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Howdy ho folks,

Tonight was the first POC meeting of the semester, and it was friggin poppin.  Like 180 new people joined the club and we're super psyched to get to know every one of you!

If you couldn't make it tonight but still want in on this awesomeness don't despair! We have meetings every Tuesday at 9pm on the WPU patio, come by any of them and we'll get you all set up. 

Sign ups for the Ohiopyle trip opened up tonight.  We'll be heading down there Friday, September 8th and coming back Sunday the 10th, with a whole bunch of awesome hiking, rafting, and climbing in between.  If you didn't get a chance to sign up at the meeting the link for that is right here 

For folks who haven't climbed rocks before but want to climb rocks at Ohiopyle, head up to the climbing wall in Trees Hall and get one of the good people up there to give you a quick belay lesson.  It's 1 panther fund to get a day pass to the wall and 2 panther funds to rent some fancy schmancy climbing shoes.  

If you thought tomorrow was just going to be a normal Wednesday you'd be dead wrong.  Write August 30th, 2017 down somewhere because it's going down in history as the date of the first ever POC group mountain bike ride.  If you have a mountain bike and want to ride it with some cool people meet up by the big fountain in front of the Frick Fine Arts building at 6:15 and we'll all go shred some gnar together.  If you can't make it tomorrow but still want to show the gnar who's boss, put you contact info on this thang and we'll get in touch!

If you've got any questions about stuff, or are just lonely and want someone to talk to feel free to email us 

Hope everyone's stoked for a great semester,

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