TIred (Like your car) Minutes

Hey all,

My eyes are le tired, so it's gonna be a quick one. 

We are still selling merchandise (SHOSHOSHOT Glasses, 3 left) $5 each Nalgene water bottles, $15 each, t-shits… I mean shirts $10 each. So bring money to the next meeting Next Tuesday 3/1 9 pm Cathy 236.

Weekend 2/27

SENECA rocks trip ROCKS! If you are going you have gotten infor emails, done workshops and should be stoked to be psyched.  BRRRR it's gonna be a cold one.

Saturday 2/27

Venture Outdoors SKI trip.  You should have gotten an email if you are good to go (like the taco bell commercial).  So get amped to shred some trails.

That's all,

As always, Do it outdoors.

The Con-Bomber Martin

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