POC: Party On Campers!

How's goes it my POCers! It's Tuesday which means its time for the POC meeting minutes! So without further ado, the minutes...yep, here ya go...read on...

Aaaaannnnyyywaaayyyy, first up this week is our service requirement. We will be taking a trip out to Beam Rocks to give back to a local climbing area. We will be picking up trash and cleaning graffiti from the rocks. This will be Sept. 24, from 9 am to 3 pm (times are flexible). If you are interested in joining, please email Anna Greenberg at alg162@pitt.edu.

Also email Anna if you are interested in skydiving. Inevitably, every year people get psyched, we get a discount, then too many drop out. So if you are serious about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, then let Anna know immediately. Hopefully you all get to go, and we don't hear that we're missing members at the next meeting.

For anyone who made it onto the Laurel Highlands hiking trip (you should have gotten an email) and needs gear [[tent, backpack, etc. (NOT FOOD)] please email our Mear Gaster Snistian Chryder at cjs197@pitt.edu.

If you like cycling of the two-wheeled persuasion, this Venture Outdoors day trip is for you. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Venture Outdoors invites you to witness the carnage that is our Monster Bike Rally, aka a nice bike ride around Pittsburgh from 4:30 to 6 on September 25th. Signups for this trip are right here (don't worry, I promise it's not a John Cena meme this time) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DBjF1ZqTCfdQOjF44ypoOPxzub5XR98BBZpfk5gD0Bs/edit

Last but not least, if you have any inclination to climb mountains, you should look into the ECP [Explorers Club of Pittsburgh (we're cooler but they're ok too)]. You can find information on the Mountaineering School at these two links: 
and you can email Gerard or Ryan if you have questions at grt10@pitt.edu and rht5018@gmail.com respectively. 

Whelp, it's unusual to have this email finished so early on during the night, so i guess I'm gonna crack a beer and enjoy the rest of my newfound freedom. 

Signing off, your secret-ary keeping ary all of the POC secrets,
Nick Penatzer

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