POC: Pretty Outstanding Club

That's right folks, it's the POC meeting minutes, and we're here with your host, Nick Penatzer {aka the secretary, [aka whitewater chair, (aka some other nicknames I don't really care for...POC Ninja)]}      

Errhmmm, anyway, if you are reading this, it means you (YES YOU!!!) have been graciously accepted into the greatest organization known to man, or at least the University of Pittsburgh. So here's a big welcome from all of us to you mountain men, water women, cave creatures, and those somewhere in the middle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all this email has to offer (WARNING: the surgeon general indicates that use of this email can lead to ignoring homework, spending money on outdoorsy things, and eventually living out of a van)

First things first. Do you like rafting? Do you like climbing? How about hiking? Well guess what? Our first weekend trip of the year has all of that and more. So if you're hyped to get on the outdoors club bandwagon, sign up for this trip and pick an activity! The trip is from Friday Sept. 9 to Sunday Sept. 11 and the link for signups is right HERE!!!!!!! Signups

...actually its here haha...

For the climbing inclined, it is not required but is highly recommended to get a belay lesson (even if you think you know what you're doing) from the Pitt rock wall located in Trees Hall. Most of the officers are on staff there and would love to see you're smiling faces prior to a trip! Open Mon-Thur 4-10 pm, Fri 1-7 pm, and Sat. 12-6 I'm pretty sure

Second things second. If you don't like getting wet, high, or hiking, check out the Pitt Outdoors Club Underground. It's a fun caving trip with our partner organization Venture Outdoors and they are a great choice if you don't want to commit your whole weekend to a trip. That goes out Saturday Sept. 10 and the link is right here (this is actually it this time I swear) 

Need gear for either of these trips? Email our gear master/mistress (he hasn't officially chosen his preferred title yet) Christian at cjs197@pitt.edu

Please remember that to go on a trip you must: 
a) Fill out a waiver
b) Pay dues
c) Bring your own food
d) Be cool
e) Have a beard
f) Fulfill a service requirement once this semester
***NOTE*** -- Don't actually need a beard

Our El Presidente Matt "Cheers" Carroll will be hosting office hours from 12-12:50 on Thursday in O'Hara for anyone with waivers and dues or questions about the club. His email is mmc102@pitt.edu 

One last thing before the sendoff. If you are 21 guess what!? That means that you have special POC privileges. Yep you guessed it, you can sign up to drive the Pitt Vans for our trips!!! Oh, not what you expected...well, if you do want to drive the vans, it guarantees you a trip spot so do with that information what you want. If this does interest you, please find an officer and we will give you further instructions. 

Well that about wraps it up folks just like a tasty burrito of outdoorsy goodness. In keeping with secretary tradition, this email is being sent entirely too late but old habits die hard haha. 

Good night everybody!
-Nick Penatzer, *drops mic*

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