people who have climbed before to do it - you have to be able to repel safely off the railing.  If you can and are hype sign up! 


Sunday 4/17

Venture Outdoors Service, if you are going, you also should have gotten and email

Sunday 4/24 2-5 pm

LAST TRIP OF THE SEMESTER!  Its going to be a day caving trip with Venture Outdoors to the Laurel Caverns.  Maybe we will meet batman??


AhhhhhCHOOO.  That's aboot it for this week.

Tootle mcdoodle.


Connor the Condor

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