Cooler than school Minutes

Howdy Ho everybody,

It's been another riveting week, and time for more Outdoorsy info. 

We still have HELLA Merch in the secret batcave where we keep all our stuff.  So if you want a trill on the hill 1 liter orange Nalgene water bottle with the POC logo or a blue t-shirt with our logo, Bottles are $15 a pop and shirts are $10.  Bring the cashycash to the next meeting.

Sunday 2/21

Snowshoeing (But actually hiking, because no snow L) in Frick Park, 11 am.  You should have gotten an email if you signed up and made the trip.

Saturday 2/27

SKIING with venture outdoors, so TEAR IT UP! We are using the old signup sheet, so tell Dom if you signed up and can't make the new date so we can maximize this dope opportunity.

Weekend of 2/27

We are traveling to magical Seneca West Virginia.  You MUST attend climbing workshops if you want to climb.  Just because you are on the list, you are not gaurenteed to go.  We can only take so many people.  HOWEVER, if you want to climb and don't go to workshops you will cannot go, so make sure you do the workshops.  They are valuable climbing skills to know.  WORKSHOP 1 will be every hour on the hour this Friday 1-7 and Saturday 1-6.  WORKSHOP 2 will be every hour on the hour Monday 4-10.  Contact Matt at and let him know when you'll stop by.

That is all I have in my life as the POC entity.


Connor the friendly ghost. 




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